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I look forward to reading our fitness expert Annie Deadman’s column every week. I enjoy her straight-talking manner and ability to make even and exercise ideas seem easy and doable. This week (p29), Annie tells us about the things she wishes she’d known when she was years . No. possibly my favourite, in which she says, ‘Hide the scales!’ followed closely by No.5 – ‘Accept your shape… and love it’. I couldn’t agree more, and with the weather warming up layers to hide under, those words will be my mantra.…

what a week!

IS FERN STRUGGLING? Fern Britton has hinted that she might be having trouble sleeping. The star, 63, admitted that she’d been tempted to go back to bed during the day when she tweeted, ‘Today’s plan. Get up. Kettle on, feed cats while kettle boils. Make tea and take to garden. Drink tea while staring into space. Fight urge to go back to bed for rest of day.’ And this isn’t the first time Fern has taken to social media to tell fans she’s struggling. Earlier this year she opened up about having ‘down’ days, saying, ‘I’m not feeling it today. You know those days? Tomorrow will be a good day but today… nah.’ Fern recently admitted that a former management agency of hers is asking for 10% of any of her future earnings,…

how could jamie like hurt this me ?’

For years she put her career on the back-burner to focus on being a good mum to the two boys she shares with footballer pin-up Jamie Redknapp. ‘SHE CAN’T KID HERSELF’ Back in 2016 Jamie even suggested trying again for a baby girl to complete their family. Five years on he may be getting his wish – but Louise can only watch on from the sidelines as she struggles to come to terms with his new arrival. ‘Some people tell Louise that she only has herself to blame, but all she can do is put on a brave face and struggle on,’ a close friend of the star tells Woman. a nightmare , only is she grieving for a marriage, it’s also the loss of a new life chapter they should have shared…

‘i’d find being queen very imprisoning’

Dame Helen Mirren is one of Britain’s acting greats, who has carved out a successful and long-lasting film career in the UK and Hollywood. She has played a variety of roles in some of the biggest movies – from Calendar Girls in 2003 and The Queen in 2006 to the more recent star-studded Collateral Beauty in 2016. It is no accident that Helen tends to play well-defined and strong women, often with an edge of feistiness. At 75 years old, she is back on the silver screen with her latest cinematic release, Fast & Furious 9, playing Magdalene ‘Queenie’ Shaw, the mother of Jason Statham’s character Deckard Shaw. ‘I WOULDN’T HAVE THE DISCIPLINE’ Now living between the UK and the US with her husband, American film director Taylor Hackford, it’s clear that Helen…

the fightback has begun

Don’t be fooled into thinking William’s continued silence on the ‘Harry issue’ is a sign the furore is over. I’m told William is still seething with his brother and has adopted the mantra ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’. The Cambridges have bowed to the Queen’s decree that members of the family should avoid making any public comment on the issue. ‘WILLIAM IS STILL SEETHING’ Her Majesty’s short-term priority was avoiding a family tit-for-tat slanging match with Harry and Meghan – and, so far, it’s worked. However, behind the scenes there are clear signs William and Kate’s fightback has already begun. It started with a charm offensive – the quaint family video released at Easter, William’s uncharacteristically heartfelt comments about the day his mother died, and the images of himself and Kate enjoying…

seeing double!

Liam and Gene Gallagher The son of the former Oasis singer, whose mum is Nicole Appleton, often stuns fans with how similar he looks to his dad, 48, in his heyday. Gene, 19, shares rock star Liam’s trademark bushy brows – and his sense of style. David and Romeo Beckham Romeo Beckham is the image of a young David, especially after he recently copied one of his father’s trademark – platinum-blond buzz cut from 2007 (inset). Even David, 46, couldn’t resist stating the obvious, commenting on the 18-year-old’s snap, ‘I wonder where you got that idea from.’ We call it homage… Simon and Eric Cowell Young Eric Cowell, seven, is the diddy version of his music-mogul dad Simon, 61. Their similarities are spooky, and the pair have a lot in common. Simon has revealed his lookalike…