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stay positive and resilient

As I cram in the last late stories for this issue right before SEMA Show week, it’s easy to reflect. The last SEMA Show was in 2019, and I had just fully taken over as editor of TREAD. I had the “deer in the headlights” look as I stepped onto the Las Vegas Convention Center grounds—as ready as I could be to take on the week. From that time until now, so much has happened. Aside from a global pandemic and being quarantined (with only my dog) for almost a year while still grinding away at TREAD, I really grew into my editor role. I’ve immersed myself into the overlanding lifestyle to learn and absorb as much as I can. I began my very own build, which is teaching me a lot more…


O1. KC HILITES/CYCLONE V2 LED—SINGLE LIGHT The Cyclone V2 Diffused LED is a 5-watt, multifunctional, compact, auxiliary LED lighting solution that delivers 600 lumens of bright light. Not only is it bright, it also features a replaceable colored lens option. This light is ideal for rock-crawling, in engine bays, as dome lights, inside wheels and more. MSRP: $31 O2. NEAPCO/PERFORMANCE U-JOINTS Neapco, a leading U.S.-based supplier of drivelines and driveline components to worldwide original-equipment manufacturers and related aftermarkets, recently completed a battery of tests on its line of universal joints (U-joints) that clearly demonstrate its superiority to its leading competitor. Neapco Performance Series U-Joints outclassed the competitor in all driveline series tested. Tests included measuring for ultimate strength and both low- and high-cycle fatigue. In several of the tests, Neapco Performance Series U-Joint…

gear box

01. FRONT RUNNER/ BOX BRAAI/BBQ GRILL Camp cooking just got even more portable because of the flat-packed Box Braai/BBQ Grill, which keeps the flame off the ground for safe grilling anywhere. The Box Braai packs flat to save precious cargo room and transport easily and also packs neatly in containers such as Front Runner’s Wolf Pack Pro or Wolf Pack. MSRP: $222 02. PRIMUS /CUTLERY SET Sleek, compact and beautifully designed, the Primus Cutlery Set is crafted of 18/8 stainless steel and includes a knife, fork and spoon. This set of eating utensils packs up tightly and compact, thanks to its leather sleeve, which assures everything is kept in one place. MSRP: $15 03. UCO GEAR/ECO 5-PIECE MESS KIT Post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste transform into the all-new ECO 5-Piece Mess Kit with smart UCO…

rock ‘n’ roll

What’s the quickest way to change the look of your rig? If you said, “Roll it,” you might be right. However, we’ve got a much safer and attractive alternative: Swapping out your tired rims for a fresh set of brand-new rims not only updates the look of your ride, but the right set can also beef up its off-road capability. Even so, with so many great wheels out there, it can be hard to choose. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the latest rims on the market right here for you to check out. Which set do you have your eyes on? BLACK RHINO WHEELS/BARRICADE One of the key features of the Black Rhino Barricade wheel is the removable, high-density rockguard ring that’s attached to the outer lip of the wheel, helping prevent…

made the cut

Which do you prefer on your knife—a refined cherrywood handle or one made out of durable G10? Because pocketknives can be as functional as they are fashionable, no one will fault you for adding the latest blade to your knife collection. A knife’s unique look can speak for your personal style, so why not make it a good one? We’ve collected a few of the latest knife releases here for you to consider. Which blade in this pocketknife roundup will end up in your pocket or on your hip? 01. WESN/ THE HENRY CLOSED LENGTH: 3” OPEN LENGTH: 5.35” BLADE LENGTH: 2.35" BLADE MATERIAL: Sandvik 14c28n HANDLE MATERIAL: Cherrywood WEIGHT: 1.6 oz. MSRP: $115 02. CRKT/ FAWKES WITH D2 BLADE CLOSED LENGTH: 3.74” OPEN LENGTH: 6.5” BLADE LENGTH: 2.74" BLADE MATERIAL: D2 HANDLE MATERIAL: Multilayers, G10 WEIGHT: 3.0 oz. MSRP: $90 03. HAVALON/ REDI CLOSED LENGTH: 4.25” OPEN LENGTH:…

silent runner

O1 PERFORMANCE RIDING MODES. The Makka features two riding modes, one with extended range and one with balanced performance. BATTERY & CHARGING. The 48V battery is easily removable and can be charged when it’s installed in the bike or separately and outside of the bike. Charge the battery with a standard 110V/220V outlet. Zero to 80 percent charge can be accomplished in about two hours and 0 to 100 percent charge in three hours. O2 DRIVETRAIN HUB MOTOR. The Makka offers a state-of-the-art hub motor and a universally trusted electronic braking system. As a result, the bike is as fun to ride as it is safe. The electric motor features an interior permanent magnet and is capable of putting down 60Nm of torque to the wheel. EBS BRAKES. The moped’s electronic braking system regenerates braking power back…