BH&G Best Bread Recipes

BH&G Best Bread Recipes 2021

Bread baking is back in the spotlight thanks to newfound followers using it as an artistic outlet. BH&G Bread Recipes magazine has all the recipes you’ve been craving, each perfected in our Test Kitchens to promise your success. Start with your own DIY versions of favorites like ciabatta, French baguettes, marbled pumperknickel rye, and even English muffins. Try your hand at specialties like doughnuts, bagels, and pretzels. Keep it basic and homey with our best basic flaky biscuits and tender scones, plus quick breads and muffins to share with family and friends. Pro chefs share their best recipes for cultural breads like pita, naan, tortillas, challah and babka. And we even have a gluten-free favorite from a GF expert baker. Finally, if you’re ready to jump on the sourdough trend, we’ll show you how to get started with our test kitchen expert, Lauren McAnelly, who will walk you through her own personal recipe step by step so you understand the science behind it (plus we have the free link to her video, so you can see her in action). Join us for all things bread as we head into the autumn baking season.