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THIS MONTH ON TRAVELANDLEISUREASIA.COMDISCOVER THESE UNSPOILED ISLANDS IN THE SOUTH PACIFICFar, far off the beaten path, the Marquesas are for those who crave adventure, seclusion and truly stunning scenery.WHY JAKARTANS ARE FLOCKING TO BANDUNGWith a remarkable blend of history, and Art Deco architecture, this Indonesian highlands enclave is well-worth exploring.INTO THE HEART OF ULURUThis haunting, crimson Australian landscape, held sacred by the Anangu people, holds an air of mysticism, and offers new reasons to visit.DOWNLOAD UST+L TABLET EDITIONSAvailable on iOS, Android, Win 8 and Zinio Desktop Reader.FOLLOW USTWITTER.COM/TRAVLEISUREASIAFACEBOOK.COM/TRAVELLEISUREASIAPINTEREST.COM/TRAVLEISUREASIAINSTAGRAM.COM/TRAVELANDLEISUREASIAKEEP UP WITH USSign up for our newsletter for monthly highlights and offers from T+L Southeast Asia.TANDL.ASIA/NEWSLETTERCONTACT USTLEDITOR@MEDIATRANSASIA.COM+ LOOKOUTThe best new openings of 2018; check out the inaugural Bangkok Art Biennale; introducing Melbourne’s newest boutique hotel; why you should go surfing in Siargao…


1 Leigh GriffithsPHOTOGRAPHER“Enter the Dragon”“Eight years ago on a cliché backpacking trip in Southeast Asia with my mates, Halong Bay was on the list. As cheap bachelors, we took the party boat. We met lots of people, drank lots of Vietnamese whiskey and slept through the morning. On the luxury President Cruises ship, a big contrast was the freedom to choose what to do with my time—kayaking or drinking on a sunbed, for example. The staff were clearly having a good time, which rubbed off on the passengers and helped create a joyful experience… As did watching the giant jellyfish glide by while we sat fishing with bamboo rods.” Instagram: @leighgriffithslens.2 Rachna SachasinhWRITER“Reasons to Travel in 2019” and “Paint the Town”“India is a nostalgic place; in many ways it’s lodged…

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Selfie DronesThe world’s first autonomous flying drone was unveiled last year by Skydio. The auto-piloted drone recognizes your face, body and clothing, so it can follow you around as you film. This year, Skydio is working on updating their technology so the drones can also make un-piloted deliveries.Selfie Check-inGet to your room faster when staying at Grand Park City Hall in Singapore, the flagship is the first of the Park Hotel Group’s properties to install facial recognition technology for immediate check-in when you arrive. Skip the queue, download the hotel’s app, take a quick selfie, and a digital room key will be sent straight to your phone.No Selfie Sticks AllowedThose ubiquitous arm extenders are now banned at many of the world’s most frequented sites. Ditch your stick before you head…


Brunch in the bath at Tugu Bali. By @jktshootandgram.The skies light up in Chiang Mai. By @awandereratheart.Stoking the fire of the traditional irori in Japan. By @kateshi89.A warm welcome on the top of Mount Bromo. By @rutindri. (ILLUSTRATION BY CHOTIKA SOPITARCHASAK)SHARE AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO BY USING THE #TLASIA HASHTAG, AND IT MAY BE FEATURED IN AN UPCOMING ISSUE. FOLLOW @TRAVELANDLEISUREASIA ■…

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Penthouse views at Alila Seminyak.WHERE’S YOUR FAVORITE NEW HOTSPOT? As an editor of a travel magazine, I’m asked this more often than the Asian standard, “have you eaten yet?” This year and last, the query has become a doubly tough start to any conversation. I never want to suggest that a particular Hong Kong restaurant I dine in this week is better than the Balinese breakfast place I stopped at last, yet the bigger problem is that there are just so many new hotels and resorts and restaurants and bars opening up around our region, the options really are mind-boggling. If we in Asia were spoiled for choice before, we’re now headed into unchartered territory when it comes to travel. There’s a new, must-see address to check out almost every…

now’s the time to book a trip to this long-lost island paradise.

An evening cruise on the Sea Gipsy.SCATTERED LIKE UNCUT JEWELS across the Andaman Sea off Burma’s southern coast, the 800 islands, atolls and coral reefs of the Mergui Archipelago form one of the least-visited marine destinations on earth. The thickly forested islands, most blissfully uninhabited, are rimmed by crystal beaches and striking rock formations. Stilted fishing villages, shifting settlements of indigenous Moken or “sea gypsy” families, and a few Burmese naval camps occupy only a handful of plots of land.Such isolation means the archipelago harbors a great diversity of flora and fauna, still largely uncatalogued, and some of the finest diving in Asia. Until recently the Burmese government zealously guarded this living treasure, allowing only registered liveaboard boats to cruise through—no overnight stays on the islands allowed.However, since 2011 the…