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Home Theater magazine takes the mystery out of home entertainment electronics. Every issue of Home Theater is packed with in-depth coverage of home theater developments in HDTV, DVD and more, previews of hot new products, objective product reviews and comparisons, including specs, ratings and opinions, DVD reviews, technical language translations into English and much, much more! Create an incredible home theater experience with Home Theater!

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why don’t they love us?

Regular readers have heard me espouse, maybe once or twice too often, my belief in a broad definition of what makes a home theater. At the risk of repeating myself, perhaps verbatim, it’s not about how many speakers you have, how expensive your electronics are, how big your screen is, or whether you own a front-projection system. Got a soundbar with a 40-inch LCD? That’s a home theater. If you’re listening to headphones while watching a movie or TV drama streamed to your computer monitor (and a lot of college students do just that), it’s a home theater. If you’re paying even minimal attention to the sound in an attempt to have a more engaging experience; if whatever gear you’re using enables you to get more fully lost in the…

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WE WELCOME QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. E-mail them to editor@hometheater.com. Please note: Be sure to check the FAQ page on our Website (HomeTheater.com) to see if we’ve already answered any questions you might have. Questions about the features and functions of a particular product are best directed to the manufacturer. Questions about what product you should buy are best directed to a dealer who knows all the details of your system, your preferences, and your personal habits. All submissions are considered the exclusive property of Home Theater magazine and Source Interlink Media. Due to the volume of mail that we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to every letter. Just About Down and Out Here’s my question: Are downward-firing subwoofers better than front-firing subwoofers? Kevin Adair Audio technical editor Mark Peterson responds: For…

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when less is more

Mark Buff and his team at Greenwave Scientific in Raleigh, North Carolina, were doing just fine developing specialized antennas and other technology for the military. But when Buff realized it was time to start porting some of what Greenwave had learned in its Department of Defense work to the consumer space, Mohu was launched. Its flagship product is one of the most unassuming solutions I’ve seen for HDTV broadcast capture. To the eye, the paper-thin Leaf antenna ($36) is little more than a 9-by-11.5-inch plastic-laminated sheet with a cable coming off the bottom. It’s all white on one side and all black on the other, so if it’s not hidden somewhere, you can expose the side that best blends with its environment. If you laid the Leaf flat on a…

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this just in

Lenovo Launched Four TVs in China in sizes from 42 to 55 inches and with prices from $1,030 to $2,370. The smart TVs run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), access video on demand from a Chinese service, and feature interfaces that combine touch, voice control, air mouse, gravity sensor, smart keyboard, and remote control... Panasonic and NHK, the Japanese broadcast authority, have collaborated on a 145-inch Super Hi-Vision plasma display with a resolution of 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. Sorry folks, you can’t buy it, it’s just a prototype (we know you so well)... The Founders of Samsung and LG are among 10 inductees in the Consumer Electronics Association’s Hall of Fame for 2012. Also on the list are Dish Network founder Charlie Ergen, satellite radio inventor Robert Briskman, and Douglas Engelbart, inventor…

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new mhl standard takes your smartphone to the movies

Ever wish you could connect your smartphone to the TV in your living room while you’re lounging around so you could browse your apps on the big screen or watch that hilarious video you shot of your buddy impersonating Ron Paul? Or maybe you’re on the road and want to kick back and stream a movie or watch a couple of crazy YouTube videos on the TV in your hotel room (assuming you’re not staying in a ’60s-era motel complete with the vintage Philco set). Or just think how cool it would be if instead of lugging your laptop to the boardroom, you could jack into the projector and run a PowerPoint presentation from your phone. If nothing else, you’d certainly impress the boss. These are the types of scenarios envisioned…

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warning piled upon warning

Don’t you just love hitting play on a Blu-ray Disc or DVD, only to be held prisoner by a lengthy copyright warning? How considerate of the studios to author discs so you can’t skip these life-affirming messages. And things are about to get worse. Disc releases will now feature two screens’ worth of threats. The first is the familiar FBI warning—“the unauthorized reproduction” blah blah blah. Alongside the FBI logo, there is now a scary-looking badge from the Department of Homeland Security: your terrorist-fighting tax dollars at work. Then comes a second screen with the badge of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, asserting: “Piracy is not a victimless crime. For more information on how theft harms the economy, please visit www.iprcenter.gov.” The movie studios say piracy costs the…