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TV Plus is aimed at dedicated viewers of the two million South Africans who spend more than 25 hours a week in front of the TV. It is typically South African and has no overseas partners or ties. It is not just another TV schedule, but provides valuable information on programmes. TV Plus caters for readers obsession, like a close friend with whom you comfortable watch your favourite soapie, share a cup of tea and chat about what can still happen. There are wonderful stories, gossip and glamour from here to Hollywood, plus everything the couch sports lover may want. There are exciting pictures, recipes, fashion, beauty, irresistible competitions and essential information for kids about their own programmes entertaining and educational.

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ed’s letter

I love my soapies. I really do. And for my job, I watch more in a week than some people watch in a year. So I have an extremely close bond with the characters who’re sharing their stories with me on an almost daily basis. We’re like family – we even have nicknames. Like Priscilla, who is referred to as KaMadonsela on Imbewu: The Seed. imagine my surprise at the end of July when I settled in for more intense family drama with the Bhengus, only to find that KaMadonsela had a new face. Actress Fundiswa Zwane had been replaced. While I know her replacement Brenda Mhlongo from The Queen, it felt awkward – especially since the soapie and channel hadn’t let anyone know about the recast until hours before…

hot list

Wednesday SOUTH AMERICA’S WEIRDEST ANIMALS SEASON PREMIERE! Season 1 Nat Geo Wild (*182) 18:00 Episode 1 (doccie) 12 August From the continent that brought you the sloth come other weirdos like the maned wolf (a fox on stilt legs), the wiggly nosed black and white tapir, the giant anteater, its brother the collared anteater, and the blue tarantula. MILES APART, MILES TOGETHER SERIES PREMIERE! Season 1 SABC3 (*193) 19:30 Episode 1 (reality) 19 August This heart-warming series, filmed before the lockdown and travel bans, reunites South Africans with family members living overseas. In the first episode, a brilliant student comes home from the US for some fun with his family in KZN. NB! See more on p16. Thursday BARKSKINS SERIES PREMIERE! Season 1 National Geographic (*181) 21:00 Episode 1 (drama) 13 August Annie Proulx’s environmental historical novel about Europe’s colonisation and…

television insider

BARKSKINS Season 1 National Geographic (*181) 21:00 Episode 1 (period drama) Thursday 13 August Period dramas set in the frontier in colonial-era America often announce themselves with drab puritan clothing. Barkskins costumer Anna Terrazas wanted to create something livelier – but still historically accurate for the colony of New France in 1690. “We looked at many paintings of the era of the 1690s – before, during and after – to get the sense of feeling through colour and texture. We worked close with a costume historian to narrow down the silhouettes and really discover the clothing shapes of our period,” says Anne. “This was a period where painters were influenced by light and colour, so I tried finding colours that each character would wear, that’s how I began. We found a painting with a…

you have no idea!

At tvplus we watch an absurd amount of television. And while we might not like all of it, we do our best to give every show a fair viewing. But it’s not all work. We do get passionately attached to shows. Streaming allows us to follow series and binge to our hearts’ delight, and also fit our favourite shows in around all the live TV viewing that we do professionally. It allows us to sit back with a sweet, funny pick-me-up after reviewing intense dramas and thrillers on dark topics. And sometimes it just lets us switch off and enjoy for a moment when we’re neck-deep in season 4 of a twisty, detail-driven show with 40 different essential characters. This issue, here’s what tvplus is watching for fun… and why. TVPLUS IS STREAMING Television…

what we watch

Name: Genevieve Terblanche Position: senior writer, lockdown diet dodger I am watching: Dinner At Somizi’s (2020) Season 1 on Showmax. Also on 1Magic (*103) on Fridays at 19:00 and on DStv Catch Up. My take on this show: Somizi’s intro features him tossing glitter in a pan and I am here for it. That glitter in the show comes from how Somizi blends languages and his delightful, inventive wording. The filming setup requires that Somizi and his guests stand shoulder-to-shoulder behind his kitchen Island as if they’re in a school play, but his warmth and exuberance allows him to connect despite that, because when you lift the lid for a sniff, this is a cheeky yet compassionate celeb interview show. PS: we’re hoping that’s a studio not Somizi’s house because it’s the only…


GREENLEAF NETFLIX | 2016-NOW | DRAMA | SEASONS 1-5 | BINGE FROM WED 12 AUG Megachurch drama Greenleaf (2016-now) returns with more secrets and sins than Sodom and Gomorrah. The season opens with a cross thrown out like trash, divorce, blackmail, suicide and more. That’s just the Greenleafs’ personal issues! The season will also take on black versus white churches, and politicians who “buy into” religion to manipulate their image. GLOW UP NETFLIX | 2019-NOW | REALITY | SEASONS 1-2 | BINGE FROM FRI 14 AUG Young make-up artists aged 19-25 compete in real-life challenges, like making over models for London Fashion Week, replicating note-perfect make-up from the stage production of The Lion King (1997-now), and even creating TV medical drama wound make-up. Hosted by documentary reporter Stacey Dooley. THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST RACE AMAZON PRIME VIDEO |…