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HOLA! MADE IN USA April 2019

We offer exclusive access to global celebrities, with a top-notch storytelling approach that is always ahead of the trend. With an irresistible twist of fashion and lifestyle, from beauty to celebrity glam to travel and life-changing moments, we deliver aspirational and intimate stories of the personalities our reader cares about. Through impactful images and human interest reports, we will make her life even more fulfilling, fun—and fabulous!

United States
Hola S.L.
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7 Issues


2 min.
in a nutshell

It’s not every day that you find yourself on Mount Olympus. By this I mean being in the presence of four goddesses who are—each in her own right—redefining the perception of the Latino community in the United States. These stellar women are none other than Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldaña, Gloria Estefan, and that beloved pioneer—the energetic, ever gracious, and unstoppable Rita Moreno. Frankly, there’s nobody better than these four magnificent Women—with a capital W—to represent the central theme of this special edition of HOLA! USA dedicated to Latina Powerhouses. This issue celebrates all things Latin: from the privilege of Latinos producing a magazine for Latinos, to recognizing those women who elevate us as a community every day. Eva (wife, mother, actress, producer, and activist) has already said it more clearly than…

1 min.
spotlight behind the scenes

“It takes a village” has never been a truer statement than during the making of this issue and our cover story with these four Latina powerhouses: Eva Longoria, Gloria Estefan, Zoe Saldaña, and Rita Moreno. Posing for our photographer and friend Bernardo Doral, in Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles, the dynamic beauty of these women was apparent both in front of the camera and through their impactful testimonies. Behind this iconic moment was a team—that village—of professionals who collaborated to make such an important day possible. From makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists to their publicists as well as the entire HOLA! USA team, together we discovered the magic of our first Latina Powerhouse issue!…

2 min.
the ones to watch

CIERRA RAMÍREZ Everyone who tuned in to the five seasons of The Fosters would often be treated to Cierra Ramírez’ angelic singing voice. While the 24-year-old is now starring in the spinoff, Good Trouble (Freeform), her passion goes beyond acting, and she will be releasing a new album soon. “Singing is my first love,” the Mexican-American star, whose single “Liquid Courage” is out now, tells HOLA! USA. “I’ve been so excited about releasing this body of work.” Luckily for the Texas native, she works closely with superstar Jennifer López on her Freeform show. Although she hasn’t asked her advice yet when it comes to music, Cierra does admit, “She is a Latina I’ve looked up to my whole life. I admire how she’s helped open the door for many girls like…

1 min.
showing kindness to the world

HOLA! USA is joining our sister publication in saying #HelloToKindness. In January, HELLO! launched the campaign which encourages its readers and followers to navigate social media in a respectful way and take a stand against online abuse. HELLO! took the initiative after it was revealed that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are victims of sexist and racist comments. A source shared with the publication that Kensington Palace staff spends hours each week removing threats that target the two royals and their “rival” fans. Over the course of the last year, a handful of violent threats have been made, and users who have continued to abuse their voice on the site have been blocked. Meghan and Kate, both 37, do not have their own personal social media accounts and do not see the…

3 min.
mercedes junco calderón 1920–2019

Mercedes (the last time I wrote about her, in November, when she picked up the fashion industry award, she asked me not to put “doña” in front of her name) always said that she became a journalist out of love. She became a journalist for love and later learned to love her profession intensely, together with her husband Antonio Sánchez Gómez. They met in Palencia, where she was born in 1920, and they married in 1940. Shortly after their wedding they moved to Barcelona because Antonio was the editor of the newspaper La Prensa. And one afternoon, after the birth of their son Eduardo, they had the idea of founding a magazine. A “graphic, informative weekly” which they called ¡HOLA! and filled with positive news and beauty. That’s why she said she…

9 min.
ella fontanals-cisneros

“I think that the love of art is very personal, and you don’t learn it in one day. It’s a process that takes years and is generated within oneself. I am convinced I have a very well-defined idea of aesthetics” The great novelist Henry James once wrote: “It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance, and I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process.” That seems to be one of the main premises in the life of Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, considered one of the largest collectors of contemporary art in the world. Born in Cuba and exiled to Caracas at age 13 with her family, a few years after the Cuban Revolution of 1959, Ella is one of those women whose life is a work…