Whisky Advocate Fall 2020

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prepare to celebrate big

Whisky has never been bigger—in both popularity and prominence. In this issue, we’re serving up a huge helping of big whiskies. What exactly does that mean? For starters, we’re showcasing some of the big-gest flavors to be found in a bottle, including the peated single malts of Scotland’s Islay (page 83) and barrel-proof bourbon (page 69). While each of these whisky styles has its own legion of fans, what they have in common is an impressive impact on the palate. Any longtime whisky drinker is well aware that along with whisky’s soaring popularity, it has also seen a rise in price. On page 73, we look at factors that help shape the high price of rare and exclusive whiskies, including both retail releases and dizzying auction results. While these aren’t everyday…

dear whisky advocate…

BITING ON BAND-AIDS? Dear Whisky Advocate, I’ve been a subscriber to Whisky Advocate for a couple of years now. I look forward to every issue. My hope right now is that you will someday soon increase your publication frequency to six times a year. In regard to the article “Build Your Best Highball” in the Summer 2020 issue Whisky Selector $50 & under Single Malt Scotch: 92 Laphroaig 10 year old [the tasting note states] Band-Aids and seaweed. Band-Aids? As an infant I probably bit into a number of things. I don’t think Band-Aids was one of them. What exactly do Band-Aids taste like? Many thanks and best regards, David Liberis LiberisGood day, David! When we speak about flavors in whisky, olfactory sensations often play a role at least as important as our taste buds. Band-Aids,…

what a crock!

Slow cookers meld the flavors of hearty soups and savory stews, and they can do the same for cocktails. A Crock-Pot is the perfect vessel for make-ahead cocktails infused with warm fall spices. “Make sure the Crock-Pot is on a low setting,” says Christoph Dornemann, bar manager at Arnaud’s French 75 Bar in New Orleans, “and have extra stored in the fridge to top off after the Crock-Pot is more than halfway empty.” With guests able to serve themselves, slow-cooker cocktails are like set-it-and-forget-it entertaining. Smoke on the Water Created by Christina Basham, owner and lead creative of Bubbles + Agave Creative Makes 12 servings This tropical, spiked take on hot cider bridg-es summer and autumn flavors. It’s smoky, sweet, and spicy. Don’t forget the apple cider vinegar—it gives a pop of acid…

get the scoop on dips

Some people would suggest that potato chips, tortilla chips, and wedges of pita bread are perfectly fine on their own. Then again, there are also those who believe that the Earth is flat and good whisky is not a necessity. For the rest of us, chips and pita wedges form only one half of the equation. Dips are the savory equivalent of the frosting on a cake. They provide that extra jolt of flavor that turns a simple snacking occasion into a genuine gastronomic experience. But like the chocolate-versus-vanilla frosting debate, where dips are concerned, opinions run high. According to Lauren Hollow, consumer insights senior manager for the food-service research firm Technomic, the most popular dip-centric appetizers in restaurants stick close to the familiar. “Tradition definitely still drives the dips market,” says…

level up your dram

You have to be 21 or over to consume whisky, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of your whimsical side. Arcade bars around the country offer whisky drinkers a chance to pair their dram of choice with a healthy dose of nostalgia—from Pac-Man to pinball, and everything in between. We’ve scouted out a few bars that capture the liveliness of an arcade while also offering robust whisky lists. Pinball Meets Pappy Pinballz Lake Creek location, Austin, Texas They say “everything is bigger in Texas,” and that’s true for this massive arcade and bar that spans over 100,000 square feet. All three of the Pinballz locations in Texas offer a wide variety of arcade games and pinball machines—Lake Creek boasts over 300. Lake Creek is also home to The Whiskey Bar,…

jam session

Berries have an almost universal flavor appeal. Who doesn’t relish plucking tart raspberries and fleshy blackber-ries from their thorny canes, biting into a juicy strawberry, a fruit danish, jam tarts, and blueberry pancakes, or the bitter/sweet inter-play of tiny black currants? Rather than types of berries, you might decipher berry flavors in whisky with a mental color spectrum—from vibrant and tart reds, through inky blue, to juicy black. Next, decide whether the fruit is fresh or processed. Think like a blender and consider how the berry flavors play among the sweetness, spice, oak, or smoke of the whisky. Are the berries cooked and sprinkled with baking spices or enveloped by milk chocolate? Like most flavors, berry notes do not result from a single isolated chemical: The brain is simultaneously processing a…