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Home & Design Trends is one of the most widely read architecture and design magazines in the world today. The Indian edition launched as the Home TRENDS series, the magazine aims to meet the demand for a world-class reference source on architecture and design for the both professionals and home makers alike. With its outstanding and pertinent features, Home & Design Trends raises the bar by catering to the varied and evolving design sensibilities of today's India. This is Bookazine for professionals and is a very practical source of ideas and inspiration with comprehensive details of each project featured. "

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editor’s note

Where great minds meet… That’s what Home & Design TRENDS is about, isn’t it? A confluence of some of the most dynamic players in architecture, art and design. Each issue a veritable tome which chronicles ground-breaking, spirit-lifting and eye-opening design. And we, as chroniclers, find ourselves enriched and enlightened after every single issue. Why am I waxing eloquent? Well, there’s reason enough… We are just a year short of completing a decade in this industry. I’m overwhelmed. Here, I’d also like to say a huge thank you to the editors, contributors and collaborators past and present who have made Home & Design TRENDS what it is today. From being one of the smallest magazines in the company, to hosting D/code – the country’s only curated luxury living show, I hate to brag, but…

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design in context

VOLUMES AND PLANES Katia Tolstykh’s Proun stool drew inspiration from artist and designer El Lissitzky’s concept of the same name, to combine geometric planes with three-dimensional objects. The designer used this system to create an interesting composition for a stool, which is comfortable and sturdy. Looking almost galactical, the Proun stool comes in a single colour, which means that the quality of the materials does the job of differentiating between its parts. Glossy metal has been used for the stool base, back and legs, whereas two hemispheres of foam rubber are affixed above and below the metal base sheet. Although delicate and lightweight, the form of the chair makes a big impact. PIECES OF A PUZZLE As human needs evolve, so does furniture. Multi-taskers are the need of the hour, and the team…

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design radar

REVIVE YOUR INTERIORS WITH GREENLAM’S VENEERS Whether you prefer the minimal or the playful for your interiors, Greenlam’s range of laminates and veneers will be sure to provide a solution. Available in a range of colours and patterns, these products are perfect if you’re looking to add some elegance to a space. SAVE WATER WITH CERA’S ECO-CONSCIOUS SANITARYWARE India’s always-looming water crisis prompted sanitaryware brand CERA to launch its first ever water saving urinal, CERA CORE. This three-in-one product is an integrated wash basin, has a sensor tap and recycles hand wash water for flushing, thus using only 20% of the average water used by an individual. The product marks CERA’s commitment to launching more sustainable ranges in the future. SHADES OF GREY BY SOMANY CERAMICS Grey areas aren’t always a bad thing, and same…

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indoor-outdoor transformations

STADT.WAND.KUNST MURAL BY PEETA MANNHEIM, GERMANY Peeta’s blue rings were painted onto a house façade in Mannheim for the 2019 edition of Stadt.Wand.Kunst, an open-air urban art gallery that invites local and international street artists to transform the grey walls of the houses in the area. Peeta chose the original blue and grey of the building and brought in rings to break the sharp edges, without adding any visual weight. In turn, the shape and the colours create a balance between solid and void. As with his other works, Peeta used a mix of socio-cultural and environmental context, studies on perspective and light and geometrical calculations of the surface area for this creation. THE CATENARY AND THE ARC BY MANUEL BOUZAS AND SANTIAGO DEL AGUILA PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN Designed as part of…

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reinventing the wheel

Ector Hoogstad Architecten’s latest project has been deemed the world’s biggest bicycle parking, and with good reason. Officially opened on August 19 this year, the three-storey building in the Utrecht Central station area boasts some big numbers – the 94,000 sqft area can accommodate 12,500 bikes and has a connecting bike path covering about 1.2km. The Dutch have always been known as cyclists, but the advent of e-bikes, bicycle friendly roads, amenities for cyclists and general eco-consciousness has resulted in a big boom in the number of people opting for bicycles to cover short distances. When the opportunity to design a bicycle park presented itself, the Rotterdam-based design team from Ector Hoogstad pitched their idea at an open competition, which they subsequently won. The massive park is situated beneath a raised pedestrian…

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louis vuitton x

The grand North Rodeo Drive building in Beverly Hills is bathed in neon pops of colour on the inside, to mark the Louis Vuitton X exhibition, a celebration of the brand’s 160 years of creative exchanges and artistic collaborations. Since its inception, and its subsequent uprise as one of the most prestigious luxe brands in the world, Louis Vuitton has put innovation at the forefront, while still managing to stick to the classics, and its signature monograms and styles. This show presents glimpses of its greatest and most well received collaborations with designers, artists and architects, using iconic scenography and archived pieces. The immersive experience taps into the old and the new, and the brand’s creative journey through it all.…