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black lives matter.

We are a vegan food-centric publication, yes, but we have a platform, and I’ve always been told, “If you have a platform, use it.” The injustice in this country is more apparent now than ever. Let’s all come together and do our part to end racism. The content in this issue was planned before the murder of George Floyd, so in a motion of solidarity, we decided to pivot and highlight some of our favorite Black-owned businesses. Black individuals are being killed every day by the police and the brutality needs to stop. In addition to amplifying Black businesses in this issue and on our website, we recently launched VegUP (, an initiative that seeks to bring together those in the vegan community to take a stand against racism. VegUP is a…


CAT LIMKET @CATLIMKET Cat is a gluten-free vegan actress, filmmaker, and activist. She is passionate about cruelty-free beauty, sustainable fashion, all things chickpeas, and is an unapologetic goat enthusiast. When she’s not on set or hugging puppies, you can find her on the hunt for gluten-free vegan chicken nuggets! SYMPHONY BARNES @SYMPHONYBARNES Symphony is a Southern California native who is passionate about health and wellness. She enjoys writing, living in California, and sharing her vegan lifestyle. Symphony graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. CHELSEA WILKINS @LAWFULLYVEGAN Chelsea is an attorney, writer, and LA transplant from Virginia. Passionate about regenerative agriculture and sustainability, she is beginning a Masters of Laws program in London to study Energy and Natural Resources Law. Chelsea has traveled to nineteen countries and enjoys cooking, camping, hiking, and photography. She…

q&a with omowale adewale

We as vegans advocate for animal rights, but how can we also seek justice for Black lives in our day-to-day advocacy? Incorporating the concept of intersectionality into our activism is a start. But what is this concept, exactly? The term “intersectionality” refers to the understanding that all forms of oppression are interconnected, whether it be racism, sexism, classism, ableism, speciesism, or any other categorizations that discriminate and disadvantage not just one, but multiple groups. In order to bring awareness to this topic, we spoke with Omowale Adewale, the founder of NYC’s Black VegFest. We discussed the intersectionality movement, as well as how we can incorporate equality for Black lives into our vegan activism. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT THAT WE AS A VEGAN COMMUNITY RECOGNIZE AND EMBRACE INTERSECTIONALITY? Vegan intersectionality is a safe and effective…

on the rise

HEAR WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY! WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO OPEN A BAKERY? When my mom developed celiac disease, I experimented with gluten-free baking. Around the same time, I went vegan and realized many LA coffee shops didn’t have vegan pastry options. I sold my own confections to cafes and got great feedback from their customers. The rising demand inspired me to open a bakery of my own! I spent a long time perfecting gluten-free and vegan desserts for my neighbor’s daughter. When a shift in my life occurred, everyone encouraged me to open a bakery to share my food with more people. As a former fitness model and personal trainer, nutrition was my focus, so I went vegan (but still had a sweet tooth!). I could not find a delicious, soft-baked vegan cookie,…

black-owned vegan & vegan-friendly restaurants to support in los angeles

STUFF I EAT INGLEWOOD Since 2008, Chef Babette Davis has been spreading her positive energy and knowledge of health in the form of vegan food at her restaurant, Stuff I Eat. The menu is designed to help those seeking to transition from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet. How? By making it delicious! Stuff I Eat’s all-vegan and primarily organic dishes are full of nutrients and satisfying seasonings. From Tofu Tacos and Lava Burritos to Soul Food Platters and Nachos, there’s bound to be a dish that’ll suit your fancy. LETTUCE FEAST FOOD TRUCK Did you know that Lettuce Feast started as a food blog? When Eva Cannon and Willie Perrymon went vegan, they created a food blog to share their amazing recipes with the world. After that, they made a cookbook titled, Lettuce…

q&a with matthew kenney

For anyone who has had the pleasure of dining at Plant Food + Wine, taken a bite of the cacio e pepe, rolled their eyes in pure delight, and exclaimed, “My gosh, I wish I could make this at home,” now you can. Celebrity chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney has just launched Food Future Institute (FFI)—a comprehensive online culinary education program that applies a creative spirit to foundational techniques. The goal is to offer students from around the world an immersive experience and give them the confidence to make elevated plant-based cuisine at home. With 117 modules and 18 lessons spanning from pasta to pastry, the course is a commitment, but certainly worth the dedication for those with a passion for food. Eager to sign up and launch our culinary…