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Horoscope Guide June 2018

Horoscope Guide offers day-by-day forecasts for every sign as well as timely feature articles by top astrologers about different aspects of astrology and how they apply to the world around us. Each issue also includes regular features such as Lucky Numbers, Action Guide, Lunar Forecast, and much more.

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A week-by-week overview for your sign* ARIES: Active participant… worldly concerns…altruistic activities… decision-making process.* TAURUS: Loving connections …family fun…prioritize relationships… differences of opinion.* GEMINI: Communication perfection… the positive side…confidence… profitable project.* CANCER: Best features… minority report…travel plans…date night.* LEO: Support system…job changes…blessing in disguise… mediation helps.* VIRGO: Active listening…a challenge…word power…introspection time.* LIBRA: Dream vacation… smell the roses…investment opportunity… worth the effort.* SCORPIO: Vacation home… prepare for summer…new learning… soliciting advice.* SAGITTARIUS: Weekend getaway…time for romance…business venture…frugality rules.* CAPRICORN: Getting fit… exercise partner…never bored… budget wisely.* AQUARIUS: Love of sport… image change…inner beauty…clear communication.* PISCES: Champion a cause… getting together…intimate gatherings… friends to the end. ■…

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editor’s note

England’s Prince Harry may be fifth in line for the throne, but interest in him during the past year has put him in the top slot where his family is concerned. The reason, of course, is his romance and his impending marriage this spring to a lady from America named Meghan Markle. Just what brought them together is explained in “The Royal Stars Align,” on page 32, along with some background of the tribulations and triumphs of several of the Royal Family’s other famous couples.Mars going retrograde is not a rare event, as it happens every couple of years, but during the time it is in apparent backward motion its feisty, energetic character cools down, affecting each of us in various ways. Just exactly what we can expect, both personally…

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For more puzzles see page 44ACROSS1. Nickname for GEMINI John Wayne5. Monogram of GEMINI “In Living Color” star8. Cut12. Russian Mountains13. GEMINI K.J. of “Riverdale”14. “If I Only __ Brain” (2 wds.)15. “__ the __ in the World” stars GEMINI Mark Wahlberg (2 wds.)17. Album for GEMINI Dean Martin: “Cha Cha de __”18. Baton Rouge Univ.19. Writer Rand20. German auto manufacturer21. Barinholtz of “The Mindy Project”22. “__ Claus” stars GEMINI Paul Giamatti23. Film directed by GEMINI Clint Eastwood: “The 15:17 to __”26. “__ Little Lies” stars GEMINI Nicole Kidman27. Frequently30. “Star Trek” role for Marina Sirtis31. “2 Broke Girls” role for GEMINI Kat Dennings32. Describes GEMINI Mike Myers’ “Shrek”33. Approvals34. Song by GEMINI Prince: “Little __ Corvette”35. GEMINI Isaacs of “Star Trek: Discovery”36. GEMINI Paul McCartney sings of his “__…

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book reviews

Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune, by Chris Brennan. Amor Fati Publications, Denver, Colorado. 670 pages, paper. $48.00.One interesting feature of late 20th-century astrology was the bold idea that people who both understood and used it should take on the task of producing original translations of works by ancient authors. The importance of this step by translators like James Herschel Holden, Robert Schmidt, and Robert Hand can be seen simply by reading a chapter or so in, say, the Loeb Classic Library version of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, and comparing it with the same chapter in Robert Schmidt’s translation from the early days of Project Hindsight. Any comparison like this will suggest to the careful reader that something is missing in such older translations from academic sources. Sometimes this seemed…

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by the numbers

According to the principles of numerology, the year 2018 reduces to 2 (2+0+1+8=11=2), a number that lends itself to reflecting on the goals that you have set for yourself, and how you want to go about making them happen. Even if you have been wildly successful, life is about opening yourself up to new challenges and moving in new directions. Surround yourself with people who believe in you so that you can manifest your hopes and dreams.We add the number for the current year to the month number (January is 1, December is 1+2=3) to your own birthday number (1st=1, 31st=3+1=4) to calculate your vibration for the month.FOR THOSE BORN ON THE 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any monthNeptune-9 vibrations emphasize creative interests that may have eluded you lately…

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your june birthday horoscope

1 Gregarious, changeable, intelligent. Your secrets, education, and beliefs are emphasized this year. Someone from the past may show up again. Learning new skills enhances your private life. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Morgan Freeman, actor)2 Curious, intelligent, sensitive. This is a period of change and growth. Shared finances and deep commitment are emphasized. Intimate needs may become a problem. Don’t neglect your spiritual life. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem: Pearl. (Thomas Hardy, author)3 Original, fun-loving, uninhibited. You can gain satisfaction through work, but you must be efficient, punctual, and meet all deadlines. Be willing to learn new technologies and methods. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem: Amethyst. (Tony Curtis, actor)4 Independent, assertive, attractive. Many people admire your intellect, attitude, and good looks. You can accomplish great things this year, working on your own behalf. Be kind…