BH&G Noodles

BH&G Noodles 2021

We love noodles and pasta so much, we created a whole magazine dedicated to this favorite comfort-food carb. Our newest Better Homes & Gardens Noodles magazine is brimming with more than 80 recipes looking at noodles from every angle and starring dishes on a global scale, from countries like Italy, Germany, Hungary, America, and the expanse of Asia and its signature dishes. There are pasta salads, cheesy pastas, even healthy noodle dishes (plus zoodles—veggie noodles!) so you can love the pasta without letting it weigh you down. And for those DIYers out there, we’ll show you how to make egg noodles and pasta from scratch—so delicious!—and even a gluten-free version that is just like the real deal. And for when you’ve got a busy week ahead of you, we have a whole section of quick noodle and pasta dishes that will get dinner on the table in just a few minutes of assembly. Here’s to the most versatile carb in the world—enjoy!