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Volume 3, 2019

W means the World of Style. Fashion--and everything fashionable--through the lens of contemporary culture. W's combination of photography and journalism artfully answer the questions Who, What, When, Where, and Why for the people who lead the global conversation in fashion, art, beauty, design, cinema, music, politics and travel.

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STEFANO TONCHI Editor in Chief ARMAND LIMNANDER Executive Editor LYNN HIRSCHBERG Editor at Large REGAN A. SOLMO Executive Managing Editor DIANE SOLWAY Features and Culture Director RICKIE DE SOLE Fashion Director SARA MOONVES Style Director ALEXANDRA BEN-GURION Visuals Director CIAN BROWNE Design Director FEATURES KARIN NELSON Senior Features Editor GILLIAN SAGANSKY Contributing Writer/Editor FASHION & BEAUTY NORA MILCH Market and Accessories Director JENNA WOJCIECHOWSKI Fashion Market Editor LIZZY WHOLLEY Accessories Editor ALLIA ALLIATA DI MONTEREALE Associate Fashion Editor MEREDITH JAYME Associate Accessories Editor LAURA JACKSON Fashion Assistant ART & VISUALS JEFF BURCH Art Director JUSTIN ROSE Senior Visuals Editor ERIN MEAGHER Designer EMILY LIPSON Assistant Visuals Editor OPERATIONS ROSEANN MARULLI Digital Managing Editor JENNIFER MURRAY Production Director, Digital and Print COREY SABOURIN Copy Director ELIZABETH GALL Research Manager DIEGO HADIS, ALEXA LAWRENCE Copy Managers FRANCINE SCHORE Business Manager PUBLIC RELATIONS ADRIANA STAN Public Relations Director CONTRIBUTORS DAVID SEBBAH Contributing Creative Director EDWARD KIM Bookings Director GIOVANNA BATTAGLIA ENGELBERT, KATIE GRAND, CARLOS NAZARIO, MARIE-AMÉLIE SAUVÉ Contributing Fashion…

his & hers & theirs…& ours

At this magazine, we were early and vocal champions of the gender fluidity that is now at the center of the fashion conversation. In 2004, Steven Meisel shot a cover story with boys in dresses and girls in suits striking provocative poses in a vacant lot in Los Angeles; it’s hard to believe that, at the time, those images were seen as controversial and scandalous. It’s telling how far we’ve evolved on the subject that when trans women and men such as Carmen Carrera and Casil McArthur, to name but two, appeared in our pages several years ago, no one seemed to bat an eyelash. Since then, we have continued to explore and support inclusivity of every kind. In this issue, the makeup artist James Kaliardos and the photographer Richard Burbridge…

face time

HANNE GABY ODIELE Since being discovered at a music festival 15 years ago, the Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele has walked pretty much every designer catwalk there is. More recently, she’s become a tireless advocate for interACT, a nonprofit organization that promotes human rights for children who, like her, were born with intersex traits. “For me, it was very important to share my story,” she says. “Being intersex hasn’t stopped me from doing anything at all.” Compared to her celebrated bold street style, the model’s off-duty beauty routine is pared down. “Maybe if I come home from work with a great statement makeup look, I will keep it on for the night,” she says. The best part about the giant glittery eyes that Odiele rocks here? “They’re actually stickers, so they’re…

holding court

If you talk to any musician who’s made a record at Mission Sound, the Brooklyn music studio, chances are you’ll hear stories about a precocious little girl named Mikaela Straus. By the time she was 8 years old, the self-described studio rat (her father, Oliver Straus, is the place’s owner) was spending her after-school hours hanging with indie musicians like Arctic Monkeys and Cat Power, providing commentary on their songs, whether they asked for it or not. Soon she was doing background vocals for some of the bands, and at 11 she was taking meetings with Virgin Records. Offered the main singing role in an animated series the label was developing, Mikaela surprised everyone by turning it down. “I was a ballsy kid, but I knew I wasn’t ready,” she says.…

city girl

When Lauren Halsey was getting her B.F.A. at the California Institute of the Arts after studying architecture in community college, she began making supersize photoshopped collages that brought together L.A. imagery and ancient sites like Cleopatra’s Pool, in Turkey. “I was remapping and remixing L.A. city blocks with these images from National Geographic,” she says, “and bringing in local heroes and things I was collecting at the time, like figurines from discount stores and menus from the burger joint. I was ‘funkatizing’ the city.” Parliament-Funkadelic’s music, she stressed, was a source of inspiration not just for the way it layers sounds but for how it celebrates “the full spectrum of blackness.” Since graduating, Halsey, 31, has been creating densely textured installations that reference the urban detritus, trauma, and optimism associated with…

wild at heart

“People always ask me if my parents were hippies,” says the English actress Nell Tiger Free about her decidedly unusual name. “They definitely weren’t. ‘Free’ is actually my dad’s last name, and I got my middle name because my mom said that being pregnant with me felt like carrying a tiger. I guess I was fierce and restless in there.” Growing up southwest of London, Free—the daughter of a yoga teacher and a corporate recruiter—was constantly bouncing off the walls. “I was driving my mother insane, so she sent me to a Saturday school for singing and dancing just to blow off some steam,” Free, now 19, recalls. “I ended up getting scouted.” She nailed her first big audition, for the part of Princess Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones, when…