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As another week passes and we ponder what we are and are not allowed to do, it’s perhaps time to focus on the future. It might be uncertain but one thing lockdown has made me sure of is that when we can freely move about and enjoy the fruits of life, we should grab it with both hands. In the meantime, let’s get planning while enjoying the slower lane – let’s bring the spa to us (p28), put our feet up and nose around a few celebrity homes (p10) and, if feeling adventurous, try a new hobby (p40). Indulge yourself before life returns and the fast lane beckons. Here’s to another week of looking ahead and feeling grateful for the little things.…

what a week!

Stacey supports Joe AFTER HEARTBREAKING LOSS Stacey Solomon took time off social media last week to support boyfriend Joe Swash after his grandmother passed away. The Loose Women star, 30, said it was ‘just awful’ that Joe, 38, was unable to attend the funeral due to the coronavirus restrictions. Paying tribute to Joe’s grandmother Fran, she said, ‘Goodnight nanny Fran, we love you to the moon and back. Thinking of those who have lost loved ones and [have] not been able to say goodbye.’ Joe announced the news with a touching tribute to his grandmother, in which he said he was ‘heartbroken’. ‘I miss you so much already,’ he said. ‘I’m heartbroken. I wish I could have spent more time with you. I wish I could have seen you before you left us and could…

‘they’ve turned their backs on the institution’

When Buckingham Palace was hit by a bomb during an air raid at the height of the Second World War, the Queen Mother uttered the immortal words, ‘Now I can look the East End [of London] in the eye.’ With those words, Her Majesty set a marker in the sand that would endure for decades. At a time of national emergency, the Royal Family was feeling the pain of ordinary people living in terror as the bombs rained down on the capital. We were in it together, defiantly standing strong in the face of a dangerous enemy. When, on a glorious spring day in 2018, Harry and Meghan tied the knot in front of almost two billion viewers it seemed we were witnessing a real life fairy tale being played out. Britain’s most…

‘i love that people admire him!’

The entire team at Good Morning Britain have been keeping viewers up to date with the latest COVID-19 news, and one person in particular fans seem to be enjoying is Dr Hilary Jones. Dr Hilary has been given the nicknames ‘pandemic pin-up’, ‘silver fox’ and even ‘delicious doctor’ by social media users – and Dee, 49, loves that her husband is getting so much attention. The personal trainer said, ‘I love that people are admiring his looks. Good for him. He’s 67 and still turning heads. It’s quite funny because he’s been doing his own make-up and dressing himself instead of having a stylist, so he’s not even looking his best.’ Hilary and Dee have been married since 2016 but first met in 2008 while filming for GMTV in Spain. The couple started dating…

through the keyhole!

1 We wouldn’t mind relaxing in this stunning outdoor barbecue area, looking out over Malibu’s beaches. It’s a bit different from Albert Square! 2 This TV couple, who are expecting their third child together, have been having a party in their house every weekend on Instagram Live, so disco balls in the kitchen are no surprise! 3 This lounge has been seen on a lot of families’ TV screens almost every morning during the pandemic lockdown. The celebrity runs their home workouts from here. 4 ‘Our girl’ and her husband have such a huge, beautiful, garden in their Essex home, we thought it was a park at first! 5 There’s no need for this ‘loose woman’ to ‘tap to tidy’ when her kitchen is already as pristine as this – and her celeb boyfriend…

‘i cried every day when i was pregnant’

It’s clear to see that Alesha Dixon couldn’t be happier with her family, constantly posting cute photos of her six-year-old daughter Azura, nine-month-old Anaya and husband Azuka Ononye in lockdown. But the Britain’s Got Talent judge has admitted that her pregnancy with Anaya was nowhere near as rosy – confessing she ‘cried every day for two weeks’ before she gave birth last August. Alesha, 41, confessed to Giovanna Fletcher on the author’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, ‘I felt so low. You grieve different things. I remember thinking that it was the end of another era of just the three of us. Truthfully, I don’t know what it was, it was a combination of anxiety, hormones and tiredness.’ Alesha went on to reveal that things got so bad she was beginning to worry…