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How To Relieve Back Pain

How To Relieve Back Pain

How To Relieve Back Pain
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This guide provides easily absorbed, straight forward education and advice to help all those affected by back pain. Inside the MagBook you’ll find lower back and neck exercises to stretch and strengthen your back and self-management techniques to relieve pain. It follows the latest research, evidence and treatments, which have been shown to help people with back pain. Recent advances in science and medicine are transforming our understanding of back pain and this guide will help you come to the realisation that our physical and psychological health are linked and overlapping. It will also help you make choices that are good for you, change damaging bad habits and commit long term to your recovery. It tackles some of the most frequently asked back pain questions, dispels the myths surrounding back pain, whilst exploring common concerns among people who experience back pain. It has Top Tips to increase your confidence, keep you motivated and reduce the fear holding you back, allowing you to get moving again with safe and effective exercises. So, if you have tried everything and gone just about everywhere seeking help and answers, be prepared to learn something new about your health!

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