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Horoscope Guide January 2020

Horoscope Guide offers day-by-day forecasts for every sign as well as timely feature articles by top astrologers about different aspects of astrology and how they apply to the world around us. Each issue also includes regular features such as Lucky Numbers, Action Guide, Lunar Forecast, and much more.

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⋆ ARIES: Innovative ideas…staying busy…social time…public speaking. ⋆ TAURUS: Set your sights…eyes on the prize…one step at a time… creative goals. ⋆ GEMINI: Mo’ money…talents and limits…learning the realities… weighing your options. ⋆ CANCER: Ups, downs, challenges… improving communication…family business…increased income. ⋆ LEO: Shaping up…your creative time…the high road…sensual relaxation. ⋆ VIRGO: Harmony at home… quality love time…group outing… romance. ⋆ LIBRA: “Relative” planning… art of compromise…loving feeling…have a great time. ⋆ SCORPIO: Make an impact… thoughtful gift…artistry rules… financial gains. ⋆ SAGITTARIUS: Financial news…strong and sweet…money gains…treat yourself well. ⋆ CAPRICORN: Regroup…hitting a high note…it’s the economics… business with friends. ⋆ AQUARIUS: Like-minded friends…family focus…balancing act…life-changing opportunity. ⋆ PISCES: Best friends forever… reunion time…compassion first… beautiful.…

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editor’s note

In varying degrees each of us may be excited, nervous, fearful, or joyful wondering what 2020 will bring. All the answers to our questions can be found in our lead article “Forward to a Shining Future” on page 32. Now is the time to make your plans for the year to come! Until four years ago, Victoria’s reign of 63 years, 216 days as Queen was the longest, but though she has now been eclipsed in that respect by Queen Elizabeth, she is still the center figure in many books, movies, and docudramas about her reign. On page 38, “The Three Loves of Queen Victoria” gives us the astrological details of the real-life story of her husband Prince Albert, and two men who became her close (and often controversial) companions after…

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For more puzzles see page 44 ACROSS 1. Ink 4. Inlet 7. Song by CAPRICORN Aaliyah: “__ Ain’t Nothing but a Number” 10. Trop finish 12. Boy band for CAPRICORN V 13. Fastener 14. 2020 film starring CAPRICORN Val Kilmer: “Top Gun: __” 16. CAPRICORN Hemsworth 17. CAPRICORN star of “Harriet” 18. Copter start 20. Bark 22. CAPRICORN Washington of “Macbeth” 26. Angkor __ 29. CAPRICORN civil rights leader 31. Song by CAPRICORN Drew Brown with OneRepublic: “Stop and __” 32. “Turn to Stone” band for CAPRICORN Jeff Lynne 33. Tree 35. CAPRICORN Harington of “Game of Thrones” 36. CAPRICORN “Space Oddity” artist 39. Not nay 41. Greek muralist 42. “Return to __” sang 6 Down 44. “Charlotte’s Web” author, briefly 46. Aaah’s partner 48. CAPRICORN Foote of “The Kids are Alright” 52. CAPRICORN actress/dancer Verdon 55. “We __” sings CAPRICORN John Legend (2 wds.) 57. Cousin Oliver of “The Brady Bunch” 58. Nonuniform (abbr.) 59. Silly bird 60. Song by CAPRICORN…

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book reviews

The Astrology of Love & Sex, by Annabel Gat. Chronicle Books LLC, 680 Second Street, San Francisco CA 94107, chroniclebooks.com. 287 pages, hardcover, $19.95. Digital editions available. It didn’t take more than a quick thumb-through to find that this is not your grandma’s astrological compatibility manual, but then it is not your grandma’s world anymore either. As an example: in a quick thumb-through of a couple of the introductory chapters, without much effort I came up with words and phrases like dominant, submissive, kinky, “sending nudes,” “postcoital cuddles,” and a single use of a word that began with “f” and did not end in “… abulous.” And no I was not just looking for the juicy parts, but mention this just to let the reader know up front that this book…

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by the numbers

According to the principles of numerology, the year 2020 reduces to 4 (2+0+2+0=4), a number that is associated with concentration, hard work, and applying your best efforts to getting the job done. This is a year to be introspective and reflect on how you can become a better person and live up to your goals. You can use your talents and skills to pay it forward and give back to the community in the form of mentoring, volunteering, and generally doing good deeds. We add the number for the current year to the month number (January is 1, December is 1+2=3) to your own birthday number (1st=1, 31st=3+1=4) to calculate your vibration for the month. FOR THOSE BORN ON THE 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month Venus-6 vibrations send a message…

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your january birthday horoscope

1 Talkative, amusing, ambitious. Ambition is high now, and both your public life and business interests are emphasized. You can be influential and gain more authority, but don’t be arrogant. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Morris Chestnut, actor) 2 Daring, talented, sensitive. The planetary spotlight is on the image you project to the world. You can improve your chances for success by improving your personality. Take care of your spiritual life. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem: Pearl. (Isaac Asimov, writer) 3 Creative, expansive, enduring. Your goals and public image are important now. You can gain satisfaction through doing your work well. Choose companions that increase your self-esteem. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem: Amethyst. (J.R.R. Tolkien, novelist) 4 Determined, bold, expressive. Many admire your lively personality and good looks. Work on strengthening valued relationships. If you…