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HRH Prince Philip - Commemorating The Duke of Edinburgh's Remarkable Life

HRH Prince Philip - Commemorating The Duke of Edinburgh's Remarkable Life

HRH Prince Philip - Commemorating The Duke of Edinburgh's Remarkable Life
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HRH Prince Philip, this publication looks at the extraordinary life of the Duke of Edinburgh’s life. From Corfu to his tenth decade, from his military career to joining the Queen as royal consort, this commemorative publication reviews some of the key moments from the Duke of Edinburgh’s remarkable life.

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As we receive the sad news of the passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, we bring you this commemorative edition to celebrate a remarkable life spanning many decades. We have compiled some of the most beautiful imagery that details the life of Prince Philip, from his earliest years right through to the present day – and plenty in between. From the tall and dashing young Navy man who captured the heart of Princess Elizabeth, the soon-to-be Queen, to royal consort who stood by his wife’s side for more than seven decades; Prince Philip was a loyal husband, devoted father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, a military man and dutiful member of the Royal Family. He retired from official royal engagements at the age of 96, having dedicated the majority of his…

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a tumultuous start in life

While we knew Prince Philip as the longest-standing royal consort in British history, consistently in the public eye for more than 70 years, the Duke of Edinburgh had a rather tumultuous start in life. Born in Crete on 10 July 1921, Philip was the youngest child and only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. He had four sisters named Margarita, Theodora, Cecilie and Sophie, all of whom were much older than Philip. Philip was born in the middle of the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922), which ended badly for Greece and had extreme ramifications for his family. His uncle, King Constantine I was forced to abdicate on 22 September 1922 and his father, Prince Andrew, was arrested and later banished from Greece for life. The family were…

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a new chapter begins

Following his education, Philip became a naval cadet and pursued a career with the British forces. He had a successful naval career, serving as a midshipman during the Second World War working for four months on the battleship HMS Ramillies in Colombo, followed by numerous postings. Philip was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant on 1 February 1941. Among other engagements, including the Battle of Crete, Philip was involved in the Battle of Cape Matapan for which he was mentioned in despatches for his actions after spotting an enemy vessel with the search lights. He was also awarded the Greek War Cross of Valour for this heroic action. In October 1942, Philip became one of the youngest officers to be made first lieutenant in the Royal Navy at just 21 years old. While he…

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a change of direction

I After Philip and Elizabeth’s wedding and honeymoon, Philip returned to his naval duties, although his life as a royal was also beginning. The newly-married couple were both appointed to the Privy Council on 4 November 1951 due to King George IV’s ill health. However, the course of Philip’s life was to change drastically on 6 February 1952 while the couple were in Kenya at the Sagana State Lodge, when the King died and Elizabeth became Queen. It was Philip who broke the news to Elizabeth. In 2011, Philip was interviewed by Alan Titchmarsh for an ITV1 documentary to mark the Duke’s 90th birthday, during which they touched upon his feelings around giving up his naval career. Philip said: ‘It was naturally disappointing. I had just been promoted to commander and…

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an expanding family

While Prince Charles was born on 14 November 1948 and Princess Anne was born on 15 August 1950, the 1960s saw the Queen and Prince Philip welcome two more sons into their family. Prince Andrew was born on 19 February 1960 and Prince Edward was born on 10 March 1964. As was normal at the time, Prince Philip was not present at the births of his first three children. In fact, royal author Philip Dampier has claimed that Prince Philip, ‘was actually busy playing squash when Prince Charles was born and when he was told, he just went for a quick swim after the game of squash, and rushed upstairs to see his newborn son and just said to the Queen, “he looks like a plum pudding”.’ He did take her…

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doing good for the country

In 1972, the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their silver wedding anniversary, having been married for 25 years. A service was held at Westminster Abbey as part of the celebration and then the Queen, the Prince, Prince Charles and Princess Anne attended lunch at the Guildhall hosted by the Lord Mayor and the Corporation of London. A party was held at Buckingham Palace in the evening, hosted by their eldest children, Charles and Anne. Official portraits were taken to commemorate the occasion, but we particularly loved seeing the Queen and the Prince relaxing and laughing together in the grounds of Balmoral, showing a more affectionate side. Down to earth… While many believe Prince Philip to be somewhat of a ‘Victor Meldrew’ character with his seemingly grumpy tendencies, he had been known to be down…