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I distinctly remember architect Abha Narain Lambah’s words in a panel discussion, “It’s about time architects take responsibility for the world they live in. We have the power to make a difference” Now, as we are faced with this unprecedented crisis, and we have the time to reflect, introspect and analyse the situation and the possible solutions, it’s more evident than ever that design can actually make a difference. Design can help create a better, cleaner, fairer, and more sustainable world. Architect Priyanka Mehra, in response to my question, “Can design save the world?” said, “I remember reading somewhere, the world doesn’t need to be saved, it needs to be redesigned.” Designer Karim Rashid once stated, “Design is all about bringing order to this world.” This was way before the world went…

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editor’s note

A lot has already been said, written, read…about the medical crisis that continues to shake our world. A lot has also been said, written, read…about the resulting socio-economic, financial, humanitarian crises that followed. The one thing I can’t help but dwell on at this point is the single most striking thing about the last 80-odd days – that we’ve been home through it all. Home, here, has come through as a beautiful, hard-working metaphor for a lot of things and thought processes. Without getting into a descriptive odyssey, I’d simply like to say here that home is most importantly how we live, among other things. And the design of it – however basic – puts so much of it back in perspective for us, in terms of the choices we make…

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design in context

POETIC DINING While the world battles the pressures of divides and distances, French designer Christophe Gernigon has taken a more elegant route to safety with PLEX’EAT. Imagined just a few weeks ago, and now under commercial production, these protective bubbles are curved plexiglass dividers for bars and restaurants. Unlike hard plexiglass blinders, PLEX’EAT offers diners complete freedom of movement. Clearly, they respect physical separation guidelines, but are also adaptable to all establishments, easy to disinfect, and quick to set up and take apart. HOSPITABLE SAFETY Dining doesn’t get more intimate than this. Amsterdam’s popular plant-based restaurant Mediamatic is reinventing the concept of dining out with its very own set of greenhouses to celebrate separation as well as togetherness. Serres Séparées, as they’re called, are two and four-seater glass structures set along the Oosterdok…

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CORONAVIRGIN BY ERNESTO MUNIZ MADRID, SPAIN Muniz is a Mexican artist known for his strikingly controversial designs, and his latest one is no different. It features a sacred figure wearing an oxygen mask, with a coronavirus cell in place of a heart. SUPER NURSE BY FAKE AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS Created in the culturally vibrant NDSM neighbourhood of Amsterdam, Super Nurse is an ode to healthcare professionals around the world, to encourage and appreciate their efforts. CANCEL PLANS. NOT HUMANITY. BY CORRIE MATTIE WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA Drawn as part of Mattie’s La Hope Dealer creative movement, this piece of art encourages people to stay at home in the hope for a brighter, safer future. LOCKDOWN BY THE REBEL BEAR GLASGOW, SCOTLAND One of many virus-related artworks created by the artist, this piece represents the feeling of carrying the weight of the virus, and…

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made by hand

ANAND MENON In his early life, Menon transitioned between art and science, until finally settling on architecture. Recently, he has turned to art again, reveling in its complete freedom of expression and experimentation in subjects and mediums. MANGESH LUNGARE Lungare's projects tell the stories of his clients, in his characteristically detailed way. These project sketches are representations of his ideas on paper, in colourful clarity. ZARIR MULLAN A common touch in most of the projects Mullan undertakes with partner Seema Puri, is a strong indoor-outdoor connection. This also comes through in his perspective-driven sketches.…

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legendary by nature

As creatives, we have to make things better in terms of durability and innovation and of course, find ways to save energy. We have to stop expansion and consuming land. We have to re-compact.– Matteo Thun IN the early 1900s, Milanese architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers used the phrase ‘From the spoon to the city’ to describe the holistic approach of Italian architects towards designing small and big projects. From one legend to another – the quote has stuck with Italian architect Matteo Thun, whom we spoke to while he was on a train ride in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Things have changed for every single person across the world, and of course, at the most humane level, Thun is no different. But what we do discover is that the…