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Whether you want to lose a couple of kilos, boost your fitness, eat well or get more out of your life and relationships, Women's Health's experts will help you look and feel your absolute best – because it's good to be you (we're just here to cheer you on).

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Men’s Health Associate Editor Scott Henderson, Linden Hall, Ben St Lawrence and Steve Moneghetti. Getting my best run on with 400m hurdler Ash Horrobin. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to experience a tiny taste of what life is like as a professional athlete. And (even more amazingly) got the chance to run with – and be coached by – one of my sporting heroes, Mr Steve Moneghetti. And what he had to say during our chat surprised me – in the best possible way. It all happened when I crashed Nike Zoom Camp on Sydney’s Palm Beach, a weekend designed to give some of our most promising next-gen runners the chance to learn from Olympic greats including Monners and current…

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Do I really need to drink more water in the summer? Yes. But it’s not because your body’s H 0 needs suddenly spike the minute we hit daylight saving. “Everyone has their own fluid requirements, depending on their height, weight and level of physical activity,” says dietitian Alana MacDonald. “Your baseline fluid requirements don’t change from season to season, but circumstances mean you need a little more in the summer months.” Why? It’s simple: you sweat more – and the more fluid you lose from sweating, the more you’ll need to drink to replenish it. And we’re not just talking about the purposeful perspiring you do when powering through a circuit in a sunny park. That dewy slick on your forehead while you’re sandwiched between…

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TIE-DYE TAKEOVER Love or hate it, this ’60s staple is back via your activewear. Rock the pattern with the likes of The Upside, NUX Active and L’urv, keeping it fitted to avoid going full hippie. JELLY NAILS All over Insta, this sees a translucent, coloured acrylic sculpted onto your nail for a ’90s-esque jelly-sandal vibe. Nailed it. GREEN PERIODS Reduce waste with D, the first reusable tampon applicator. Made from medical-grade plastic that has antimicrobial tech, it’s comfy and safe. Head to wearedame.co HEMP PARMESAN Made by Pimp My Salad, the dairy-free, vegan alternative is also a great source of omega fatty acids and B vitamins. Love. MIND-BODY TEAM…

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SAVED BY THE BALL If good things come in small packages, then delicious things come in bite-sized ones. No wonder brands keep on rolling out oven-free bliss balls – they’re packed with nutrients (think protein, healthy fat, iron), low in sugar and they make on-the-go popping easy. Whip up these endurance-boosting beet beauties from NYC’s iconic Husk Bakeshop. In a bowl: Mix 5 tbs buckwheat flour, 4 tbs cocoa powder, 1 ¼ cups almond meal, 9 tbs shredded coconut (dried, unsweetened), 1 tbs beetroot powder and 3 tbs hemp protein. In a processor: pulse 1 tbs coconut oil, 14 pitted dates, 4 tbs water and 2 tsp coconut or maple syrup until smooth. Add dry mix, blend and roll into 13 balls. Sweet stuff.…

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(PHOTOGRAPHY: SAM KAPLAN/TRUNK ARCHIVE) USE YOUR HEAD Think twice before downloading ‘brain training’ games. Why? Uni of Western Ontario neuroscientists theorised if a group spent hours training in one game, it’d boost their working memory and give them an edge in a second similar one. That didn’t happen. “If you’re looking to improve your cognitive self ... go for a walk, go for a run, socialise with a friend. These are much better things,” says lead author Bobby Stojanoski. Smart. 25 PEOPLE WHO INCLUDED THIS MANY GRAMS OF POWDERED CRICKET MEAL IN THEIR BREAKFAST ENJOYED A BOOST IN BENEFICIAL GUT BACTERIA. GRUB’S UP!Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison…

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GYM HACK! SCORE BETTER STRIDES Slouch, run, repeat: the drill for many of us runners, who spend our days texting, sitting and schlepping bags, leading to slumped shoulders and necks. Try this hunch-fixing move from running coach Danny Mackey, which will refine your breathing and bring your weight over your hips (where it belongs), saving energy as you run. Lying facedown on an incline bench, row light weights (start with one-kilo’ers) to your hips, then rotate them behind you until your pinkies touch. Do three sets of eight. Easy! 30 HOLD A STATIC STRETCH FOR THIS MANY SECONDS MAX, THEN ADD PROPRIOCEPTIVE NEUROMUSCULAR FACILITATION (CONTRACTING THEN RELAXING A MUSCLE) FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS, SAYS FLEXOLOGIST KRYSTLE PORTER OF STRETCH STUDIO IN SYDNEY’S DOUBLE BAY. “REPEATING THIS ROUTINE THREE…