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Home & Design Trends is one of the most widely read architecture and design magazines in the world today. The Indian edition launched as the Home TRENDS series, the magazine aims to meet the demand for a world-class reference source on architecture and design for the both professionals and home makers alike. With its outstanding and pertinent features, Home & Design Trends raises the bar by catering to the varied and evolving design sensibilities of today's India. This is Bookazine for professionals and is a very practical source of ideas and inspiration with comprehensive details of each project featured. "

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HAVE you ever had the feeling that you are living in your own microcosm, and there’s a whole other world that exists beyond your own? I got that feeling when I was interviewing artists Sanchayan Ghosh and TV Santhosh for the cover feature. Their perception of the world we live in and their reaction to the things happening around us, and how they find a form and expression in their art form…it’s all so layered, complex and textured. Strangely, in comparison I felt a little one-dimensional. That’s the affect these thinkers (I won’t call them artists) have on me. But the conversation left me with a thought. The dialogues they initiate and the comments they make are more often than not restricted within the walls of galleries, and if not, become points…

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editor’s note

FOR everything that you desire, you have the choice to focus on the thing itself or the lack of it. Similarly, in a difficult situation, you may choose to focus on finding the solution or the lack of it and how that seems to be stressing you out. You always have the option – there is always choice. And this I have learnt first-hand. No theoretical assumptions here, no preachy declarations or textbook explanations. I now safely believe that choice is another constant. We always have the choice to reach out to something better…and that according to me, is the pivotal role that design plays in our lives. It’s the cantilever of our choices to make things better. Can you imagine how important we then become in our own lives as…

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design in context

FINDING REFUGE A lot of modern design dates back to the most basic tenants of life and living, and the Proto collection by Nick Ross for +Halle is a recent, interesting take on it. The series has curved, upholstered chairs, sofas, benches and stools that wrap the user in a comfortable environment. Ross references early dwellings in the design, like a clay hut or small tent, and created these pieces as safe havens for crowded or unsettling spaces. The way they’re designed opens up possibilities for small groups of people to come together and have their own closed encounter in bigger, open spaces. ONE WOOD WONDERS Prompted by Vienna Design Week’s Passionswege 2019 program to boost craftsmanship, designers Martijn Rigters and Namuun Zimmermann of Studio Sain have created Bulbous - handturned objects with…

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design radar

MOROCCAN SPELL BY SOMANY TILES For minimal design lovers, Somany Tiles presents their new line of Moroccan inspired tiles. A mix of geometric designs, decorative patterns and folding motifs can bring your floor to life. High in quality, the tiles come with VC shield, preventing the surface from abrasions. Exotic and fresh in its appeal, the brand caters to all kinds of spaces. KAFF REDEFINES INDIAN COOKING A pioneer in home appliances, Kaff India has introduced its latest, top notch oven series, Mazzini. Built in with state-of-the-art technology, Mazzini’s titanuim finish makes a strong statement. The collection comprises a steam oven and a built-in wine cooler. The sleek, high-performing innovation has been designed to enhance the decor of your kitchen. MAISHAA LAUNCHES THE ALEXIS COLLECTION BY NYA NORDISKA A producer of luxe fabrics for your…

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SPECTRAL GROVE BY SOFTLAB PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA A new park at the junction of 37th Street and Market Square in Philadelphia has received a spanking landmark; a permanent outdoor installation with latticed ribbons of powder-coated aluminium and steel. SOFTlab created a forest-like grove with six columns, each with a gradient of different colours, resulting in intersecting bands in 28 bright shades. Although it’s been touted as the entrance to the park, the grove is completely open, for visitors to pass through or interact with for a while. On sunny days, the bands create an interesting play of light and colour on an otherwise commercial street. The form helps the installation blend into the trees in the area, but the colours make sure that it clearly stands out. EGALIGILO BY GERARDO BROISSIN MUSEO TAMAYO, MEXICO CITY Since…

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park in a workplace

Growing up very close to Finsbusy Park in London helped designer Morag Myerscough develop a close relationship with nature, and understand its effects on human wellbeing. Her latest creation, Atoll, draws from this connection, and manifests into a colourful, structural intervention at 1 Finsbury Avenue Square. The permanent biophilic cafe currently sits independently, but will soon be surrounded by other eateries and commercial outlets for the building’s workers. The two level, neon-hued cafe is the anchoring element, but is visually and aesthetically connected to ancillary functions around it - patterned, hand-painted walls, handmade seating with cushions and planters designed in collaboration with Luke Morgan, and three animated advertising boards in the entry lobbies. The centre piece has the cafe on the lower level, whereas the upper level references homes around the area.…