Woman 07-Jun-2021

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When I was younger, I was a big sun worshipper. One of my priorities on holiday was to get a tan. Yes, I know now that it wasn’t good for my skin and yes, I did wear a token splash of sun cream. But it wasn’t a high enough SPF, despite my mum’s pleas. At that age you feel invincible, don’t you? Happily, the quest for suntans – or, in my case, several lobster-like impressions – is becoming a thing of the past. This week Woman looks at how sunbathing is losing its appeal (p16) and why younger generations appear to be shunning the sun for the (fake tan) bottle. Now, where’s my factor 50+?…

what a week!

A BIG LOSS FOR LOUISE Louise Redknapp has had to use £400,000 of her own money to keep her music companies afloat after a tough year. The pandemic meant that Louise, 46, had to cancel her tour in 2020, and now her businesses are in combined debts of over £320,000, according to paperwork. Louise’s label, Lil Lou Records, was £236,000 in the red in its first 16 months of business, while her other company, Lil Lou Touring LLP was running at a deficit of £87,625. Documents revealed she has loaned £317,000 interest-free to the record company and another £101,000 to the touring partnership. Earlier this year, Louise told fans she’s finding the pandemic tough, saying, ‘I’m definitely struggling at the moment.’ We hope things turn around for you this year, Lou! CELEBRITY PET of the week OVER TO…

‘better days are coming’

Anyone who has tried to get back out there after splitting from a long-term partner will understand what Fern Britton is going through right now. And the pandemic, which has seen us all in lockdown for months, can’t have made things easier. The TV presenter-turned-author, 63, always appeared to remain positive after separating from husband Phil Vickery January year – recently was even spotted flirting on social media, seemingly telling the world she’s ready to move on. ‘LIFE IS WORTH LIVING’ But, like the rest of us, Fern has days when she’s not feeling as bright, and she’s doing everything she can to keep her head up and focus on the future. Positive vibes Fern regularly engages with her fans on social media and appears to use her own experiences to offer advice to those…

the men defying their age

Pierce Brosnan, 68 ‘Be grateful’ Mamma Mia! star Pierce has a very simple trick for keeping his youthful looks – love your life. He says, ‘Work and love. That’s all it is, really. Be grateful that you have a partnership, or a friendship, or a few friends. And just get on with life. I don’t know any other way.’ Daniel Craig, 53 ‘Bond keeps him young’ Playing 007 since 2006 has helped Daniel stay in great shape. His trainer, Simon Waterson, says regular 10-hour days of ‘sprinting and fighting scenes’ and a diet of eggs, rye bread, avocado, turmeric shots and black coffee have turned Daniel into the ‘fittest 50-year-old on the planet’. So true! Peter Andre, 48 ‘Counteract everything with exercise’ Peter is looking better than ever. His secret? Good old-fashioned exercise. The Mysterious Girl singer reveals…

the sussexes need to rein it in

By weaponising his own battles with mental health, Prince Harry has crossed a line and lost the support of many who once sang the troubled royal’s praises. Breaking the taboo around this difficult subject is one thing, but using deeply personal experiences to publicly attack the family that raised you is an entirely different kettle of fish. Prince Harry was once universally admired for having the courage to talk about his private battles with mental health. But now his so-called ‘interviews’ on the subject have taken a somewhat uncomfortable turn. ‘MANY SEE HARRY AS A VICTIM’ Since arriving in LA, Harry has spoken about his personal struggles and nothing seems to be off limits. Questioning the Queen’s parenting, slamming his father and repeating thinly veiled attacks on his brother are all regular themes. And,…

dirty business

If there is any justice, journalist Martin Bashir will be off to a cell and his dirty tricks held up as a clear example of how never to go about business. A report into how the former Beeb favourite secured the interview of the century in 1995 recently concluded that the late princess was conned and misled. It’s the most revolting example of unethical journalism this country has ever seen. But Bashir won’t go to jail – he’ll most likely slip into the shadows with his full, taxpayer-funded BBC pension.…