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Home & Design Trends is one of the most widely read architecture and design magazines in the world today. The Indian edition launched as the Home TRENDS series, the magazine aims to meet the demand for a world-class reference source on architecture and design for the both professionals and home makers alike. With its outstanding and pertinent features, Home & Design Trends raises the bar by catering to the varied and evolving design sensibilities of today's India. This is Bookazine for professionals and is a very practical source of ideas and inspiration with comprehensive details of each project featured. "

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happy new year!

January, for us, is a frantic whirlwind. The countdown to D/code has begun; it’s just 55 days to go! It’s our third edition, but the frenzy never diminishes. Together with our curators Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin, we aim to bring to you the biggest names in design and architecture, spark some interesting dialogues, and unveil new trends. So, see you at D/code? When we decided to feature Brinda Somaya of SNK on our cover, and interview Vishaan Chakrabarti of PAU for the magazine, we didn’t realize how parallel their approach to architecture and design is. The dialogues or rather the conversations veered from singular projects to the larger landscape of urban planning. That got us thinking. Can architecture and design not lead to a better world? Or shouldn’t that be…

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editor’s note

EVERYONE has only good things to say about 2020. As far as expectations go, we’re looking at being delivered the moon on a silver platter. That’s how big and beautiful the new year is being touted to be. And why not! 2018 and 2019 have both been mothers of all teachers, cracking the whip and making us all take stock of the decade that has been. The last decade’s last new moon as well as the last solar eclipse are both underway as I sit here and write to you, my first editorial of the new decade. Again, both these natural phenomena have been said to unleash the most powerful rejuvenating energies on all of humankind. So we can all expect miracles. And why, you wonder, am I suddenly all about…

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design in context

WAVELENGTH A first-time collaboration between Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir and Tino Seubert, Corrugation Lights are a play on the decades-old furniture making technique of veneer forming. The lighting piece has two elements – a scalable hanging light and a wall sconce – which can be created in unique combinations. Wavy ash veener holds onto a powder-coated aluminium tube with a bulb at the bottom. The linear light can be cut in various sizes, with the possibility of adding as many light tubes as needed. CONVIVIAL DIVISIONS At a time when the world is pretty intent of getting people away from screens and closer to each other, Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love understands the value of divergent thought, subtle divisions and social anxiety. Its latest launch is a collection of pillowy benches entitled Levels,…

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design radar

DOORWAY TO GOOD DESIGN BY DURIAN Durian is taking its pioneering interior design solutions straight to customers’ homes with a new set of doors and door frames. Durian is targeting the retail segment and its large customer base across the country, with doors in a wide selection of materials, choice of finishes and detailing in styles. The brand aims to make doors a pertinent part of an interior space, by personalising it as per individual style, fit and finish. The doors and their frames are available in designer veneer, plain veneer and laminate facades, with precision layering and grooving. Durian goes beyond just basic products to offer value added services like speedy installations, and matching hardware and accessories. TRYST WITH PASTELS BY GREENLAM INDUSTRIES Cool winters call for warm, evocative colours that create…

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ZIGGY BY HOU DE SOUSA NEW YORK CITY Constructed with 27,000 strands of iridescent cord, Ziggy is a perfect kickstart for the festive season in New York City’s Flatiron District. With soft corners, arches and circular apertures from which to view the surroundings from a new perspective, Ziggy completely counters its triangular site. It’s attractive but not interruptive, with ‘gateways’ serving as benches for those intending to spend a little more time in the light. The thin, lightweight elements are transparent and impervious to wind, with an inimitable ability to dynamically filter the surroundings through shifting patterns, colours and light. INSIDE OUT BY ROBERT STADLER PARIS, FRANCE As part of the 4th edition of Forme Biennal, an urban furniture show hosted in the business district of La Défense, artist Robert Stadler designed four…

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cleaning up our act

The residents of Delhi NCR have been battling polluted air for many months now, and studies have shown that Delhiites may live 17 years less than their expected life span. To help appease the situation somewhat, Amit and Britta Knobel Gupta of Studio Symbiosis Architects have conducted a study of their own, and consequently developed Aura. Aura is a cleaning tower that works on the principle of aerodynamics. The tower has an elliptical form for maximum surface area and minimum resistance, with a twist in the centre for winds to cover more surface area. Aura takes in polluted air from all directions in the bottom, creates a compression and acceleration of the wind inside, and throws out cool air from the top at great velocities, which pushes air over longer distances.…