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I really do like a mooch around the shops – picking up clothes, putting them back down again, pondering and eventually parting with my hard-earned cash. I’m not quite sure how that will work post-lockdown but I am hoping that once this is all behind us, my love for browsing, stopping for a coffee and generally indulging my shopping can resume. non-essential shops aren’t due to open until 12 April, our fashion team have rounded up some of the best online shopping deals of the week on p16. Go on, treat yourself!…

what a week!

Louise ‘I FELT SELFISH DOING STRICTLY’ It was soon after her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016 that Louise and Jamie Redknapp’s marriage crumbled. And now the singer has confessed that doing the show was the biggest risk she’d taken, after years of feeling like a ‘Stepford’ wife – staying at home and looking after their two children. In her new book, You’ve Got This: And Other Things I Wish I Had Known, Louise admits, ‘Saying yes to Strictly felt like the most selfish thing I’d ever done, but I knew I needed to make a change in some way. I was struggling. What would any woman do if she was told she wasn’t loved any more? I couldn’t just continue being at home on my own, worrying about everyone else…

‘eamonn still surprises me’

One of the reasons Ruth and Eamonn Holmes are so popular with viewers on This Morning is their witty banter, with fans often commenting on how hilarious the pair are on screen – and it’s Eamonn’s ability to make her smile that has kept Ruth going throughout lockdown. ‘I MISS SEEING MY FRIENDS’ The couple – who have been married for 11 years but together for 24 – have been locked down alone together in their Surrey home throughout the pandemic, as their son is Jack away at university, but luckily the laughter keeps their marriage going during the hard times. ‘We have a lot of banter, which is what I think people like about us on TV,’ the presenter tells Woman. ‘You couldn’t have that kind of banter with somebody unless you…

the secret behind anna’s ‘frozen’ face

She may have ditched her famous brunette locks in favour of a blonde ’do for the current series of Marcella, but Anna Friel has had viewers of the ITV drama talking for a different reason; the 44-year-old actor doesn’t seem to have aged a day since she shot to fame as Brookside’s Beth Jordache back in 1993. ‘ALL THE OLD MOVIE STARS DID IT’ After recently confessing that she feels the pressure of people saying, ‘Oh look, she’ll never age,’ Anna has now revealed how she’s managed to keep her skin looking fresh for so long without cosmetic enhancement – and it involves acupuncture, as well as regularly having her face frozen... Fancy facials ‘I’m a massive fan of reflexology and I’ve tried acupuncture on [my] face, which boosts collagen,’ Anna says. ‘Also Cryo…

prince william ‘devastated’

The Sussexes used their Oprah interview to fire an Exocet missile across the Atlantic and into the heart of the Royal Family. For the first time since Princess Diana’s famous Panorama interview in 1995, here were members of the family accusing others of briefing the media with ‘falsehoods’ designed to slur their name. While the tension at the palace is palpable following the bombshell interview, no one is feeling more hurt than Prince William. The future king is devastated that his brother allowed the interview to go ahead while their 99-year-old grandfather lay ill in his hospital bed. Those close to William tell me he has been ‘rendered speechless’ by what has been interpreted as a direct attack on the family – including his wife, as Meghan even claimed Kate once made…

rich kids!

Nelly Shepherd While many save up for years for just one designer handbag, Billie Shepherd’s six-year-old daughter has been given a huge handbag collection by her mum. One of Nelly’s many designer bags includes a classic Chanel quilted clutch, which cost around £5,000. Harper Beckham The youngest Beckham was always going to have expensive taste, with style icon Victoria for a mum. The nine-year-old was recently treated to a haircut at exclusive London stylist Hershesons, where they cost a staggering £360! Muhammad Zaviyar Khan Boxing champion Amir Khan bought a Rolex watch – reportedly costing £30,000 – for his son Zaviyar’s first birthday. ‘The watch collection needs to [be] on [point],’ he shared. Rosie Knightley Sam Faiers’ three-year-old daughter, Rosie, has a vast collection of bags just like her cousin Nelly, including a £1,500 Louis Vuitton backpack. Sophia…