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Horoscope Guide February 2021

Horoscope Guide offers day-by-day forecasts for every sign as well as timely feature articles by top astrologers about different aspects of astrology and how they apply to the world around us. Each issue also includes regular features such as Lucky Numbers, Action Guide, Lunar Forecast, and much more.

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★ ARIES: Supportive friends… shared creativity… back in touch… friendly help. ★ TAURUS: Leadership skills… time for love… teamwork challenge… out and about. ★ GEMINI: Yearn to learn… love to share… confidence upgrade… family time. ★ CANCER: Deep questions… brainstorming… compromise… future vacation. ★ LEO: Quality time… job well-done… close communication… get–away. ★ VIRGO: Feeling fit… staying in shape… communication skills… togetherness. ★ LIBRA: Creative space… new beginnings… exercise time… planning ahead. ★ SCORPIO: Work from home… discussions… finding a solution… catching up. ★ SAGITTARIUS: Factual presentation… media work… diplomacy first… harmony at home. ★ CAPRICORN: Increasing assets… loving mood… extra money… tension release. ★ AQUARIUS: Pick and choose… invitation… two directions… altruistic feeling. ★ PISCES: The inner voice… original work… service to others… closeness matters.…

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editor’s note

In astrological terms, this is a big month, as we have the first of three squares of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect occurs about every 22 years, with each visit repeating either three or five times. The title of the article on page 32 dubs this pair “the cosmic cleanup crew,” which is quite appropriate, as Saturn squaring Uranus tends to shake the deadwood and dust bunnies out of every area of our lives. It is not always easy to deal with, but people tend to find themselves the better for the experience after these two planets move on to other things. On the lighter side, “The Magic of Planetary Days” speculates about the relationship between the planets and the days of the week. The system of…

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For more puzzles see page 44 ACROSS 1. Song by AQUARIUS Khalid: “__ Your Worth” 5. Money machine 8. Alike 12. Shoe part 13. Mauna __ 14. Singer Simone 15. Impulse 16. Irregular (abbr.) 17. “Unfaithful” co-star of AQUARIUS Diane Lane 18. Song by AQUARIUS Kelly Rowland (2 wds.) 21. Sodium iodide 22. Building extension 23. Cakes 26. AQUARIUS test pilot Chuck 30. “Limitless” pill 31. Aged (Latin abbr.) 32. Album by AQUARIUS Shakira: “El __” 36. Film starring AQUARIUS Oprah Winfrey: “The Color ___” 39. Lever, briefly 40. AQUARIUS Emma Bunton sings “__ Beso” 41. AQUARIUS Michael Jordan was one (2 wds.) 46. Describes AQUARIUS model Christie Brinkley’s style 47. Doze 48. Stated 50. 2011 song by Jennifer Lopez 51. “CSI” character 52. Enamel, briefly 53. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” character for AQUARIUS Stephanie Beatriz 54. Direction 55. AQUARIUS Shahidi of “Grown-ish” DOWN 1. KS univ. 2. AQUARIUS Miller of the Houston Astros 3. One of AQUARIUS Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” 4. “Heartless” AQUARIUS singer: The ___ 5.…

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book reviews

Alchemy: The Soul of Astrology, by Clare Martin. The Wessex Astrologer, wessexastrologer.com, 126 pages, paper, $16.00. There are three fundamental scenarios in using a birth chart. The first is seen in the case of people who know the basics of astrology and are not yet proficient when it comes to interpretation. The learner is face-to-face with a piece of paper with a chart on it, and trying to make sense of all the relationships among the planets, signs, and houses. The second way is seen in anyone who has learned enough to become fluent in analyzing a chart in such a way that in a sense the chart is no longer an object, but rather almost a living thing that conveys a message. The third scenario is seen when the astrologer…

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by the numbers

According to the principles of numerology, the year 2021 reduces to 5 (2+0+2+1=5), a number that is associated with socializing, group activities, and interacting with people who are from different backgrounds, make different lifestyle choices, and have varying viewpoints. This is a year to broaden your outlook, create lasting relationships, and fix the ones that may have been broken. You will want to make a difference in the world, so giving back to the community completes this year’s goals. We add the number for the current year to the month number (January is 1, December is 1+2=3) to your own birthday number (1st=1, 31st=3+1=4) to calculate your vibration for the month. FOR THOSE BORN ON THE 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month Mars-8 vibrations encourage you to find an exercise program…

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your february birthday horoscope

1 Bright, tenacious, exciting. Your health, habits, and relationships are in the spotlight. Your exuberance makes you a fascinating companion, and you can be a thrilling lover when you have a suitable partner. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Clark Gable, actor) 2 Perceptive, attentive, sensitive. This year you learn valuable lessons about the people around you. Choose a life path that rewards you for using your talents and abilities. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem: Pearl. (Tom Smothers, comedian) 3 Innovative, adventurous, proficient. You are a favorite among your friends. You find fulfillment through doing your work to the best of your ability. You may be tempted to end relationships at the first sign of trouble, but that can be a mistake. Avoid fads. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem: Amethyst. (Norman Rockwell, artist) 4 Bold, innovative,…