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WIRED VIDEO F UTURE CITIES: SEASON TWO All five episodes of our Holy Land: Startup Nations series are available to watch online. These documentaries explore how innovation is thriving from Tel Aviv to the Palestinian territories, which have become world-renowned startup hotspots. To watch, visit wired.co.uk/video WIRED.CO.UK SPEED RACER WIRED product editor Jeremy White (below, right) experienced a hot lap in Bentley’s most powerful car yet – and the results left him rather rattled. Former Le Mans champion Guy Smith (below, left) took him for a spin in the Continental Supersport, which just happens to be the world’s fastest four-seater. As they hurtled around Portugal’s Estoril Circuit at 336kph, Jeremy was struggling to keep his wits about him. Ever the professional, however, he finished his straight-to-camera report and exited the vehicle unharmed – albeit in…


WENDY HUI KYONG CHUN In Ideas Bank, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun warns that online networks based on our likes and dislikes can be a bad thing. “Creating links based on mutual indifference would be more fascinating,”she says. “After all, cities are able to run on mutual indifference.” ROWLAND MANTHORPE WIRED’s associate editor met possibly the most powerful person in European tech, Margrethe Vestager, for our cover story: “I expected her to be on message,” he says. “Instead, she was thoughtful and spoke her mind. At a time when we are desperately short of political leadership, she stands tall.” NICK BURTON llustrator Nick Burton bought vloggers’ meetup VidCon to life in this issue. So, if he went to the April event, who would he want to meet? “I’ve learnt so many illustration tricks online from Nathan…

from the editor

By the time you read this, there’s a good chance that Prime Minister Theresa (or, if you’re part of the Trump administration, Teresa) May will have triggered Article 50 and the UK will begin the process of leaving the EU for a destination as yet unknown. What this means for UK organisations remains a mystery. The former business secretary, Sajid Javid, made an appearance onQuestion Timein November last year in which he offered a Westminster version of the line used by Baldrick fromBlackadder– “We have a cunning plan” – offering little clarity for sectors such as science and technology, which depend on close international co-operation and the movement of talent across borders So we decided to ask some of the people in our network, entrepreneurs who have built significant businesses on…

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This swarm of 66 radio telescopes gathers clues about the past and future of our Universe. Lying 5,000 metres above sea level on Chile’s Chajnantor Plateau, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (Alma), detects some of the weakest signals emanating from the colder regions of the cosmos Jointly run by institutes in Europe, the US, Asia and Chile, Alma is “the most powerful telescope for studying the cool Universe”, says Robert Laing, at the European Southern Observatory Alma is currently observing L2 Puppis, a declining red giant star that looks how our Sun might in five billion years – and suggests how Earth might be affected as its closest star cools. “We have observed an object close to [L2 Puppis] that is probably a planet,” Laing explains. “That may indicate planets can survive…

the rule-obeyers

YOU’VE HEARD OF FINTECH – NOW MEET ITS SUCCESSOR. Under mounting pressure to become more transparent and accountable, banks and financial institutions are turning to regtech: technology that automates regulatory compliance. It’s an ugly word, but it could be significant: if fintech is going to flourish, then regtech could be its enabler. “I would definitely see regtech as a growth area,” says Sean Smith, a partner in Deloitte’s Dublin Risk Advisory department. “There’s been relatively less investment in this space than fintech, but the potential prize is significant.” Here are five that WIRED finds intriguing. Bérénice Magistretti FUNDAPPS, UK London-based FundApps alerts financial institutions when regulations change, and gives them software to help compliance. Launched in 2010, it covers 88 jurisdictions worldwide. “We work with our legal information provider, who updates us when…

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CONFIRMED SPEAKERS INCLUDE: CHARLOTTE HOGG CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER. BANK OF ENGLAND Charlotte Hogg II Introducing the Bank of England's 11ntech atartup aocelarator and changing how inatitutiona 1IICIIk with lnnovutlve buslnaaaas. JOHNFAWCm FOUNDER,QUANTOPIAN Quantplan uses crowdaourclng to developlrweeonent algorlthme, ttl& authors of which racaiva a portion of proflta. JOEAN LEOGRANDE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF MOBILE SERVICES, WIRECARD Reapollllble for W1111C1rd'a product ln110111tlon.Joem Leogrande apeerheeded davalopmenta to maka paying through amertphanes p0881ble. J0RGEN SCHMID HUBER MACHINE-LEARNING INNOVATOR JOrgen Schmldhubar Ia known aa 1he father of deep Ieeming. The networks davaloped by hia groups have 1Tanaformed AI. ARYIND KRISHNA SVP AND DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH,IBM The man behind IBH's Hyperledger. Krlahna will dlacuaa how the an autumn 2016 fundin will dlacuaa how the open-90Urce blockchaln platform will chenoa buelnaaa treneactlans. TOM BLOHFIELD CEO MONZO Blomfleld's app-only bank Hyperledger.He also platform will chenoa co-founded Boao.com buelnaaa treneactlans. and GoCerdlaas.…