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Houses Issue 124 October 2018

For the architect, designer, home owner, home builder or anyone simply interested in the best residential design, every issue of Houses tells the story of inspirational homes, their surrounds and the products that complete them. Through generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of selected products, you share the delight of each home presented. You’ll also meet some of the creative people who designed them and keep up with the latest design trends and issues. Be inspired!

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You’ll notice that the pages of Houses have been reinvigorated and we’re very excited about sharing our new look with our loyal readers. The creative force behind the design is Janine Wurfel of Studio Metrik, whose subtle and elegant approach refreshes a familiar and much-loved magazine celebrating Australia’s best residential architecture. This redesign has presented us with the opportunity to stop and reflect on what Houses is all about – good design for the way we live today, including the homes we live in, the products we use in construction and the furnishings and fittings we choose. We share the residential work of Australian architects and promote their wealth of knowledge in responding to diverse contexts and constraints, changing needs and environmental and social concerns. We’d love to hear what you think…

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Tobias Horrocks Writer Tobias Horrocks is an architect who designs with cardboard. A Victorian living by the Sydney seaside, he lectures in computational design theory at the University of New South Wales and undertakes PhD research at the University of Technology, Sydney. Scott Burrows Photographer Scott Burrows is an experienced architectural photographer in Queensland, with a career spanning twenty years. He follows a simple rule for architectural imagery: it must inform and excite, otherwise his client’s intention is lost. Tess Kelly Photographer Tess Kelly is a commercial photographer based in Melbourne. She specializes in architectural and interior photography. Tess photographs projects in a considered, composed editorial style. Her images capture an overall concept as well as the intricacies of detail, form and materials. Gemma Savio Writer Gemma Savio is a director at Sydney-based Savio Parsons Architects. She…

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three piece house by trias

The brick plinth, pitched roofs, corner windows and chimney are derived from the pattern language of the suburb. Stockton, bounded by the Hunter River on the northern edge of Newcastle, has a suburban character reflective of life on the peninsula. Despite it’s proximity to the city, this place is innately peripheral, a suburb edged by a complex topographic boundary that shifts between mangrove embankment, riverfront promenade and vast stretches of open coastline. This definitive margin between land and water is skirted by a perimeter of sprawling parkland that creates a public border to the suburb. The shared terrain forms a democratic edge that is peppered with neighbourhood landmarks. These monuments to recreation signify an additional boundary condition that is tenuous and blurred and is repeated throughout the suburb. Offering a counterbalance…

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project nymph by zen architects

In Greek mythology, nymphs are spirits of the natural world, depicted as beautiful maidens who inhabit rivers, forests, mountains or meadows. Similar to the Latin concept of genius loci – the spirit of a place – these goddesses are bound to particular landscapes. Project Nymph, the renovation and extension of a Victorian terrace house in Melbourne’s South Yarra, was named in recognition of Zen Architects’ focus on creating a sense of place. Paying homage to the dwelling’s proximity to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne and Fawkner Park, the architects have responded to the landscape, establishing a strong connection between the house and the gardens that bookend the street. The result is a nourishing and restful environment for a busy mother and her young daughter, with enough room to accommodate…

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1 of 16 by panov scott architects

When I met Panov Scott Architects’ founders Anita Panov and Andrew Scott at 1 of 16, our conversation turned to the concept of the individual within the collective. The intact nature of this collective – a row of sixteen Victorian terrace houses in the Sydney suburb of Newtown – is one of the collective’s obvious strengths. But what Anita and Andrew find most interesting here is the role of the maverick individual in the group. The realm of that individual sits behind the dwelling’s front facade. While the front two rooms of the terrace have been left intact, from there on the architects have developed a refined strategy of experimentation to unlock the maverick character of this particular house. Understanding the building by drawing it at a larger scale helped to…

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1 of 16 meet the owners

Katelin Butler Could you tell us a little about your family and your background? Andrew Boddam-Wetham I’m a sign-writer and I split my time between a sign-writing business and creating fine art, murals and other design illustrations. Amelia Goldsmith I’ve got a background in working with food, so it was always important that we had a great kitchen in our house. When we started the process with Andrew and Anita of Panov Scott Architects, we only had one child but were hoping for a second. We ended up getting pregnant and Harry, our second child, was due around the same time that the house was due for completion. Harry was late, and so was the house! Now we have Alice (six years) and Harry (eighteen months). KB Why did you decide to engage…