WellBeing Wild

WellBeing Wild

Issue 4

Wild is a feeling; a state of being. It’s that swell of energy that strikes you like a hot spark spat from a blazing flame. It’s when a surge of inspiration pushes everything else aside, causing you to stop, pause and contemplate. It’s with you in that moment of stillness as you breathe in the landscape of a new wilderness or cityscape. It’s the reason your backpack is full, ready for an adventure whenever the possibility arises. It’s the blisters on your feet after a hike through the mountains and the salt sticking to your eyelashes after an ocean swim. We will be with you as you wrestle with university degrees, careers, money worries, babies and anything else life throws at you. We will remind you to nurture your wild. To find it, taste it, touch it and embrace it. We’re here to guide you back to the wild light raging within you — and we won’t leave your side.

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a wild welcome

Wild ones. Before we get into issue four and celebrate our one-year-old birthday with a good ol’ iso shindig, we’d like to pay our respects to our Country and its people. WILD is created on Bundjalung Country in Byron Bay and printed on Gadigal Country in Sydney. Now, in your hands, WILD has found a new home, perhaps on Country very far from its conception, production and print. Wherever WILD lands, we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the sacred waters and lands on which we live, work, learn, rest and play. We ask that you help look after and respect Country. We also extend our respect to Elders both past, present and emerging. It’s our first birthday … can you believe it?! Issue four is in your hot little hands. I’m…

immunity for infinity and beyond

Your body, including your gut, skin and other mucosal environments, is colonised by a significant number of microbes. Collectively, they are referred to as your microbiota. Bacteria dominate your gut, yet archaea, fungi, viruses and parasites also exist in smaller numbers. Your gut microbes deliver multiple functions that your body cannot live without, including production of nutrients, detoxication, regulation of your immune system, and protection against pathogens. Due to advances in technology, it is well understood that your gut microbiota plays a fundamental role in the induction, education and function of your immune system. What is your immune system? Your immune system refers to a collection of cells, chemicals and processes that function to protect your skin, intestinal tract, respiratory passages and other areas from foreign antigens including pathogenic microbes, cancer, toxins and…


Black Bean Brownies Protein and fibre-packed brownies for the 3pm snack attack or dessert on the couch with Netflix. These brownies are beautifully sweetened naturally with the Medjool dates and the Lakanto Chocolate Topping. Makes: 16 brownies 20 soft Medjool dates (approx 230g), pitted1½ cups cooked black beans, rinsed½ cup olive oil or other neutral oil½ cup almond milk or plant-based milk3 eggs½ cup oat flour½ cup almond meal6 tbsp cacao powder1 tsp baking powder1 pinch salt¼ cup walnuts, chopped3 tbsp Lakanto Chocolate Topping Topping 5 tbsp Lakanto Chocolate Topping3 tbsp cacao nibs or sugar-free chocolatePinch sea salt, to season Preheat the oven to 180°C Add pitted dates to a food processor, then add rinsed black beans. Mix on high speed. Add oil, milk, Lakanto Chocolate Topping and eggs and mix until smooth. Add almond meal and oat flour…

in real life

As the COVID-19 dance of lockdown laws and ever-changing restrictions continues, online interactions have become the norm. If I’m not facilitating an online workshop, I’m group chatting with friends or attending my millionth Zoom get-together. In a recent meeting, a fellow writer said she couldn’t wait to meet me “in real life”. “But,” I said after unmuting myself, “isn’t this real life?” With the dramatic changes our work and social lives have taken this year, it may feel like we’ve hit pause on “real life”. On social media I’ve read many laments of wanting to “delete 2020” and comments like, “When will we get back to reality?” This makes me consider if our world is “on hold” or if this pandemic space we now inhabit is more liminal and less simplistic…

the fluidity of sexuality

When you stumble upon your sexuality in your mid-20s, or rather realise your heterosexuality is presumed rather than definite, the experience is similar to a really well-planned surprise party. You have no idea it’s going to happen although you’ve definitely thought about it once or twice, and when it does you feel both bewildered and excited. Your initial fight-or-flight terror is quickly replaced by total, unselfconscious joy. When your sexuality reveals itself, beaming with a loud “SURPRISE!” you experience a level of uncertainty that a stable, heteronormative upbringing does not prepare you for. For me, this sexual stumbling was more of a faceplant; haphazard, ungraceful, kicked off by a moment of shared frisson with a friend who joined me in the hope that someone had planned their surprise party too. In…

tiny love stories

Longtime lovebirds Thirty years ago, Ronnie was speaking at an event in Newcastle when Aunty Kerrie first saw him. “I want that one,” she thought. He was a T-uhoe leader and “a speaker that others would be jealous of … magnificent and beautiful in his language”. Then they met. “Kia ora, I’m Ronnie.” “Kia ora, I’m your next wife.” Today, Aunty Kerrie calls out from the kitchen, “Are you happy I snagged you all those years ago at the marae?” “How can you say no to that?!” he exclaims, his face smeared with tempura prawns and the Thousand Islands dressing she’d prepared for him. Ronnie was diagnosed with aphasic dementia earlier this year. “He’s not really verbal anymore. It’s not only a tragedy for me and him but for his whole culture,” says Aunty Kerrie. Thinking of…