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Winter 2021

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letter from the editor

Dearest Readers, As the holiday season comes to a close, I always find myself in a state of bittersweetness. While I’m happy that all the chaos has subsided, I find myself missing loved ones as soon as the door shuts, the planes take off, and the cars go buzzing down the drive. I also find myself aimlessly wandering through whatever mess is left in the house, savoring the memories we’ve all just made as I wipe down counters and throw away wrapping paper scraps. Celebrating the start of another new year in life always holds big promises, grand plans of adventure, resolutions we don’t always complete, and the feeling that we’re running out of time to do all the things we still long to do. So, I say with great excitement to you…

tips for staying warm & cozy

First up are slippers—you need to keep your feet toasty!YOU WILL WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR PANTRY IS STOCKED WITH A VARIETY OF SOOTHING TEAS. GREAT FOR GETTING WARM ON A COLD DAY OR FOR RELAXING BEFORE BED, TRY CHAMOMILE TEA OR LAVENDER TEA. As winter approaches and the trees shed their leaves, we start to think about cooler weather and festive seasons. For those in cold climates, you’ll need to start dressing the part and staying warm. But for all of us, even those in more tropical places, we can enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa curled up by the fire. We’ve put together some great ideas for staying warm and cozy this winter season, regardless of where you are! First up are slippers—you need to keep your feet toasty!…

winter magic in new york state

NEW YORK STATE PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE WINTER PLAYGROUND FOR THRILL SEEKERS AND LEISURE TRAVELERS ALIKE. With seasonal events, ski mountain developments and cozy new lodging, there is something fun for everyone in your family or friends group to enjoy! Whether you can’t wait for outdoor exploration along snow-covered trails or look forward to interactive museum experiences, your winter adventure in New York awaits. WHETHER YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR OUTDOOR EXPLORATION ALONG SNOW-COVERED TRAILS OR LOOK FORWARD TO INTERACTIVE MUSEUM EXPERIENCES, YOUR WINTER ADVENTURE IN NEW YORK AWAITS. WINTER LIGHTS ACROSS THE STATE In the Thousand Islands, Zoo New York, the “only zoo dedicated to the animals of New York State,” is hosting Winter Wonderlights from Nov. 26-Jan. 2 on weekend evenings, where the zoo will be illuminated with multicolored lights. In the Adirondacks, Lake…

a trip to charm city

Ideally situated on the Chesapeake Bay between Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland and offers so much for visitors to experience. Whatever your interests, there are endless activities that await, from being pampered at a luxury hotel to catching a professional sports game or enjoying some incredible local cuisine, there truly is something for everyone. A site not to be missed on any visit is the National Aquarium, an attraction that draws one and a half million people each year and is the largest attraction in the state. Holding over two million gallons of water, the aquarium features over 17,000 specimens and is guaranteed to enchant both kids and adults alike. Notable features include a 4D theater, shark alley, and opportunities to get…

travel around the world and say the name “cheyenne” republic

The legend of Cheyenne lies in its past with the old west, but today’s Cheyenne is rewriting the legend with a diverse music scene, a variety of dining and the best concentration of craft breweries in all of Wyoming. In fact, Wyoming is fourth in the nation for craft breweries per capita. The heart of any growing city lies in the downtown district. Cheyenne’s historic downtown, which is only a 90-minute drive north of Denver, has had a front row seat to many important moments in history. From its birth with the arrival of the Trans-Continental Railroad 150 years ago to being at the center of the women’s suffrage movement, you can feel the deep history as you explore the community. A 90-minute Wild West History Tour on a trolley is…

health wellness & rejuvenation

GIVING YOGA A SHOT CAN BE AS SIMPLE AS DOWNLOADING AN APP. COMPANIES LIKE GLO OFFER ONLINE OR APP-BASED YOGA, MEDITATION, PILATES, AND FITNESS CLASSES – ALL IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME. As winter approaches and the days get shorter, we can’t forget about the importance of staying in shape and taking care of our bodies. Despite the tendency to pack on some extra pounds during the holiday season, winter can be a great time to reset and focus on your health and well-being. We’ll go through some tips and ideas to keep yourself looking and feeling your best this winter. If you’re looking for something easy to start, try a yoga class. With a variety of different types and styles, there is sure to be something to please everyone.…