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Home Theater magazine takes the mystery out of home entertainment electronics. Every issue of Home Theater is packed with in-depth coverage of home theater developments in HDTV, DVD and more, previews of hot new products, objective product reviews and comparisons, including specs, ratings and opinions, DVD reviews, technical language translations into English and much, much more! Create an incredible home theater experience with Home Theater!

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amp of ages

Several years ago, I was invited by Dan D’Agostino, the founder and then chief engineer of the high-end audio manufacturer Krell, to visit the company’s headquarters in Connecticut. D’Agostino is best known for his audio electronics designs, and under his leadership, Krell built a legendary reputation for its amazing amplifiers. (He’s since left and formed an eponymously named company for which he’s doing the same thing.) I was shown a lot of prototype tech that day, none of which I can really recall today. But what I do remember—indeed, what I’ll never forget—was a demonstration of a pair of absurdly massive amps cabled to a pair of large floorstanding speakers. I was standing in front of those speakers when out of the silence came a stupendously loud bass-drum thwack. This…

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WE WELCOME QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. E-mail them to editor@hometheater.com. Please note: Be sure to check the FAQ page on our Website (HomeTheater.com) to see if we’ve already answered any questions you might have. Questions about the features and functions of a particular product are best directed to the manufacturer. Questions about what product you should buy are best directed to a dealer who knows all the details of your system, your preferences, and your personal habits. All submissions are considered the exclusive property of Home Theater magazine and Source Interlink Media. Due to the volume of mail that we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to every letter. If It Ain’t Broke… You do a good job with your reviews, and when you like something, you add it to your Top…

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1080p? pfff…4k is like being there

OK, you can stop drooling now. We know you can’t wait to get your hands on the world’s first TV capable of displaying 8 million pixels of luscious detail—four times the resolution of 1080p. (We can’t, either.) Sony’s 84-inch XBR- 84X900 4K LCD HDTV is one of the first 4K TVs to reach a handful of stores across the country. The heart of the set is a new chip that analyzes images with resolutions of 1080p or lower and upscales them to 4K. How well the chip performs that task is vitally important since 4K content for home viewing is not likely to be available for some time, even though Sony says 10,000 U.S. movie theaters are already using 4K projectors, and a growing number of theatrical movies are being…

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this just in

Sawdust, a Depression-era circus story, is billed as the first 3D TV series to be shot in both 3D and 2D. Funding was crowd-sourced through Kickstarter... LG’s Latest 3D Moves include the Game World portal, which made its debut on a European 27-inch model at the biannual IFA show in Berlin. LG’s Yabazam 3D app is already in more than 50 Smart TV models, offering on-demand streaming of 3D movies and shows... A 3D Converter for 2D TVs is under development by Westbury, New York–based 3-D Vision. The technology was tested in 2010 when 2.5 million viewers got glasses to watch a special episode of the Rachael Ray Show... A New Video Compression format, H.265, has emerged in draft form from the Moving Picture Experts Group. It is twice as efficient as the…

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ugly duckling no more

Acoustic treatments have long been considered home theater eyesores. While they’re essential to sound quality, their lack of style, to put it nicely, has left a lot to be desired. But many manufacturers have realized you can have it all and are now offering more aesthetically pleasing options. The gaudy panels of the past have undergone a little nip/tuck and are ready for their close-up. Here are a few examples. AURALEX ACOUSTICS’ PROFUSOR II FABRICWRAPPED SOUND DIFFUSOR helps with issues of flutter echo without removing acoustic energy in the room or greatly changing the frequency content of the sound. This engineered quadratic residue diffusor is available in two sizes (ProFusor22: 2’ x 2’ x 3”, and ProFusor24: 2’ x 4’ x 3”) and five fabric color options (Ebony, Pumice, Mesa, Sand,…

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amazon wants your old cds

Amazon has added Compact Discs to an existing trade-in program that already embraces Blu-ray, DVD, games, books, and electronics. There are two categories: Like New, for unscratched discs with original packaging and artwork in mint condition; and Good, for playable discs with light scratches and other disc or packaging blemishes. Send your stuff to Amazon, with free shipping, and a virtual gift card will be credited to your account. Trade-in lucre might be anything from $1.40 for Adele’s 21 to $5.30 for the Special Edition of Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick 2 to $35 for the 13-disc Rolling Stones box set. Of course, some people like having physical media in their libraries, and others may want to keep their audio-codec options open for future reconversions. But if you really…