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Hungry Girl

Spring 2021
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Hungry Girl magazine is back with your ultimate resource for a healthy & delicious 2020! This high-quality keepsake issue contains over 70 recipes for easy breakfasts, lunches, dinners & more. PLUS, plant-based meals, simple desserts, weight loss strategies that WORK & so much more.

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hi there!

Lisa here! I’m THRILLED to be presenting you with another SUPER-DELICIOUS issue of Hungry Girl magazine. Like most of you, I’m still spending so much time at home (and in my kitchen!). I’ve been cooking, taste testing, and researching up a storm! As a result, this magazine is overflowing with creative recipes, gadget reviews, a special Hungry Girl diet plan, myth blasting, and more. This issue was created while we were all on lockdown—I was making a lot of my old favorites and decided to put some new spins on them. I think you’re really going to enjoy the features on meatloaf (wait’til you try the meatless one!), oatmeal bakes (better than you could ever imagine), egg mugs (a morning game changer), and even one of my favorite retro foods: rice…

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bitty bites!

p.22 Howard Helmer (aka the Omelette King) holds a Guinness World Record for, you guessed it, omelette making! He once made 427 two-egg omelettes in 30 minutes. Our egg mugs haven’t won any world records (YET), but they’ll take you from zero to breakfast in only 5 minutes. p. 18 A PROTEIN BY ANY OTHER NAME The word ‘protein’ comes from the Greek word ‘proteios,’ which means ‘primary,’ ‘first quality,’ or ‘first rank.’ Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we think our protein powder recipes are first rank! p. 72 GRAIN CHECK The No. 1 culinary use for oats, besides cereal? Oatmeal cookies! We’re not surprised in the least—oatmeal cookies are delicious and packed with good-for-you fiber. Go ahead and treat yourself to our delicious oat-based cookies (and don’t miss the baked oatmeal on page…

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lisa loves it!

LA TORTILLA FACTORY LOW CARB FLOUR TORTILLAS IN SOFT TACO SIZE 1 TORTILLA: 70 CALORIES, 2.5G TOTAL FAT Low-carb tortillas are often the lowest in calories, and La Tortilla Factory knocked it out of the park with its Low Carb lineup. These have just 6g net carbs each, and I love the soft texture. They’re perfect for tacos, wraps, burritos, and more. Find them at grocery stores or order at latortillafactory.com. JICAMA TORTILLAS 1 TORTILLA: 8 CALORIES, 0G TOTAL FAT Jicama is an underrated vegetable: It tastes like a very mild apple (almost flavorless, but full of crunch), and it’s great for snacking when cut into sticks. Well, these wraps are 100% worth seeking out! They’re light, crisp, and slightly sweet with a teeny tiny calorie count. They’re growing in popularity, so keep an eye…

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super food to the rescue with joy bauer

ALL ABOUT JOY… Joy Bauer, MS, RDN, is one of the nation’s leading (and most beloved) health authorities. She’s the Today show’s resident nutrition expert and a 14-time bestselling author. For more immunity-boosting food finds, check out Joy Bauer’s Superfood! BELL PEPPERS These colorful veggies are rich in immune-strengthening vitamin C, which enables certain immune cells to function more efficiently. Studies also suggest consuming foods rich in vitamin C could help shorten the duration of a cold. How to enjoy: Toss them into a colorful stir-fry, or stuff them with ground meat. And use bell pepper scoops as a vehicle for healthy dips like hummus and salsa. JOYful hack! Replace greasy, starchy tortilla chips with bell pepper “chips” as the base of your nachos. Just bake at 375°F until softened, about 10 minutes, and load them up. MUSHROOMS Mushrooms…

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the hot list: kitchen gadgets with 10,000+ reviews on amazon

1CUISINART 5-IN-1 GRIDDLER - $79 15,000+ RATINGS What a multitasker! The reversible plates on this countertop appliance provide FIVE different cooking methods: closed grill (burgers & more), full grill (maximum grilling), full griddle (pancakes, eggs, etc.), panini press (with hinged cover), and half grill/half griddle! Reviewers rave about the dishwasher-safe plates and compact size. We’re wondering if there’s anything this hardworking device can’t do! 2 GREATER GOODS NOURISH KITCHEN SCALE - $13.95 50,000+ RATINGS For the most accurate portion sizes, everyone needs a good food scale, and this digital option is a fan favorite! Lightweight and easy to clean, it has a monster capacity of 11 lbs. and can detect weights down to the gram. The design is sleek, the price is right, and the automatic shut-off feature is bound to come in handy. Bonus:…

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i can’t believe it’s plant-based!

So Delicious Dairy Free Cocowhip Light Coconut Whipped Topping 2 TBSP.: 25 CALORIES, 1G TOTAL FAT Fans of frozen whipped cream in a tub will flip over this find. The texture is light and fluffy; the taste is just sweet enough with a little coconut flair! Also great: Our beloved truwhip now comes in a Vegan option! Find both with the frozen desserts at supermarkets and natural foods stores. Enlightened Dairy-Free Ice Cream ½ CUP OR 1 BAR: 80–100 CALORIES, 2–5G TOTAL FAT Enlightened is well-known for its low-calorie, low-sugar, traditional ice creams, and this sans-dairy line is (somehow) JUST as creamy & delicious as all their other offerings! Both the pints and the bars come in creative flavors like Candy Bar Crunch and Monkey Business, each one exploding with decadent swirls and/or mix-ins. In…