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Yachting World January 2017

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getting off the dock

Writing about the ethos of sailing to remote areas, our columnist and heavy weather expert Skip Novak once wrote: “Every cruising sailor should ask themselves two things before they embark on a long-term voyage. Am I cruising to see places and have experiences? Or am I cruising to fiddle around with my overelaborate boat? Be honest.” You know what he means by that, and can probably think of pristine or complex yachts almost too perfect to go far. Not that there is anything wrong in the art of fettling, per se. Some people enjoy it more than the experience of being at sea – and why not? The logistics of sailing, especially for long distance voyaging, are enormous. The business of ensuring a yacht is well found and properly prepared, and the…

on the wind

PICTURE THIS Powered up Jean-Pierre Dick sets off on his fourth Vendée Globe on the foil-enabled St Michel-Virbac. One of the most experienced skippers in the fleet, he has twice completed the race. St Michel-Virbac is a new VPLP-Verdier design. As we went to press Dick was lying in 8th position. For the full story on the opening act of this year’s race, see page 24. PICTURE THIS Weighing in Libera class yachts are highly optimised designs created specifically for Europe’s major lake racing contests, such as the Centomiglia and Bol d’Or. Lisa, here racing on Hungary’s Lake Balaton, was designed in the 1990s by Italian builders Patucelli to compete against the Liberas with an extreme design that has no keel, only a centreboard and crew weight to counter a 300m spinnaker.…

game on for 35th cup with launch of new ac50s

By late December or early January the new America’s Cup class AC50s will be launched in Bermuda and the road to the Cup in June will begin in earnest. These new catamarans, although more than 20ft shorter than the boats used in the 2013 America’s Cup, are around twice as powerful and significantly more sophisticated. The technology and sailing techniques will be a real step up. The new boats have cockpits in which crew can crouch down, reducing windage, and skippers will have controls around the wheels with which they can alter the angle of attack of the foils. There is limited freedom in the design of the boards, so teams have gone through considerable development to try to ensure the right selection for different wind conditions. A new area of considerable…

rolex sailors of the year crowned

Olympic champions Santiago Lange of Argentina and Britain’s Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark have been crowned 2016 Rolex World Sailors of the Year. Lange’s victory at Rio in the Nacra 17 class was one of the most remarkable of the entire Olympics. Having competed at five previous Games, the 54-year-old, at first only stepped back into the Olympic arena to coach his sons, Yago and Klaus, in a 49er. But after sailing the new mixed Nacra 17 multihull class with Cecilia Carranza Saroli, he was drawn back into campaigning for a third medal, to follow his two Bronzes in the Tornado class. The pair’s late-formed campaign was put under more pressure when Lange was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, eventually having half his left lung removed. Not one to dwell on setbacks,…

chile bans foreign charters at cape horn

Bad news for anyone wanting to charter a yacht to sail around Cape Horn and explore the Beagle Channel: the Chilean government has announced by decree that, as of this southern summer season, effective immediately, foreign flagged yachts will no longer be allowed to make these voyages, reports Skip Novak. For us and our colleagues from Australia, Germany, and France to name a few, this signals the end of over 25 years of offering spectacular adventure cruises to sailors, hikers, mountaineers and anyone wanting to experience what is truly a unique wilderness destination. The reason for the ban is a protectionist measure for Chileans operating sailing or motor vessels that do not yet exist. Nor are there any locals with the expertise to conduct these specialist adventures in a safe and efficient…

new mckeon superyacht

The first fabulous shots of sailing trials by the new superyacht Missy were released in late October. The 33m performance cruising yacht was designed by Lymington-based Malcolm McKeon and launched from Green Marine/Vitters in August. The carbon built sloop is designed as a world cruiser that will be fast and fun to sail while keeping the owner’s young family safe in a sheltered, protected environment. “Missy is a delight to sail,” McKeon reported after the sail trials off Palma. “She is perfectly balanced with plenty of stability to carry her generous sail plan. Visibility from the helm stations is uninterrupted over her sleek, low profile and yet the raised saloon offers all-round visibility whilst seated below.” McKeon’s signature styling is evident in Missy’s elegant lines, particularly the long, low, flowing shape of the…