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Home Theater magazine takes the mystery out of home entertainment electronics. Every issue of Home Theater is packed with in-depth coverage of home theater developments in HDTV, DVD and more, previews of hot new products, objective product reviews and comparisons, including specs, ratings and opinions, DVD reviews, technical language translations into English and much, much more! Create an incredible home theater experience with Home Theater!

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a really, really big show

We’re sending this issue to the printer in the warm afterglow of the Consumer Electronics Show held each year in Las Vegas. Home Theater was there in force, resulting in the posting of 230 show blogs on HomeTheater.com, including 50 short videos. My thanks go out to our team of reporters, including staff regulars Tom Norton, Mark Fleischmann, Scott Wilkinson, and Darryl Wilkinson, as well as contributors Barb Gonzalez and Jamie Sorcher. Along with our online coverage, we’ve got a brief overview of some key video developments on page 18.To my eye, this CES was one of the more memorable in recent years. Putting aside the news of exciting cutting-edge display technologies like OLED and 4K, and the smattering of new audio gear relevant to home theater, I was particularly…

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WE WELCOME QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. E-mail them to editor@hometheater.com. Please note: Be sure to check the Website (HomeTheater.com) to see if we’ve already answered any questions you might have. Questions about the features and functions of a particular product are best directed to the manufacturer. Questions about what product you should buy are best directed to a dealer who knows all the details of your system, your preferences, and your personal habits. All submissions are considered the exclusive property of Home Theater magazine and Source Interlink Media. Due to the volume of mail that we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to every letter.Transformers Giveaway WinnersThanks to all of you who entered our Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blu-ray Giveaway (“Rockin Robots,” Perfect Focus, December ’11). And congratulations to…

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premiere design

WHEN ART COMES FIRSTMeridian M6 Speaker SystemFor audiophiles, any well-crafted speaker built of fine cabinetry and exposed, high-tech drivers can be a thing of beauty. But to first create a beautiful thing that also happens to be a well-crafted speaker—now that is a challenge. U.K.-based Meridian has succeeded at this daunting task with the introduction at the 2012 CES of the M6 active DSP loudspeaker, which more resembles an art sculpture or a massive candlestick than any speaker you’re likely to have seen. And while it may blend beautifully with your living environment, it takes no shortcuts when it comes to fine sound. When mated with the company’s Audio Core 200 preamplifier, it makes full use of the digital signal processing techniques used in Meridian’s full-scale, active, DSP speaker systems…

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mmm...gibson takes a bite of onkyo

Strange bedfellows, indeed. Onkyo, known among home theaterphiles for high-quality, high-value audio electronics, has formed what’s been described as a strategic partnership with the Gibson Guitar Corporation. As a result, Gibson will own a majority stake in Onkyo’s North and South American distribution company, Onkyo USA, and will become the second largest shareholder in the Onkyo Corporation parent company.In a press briefing conducted at January’s CES, Gibson Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz and Onkyo CEO and President Munenori Otsuki noted that each company is making investments in the other that will, among other things, form the basis of a Hong Kong–based joint venture focused on audio product design and development.For Gibson, famous for its musical instruments that include the Gibson Les Paul—the best selling guitar of all time—the move hardly…

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this just in

Sony Declared Victory following last year’s Black Friday shopping spree. Sales were up 21 percent in the 46 Sony Stores, bolstered by a burgeoning 1.3-million-strong Facebook fan base and in-house instructional videos delivered by YouTube...Sony Sold its 50 percent stake in an LCD-manufacturing joint venture with Samsung, while maintaining its 7 percent stake in a joint venture with Sharp. Outsourcing has become the way to go, even for major brands...Street Prices for All 46-Inch-Plus LCD TVs were under $1,000, and under $500 for 32-inchers, during the last holiday shopping season—both firsts. NPD DisplaySearch also reports that 60-inch LCD sets fell below $1,500 and, with promotions, even below $1,000...TV Wanderlust emerged in a Harris Interactive poll commissioned by Sony. Sixty-two percent of Americans watch movies, shows, and games for three hours…

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ces report

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show proved a watershed in more ways than one. To begin, it was a record breaker, the largest in the show’s 44-year history, with 1.86 million net square feet of exhibit space, 3,100 exhibitors, around 20,000 products, and an estimated body count of 152,000.But the massive crowd Home Theater’s staff waded through was only the backstory. The highlight? New advanced HDTVs due out later this year. If the big news out of CEDIA last September was the first 4K resolution projectors, CES 2012 will forever be known as the year of OLED…and 4K…and even glasses-free 3D.Promises by Samsung and LG to release 55-inch sets using OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology late this year provided the biggest surprise for a jaded press corps that has waited…