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TV Plus is aimed at dedicated viewers of the two million South Africans who spend more than 25 hours a week in front of the TV. It is typically South African and has no overseas partners or ties. It is not just another TV schedule, but provides valuable information on programmes. TV Plus caters for readers obsession, like a close friend with whom you comfortable watch your favourite soapie, share a cup of tea and chat about what can still happen. There are wonderful stories, gossip and glamour from here to Hollywood, plus everything the couch sports lover may want. There are exciting pictures, recipes, fashion, beauty, irresistible competitions and essential information for kids about their own programmes entertaining and educational.

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ed’s letter

No, your eyes do not deceive you – unfortunately we don’t have any information about Isipho in this issue. We tried, but the soap couldn’t even give us the teasers for the time we will be on shelf. Due to actors Sparky Xulu (Mpendulo) and Thobani Nzuza (Lwandle) leaving Isipho in mid October (with a final screen date of Tuesday 15 October), Isipho’s production team had to rework the entire storyline on the fly as both were core characters. We had a story involving Nomzingeli’s father that we wanted to focus on for this issue, but that story had still not been shot by the time this issue went to print in late October. In fact, the team wasn’t able to say whether the story would be left as-is or would…

tv plus english

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mission unsuccessful

TV network HBO’s satirical drama Succession (2018-now, stream seasons 1 and 2 on Showmax) is a difficult, visceral look at the dysfunctional Roy family, a metaphor for society explains Brian Cox, who plays ailing business magnate Logan Roy. He’s as mean as a bulldog chewing on a wasp nest. Logan has made very public, very troubling mistakes that have cost him millions. But each time, he has clawed his way back. He’s not even willing to let a stroke kill him. But because of who Logan is – a very wealthy and powerful media giant with employees relying on him for their jobs – the question of who’ll take his place at Waystar Royco needs to be answered. And it’s not an easy answer since, while Logan loves his children, they…

ed stoppard

British actor Edmund Stoppard is best known as arrogant King Philip IV Of France in period drama Knightfall (2017-now), but the 45-year-old is hitting a lot closer to home for viewers as CIA agent Lucas Becker in Trackers (Sundays, M-Net *101, 20:00), the 2019 action adaptation of Deon Meyer’s 2011 novel. “If you think swordplay is difficult, try shooting guns and speaking Arabic – that’s the real deal,” says Ed, who unwinds on the couch in front of the smallscreen. And his viewing tastes are as varied as his two biggest roles… What was the first TV show you acted out with friends? Cop action show Starsky & Hutch (1975-1979). My dad’s car had no hood ornament so you could slide across the bonnet with relative confidence. Who was your first TV…

hot list

Wednesday 6 November DREAM: THE LEBO MATHOSA STORY SERIES PREMIERE! Season 1 BET (*129) 21:30 Episode 1 (drama) We can’t wait to see Bahumi Madisakwane bringing us the vibe, style and raw realness of the young Lebo Mathosa as the unofficial First Lady makes her splash on the kwaito scene and changes the music landscape in South Africa for acts that follow her footsteps. NB! See more on p33. Thursday 7 November NEXT BRAND AMBASSADOR SEASON ENDS! Season 1 SABC3 (*193) 19:30 Episode 13 (reality) The final five find out what the judges think of their work on the Live Better Talk event before a Top 12 reunion and flashback of everyone’s season highlights before the three winners are announced. Friday 8 November FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL SERIES PREMIERE! Season 1 M-Net (*101) 21:00 Episode 1 (comedy) Look out for…

burning question!

What happened to Showtime At The Apollo? It’s on e.tv one Sunday, then vanishes without warning. They’re not the only channel to do this – RENIQUE, VIA FACEBOOK This is a common problem with the première episode of brand-new series or returning seasons of shows like America’s Got Talent (2006-current) and Survivor (2000-current). “We expect to get an episode #1 that is 50 minutes with cuts for adverts,” explain the channel publicists, “but the tapes arrive and they are either 90 minutes or even 120 minutes. That poses a bigger problem because the team slotting them into the machines for broadcast have to make a quick call.” Some programmes, like Survivor, have packaged their edits so that the channel can either broadcast them in one night (as a special) or over two…