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Women's Health Australia October 2018

Whether you want to lose a couple of kilos, boost your fitness, eat well or get more out of your life and relationships, Women's Health's experts will help you look and feel your absolute best – because it's good to be you (we're just here to cheer you on).

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calm mind, fit body

(PHOTOGRAPHY: STEVEN CHEE) Exercise. It’s something that makes us physically fitter. It lowers blood pressure, protects our ticker and boosts sleep quality, among a laundry list of countless other major wellbeing benefits. But for me, it’s the mental health payoff of a good sweat session that wins hands down. The proof? A recent international study (of more than 266,000 people over seven years) led by the University of NSW and the Black Dog Institute confirmed that exercise can help slash stress and reduce the risk of depression, regardless of age or geographical location. And that’s only just the start of the health gains this powerful prescription can help unlock. Back in the day, I used to exercise because, like, so many other women, I thought I “should”. But, to be…

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the big question

I’ve got a leg injury so my usual cardio is out. What else can I do? Good question! There aren’t many things more frustrating than all the pain and none of the gain. Still want to keep your fitness levels up? “Depending on the severity and anatomical region of the issue, swimming is a good non-weight-bearing workout for your whole body,” says Dr Ralph Rogers, consultant in sports and orthopaedic medicine. “And cycling improves leg strength while being less stressful on joints than running and walking.” Plus, there’s nothing to stop you working on your upper-body strength. Moves focused on the core should be doable, too, though if that’s yoga or pilates, make sure you tell the instructor about your injury. As for your healthy leg, that’ll…

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ok, level with me. what’s really the healthiest cooking oil?

OLIVE OIL This health hero can help lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Extra virgin olive oil is higher in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories than the regular version – win! GRAPESEED OIL It’s high in vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, antioxidants that can protect against free-radical damage. COCONUT OIL One tablespoon has about 14 grams of fat, 13 of which are saturated. But some of that “bad” fat is a type called lauric acid, which can help boost immunity and kill bad bacteria. Not so bad after all – just don’t make it a daily thing. (PHOTOGRAPHY: GETTY IMAGES; STOCKSY) AVOCADO OIL High in vitamin E and a boon for your oral health: the oil has even been shown to…

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on our radar

BARRY’S BOOTCAMP This high-intensity LA workout’s fans include Jessica Alba and cover star Tessa James. Barry’s Bootcamp’s nightclub-style gyms are coming to Sydney in September, then Melbourne in 2019. NEW BLENDS Forgot to make your overnight oats? No worries. Try the new Up&Go Blends, which combine fruit, nuts, oats and milk for a low-GI, high-fibre and no-sugar brekkie option. Our fave? Mango and coconut – summer in one delicious sip. SWEAT AND SAVE ING has partnered with IFTTT (If This Then That), a service that links your fitness tracker to your banking app. It puts coin into your savings account every time you reach your daily step target or lift your goal weight. Win-win. POST-GYM SAVIOUR…

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GET FIRED UP Love curry with kick? Here’s some good news: a study published in the journal Hypertension found people who enjoy spicy foods tend to eat less salt and have lower blood pressure than those with milder tastes. Why? The researchers believe hot nosh may trick the brain into thinking the meal is saltier than it is. All the more reason to light it up with some extra chilli. ■…

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fitness discuss!

SQUAD GOALS FOR LESS STRESS If your perfect Saturday morning involves getting the crew together for a workout and brunch, you know how to live and we salute you. But, if your motivation is purely physical gains, you’re not giving yourself enough credit: there are mental benefits to a social session, too. In a 12-week study of medical students at the University of New England, researchers found that exercising in group classes for 30 minutes a week lowered stress levels by 26 per cent. Nice! NO BUDDIES AROUND? Connect with new ones via the Physeek app, which matches exercisers based on activity interests and fitness level. Dream team. Free on iPhone and Android. ■…