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Hungry Girl Summer 2018

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Hungry Girl magazine is back with your ultimate resource for a healthy & delicious 2020! This high-quality keepsake issue contains over 70 recipes for easy breakfasts, lunches, dinners & more. PLUS, plant-based meals, simple desserts, weight loss strategies that WORK & so much more.

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hey there!

Lisa here. Super excited to tell you all about the summer issue of Hungry Girl! We’ve been insanely busy at Hungryland whipping up dozens and dozens of new recipes for you to try. I’ve decided that my Instant Pot cooker is absolutely my new best friend, so there’s a whole section featuring brand-new recipes you can make in one. They’re crazy easy and extremely yummy! In addition to the IP recipes you’ll find starting on page 38, I’m throwing in a bonus recipe right here and now… just because I love you guys (and my Instant Pot cooker!). Over the years, I’ve been asked dozens of times by dozens of people how to make PERFECT hard-boiled eggs. This is the way to go. You can find my super-simple steps to…

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bitty bites!

p. 86 PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS A 2016 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that people assume pricey foods are healthier than inexpensive options. Nay! The overpriced greasy onion rings served at steak houses prove that point quite nicely. Eat smart on a budget, thanks to our money-saving grocery tips. p. 88 GRAIN CHECK According to a 2016 study, gluten-free eating in America has tripled in recent years, despite the fact that gluten intolerance itself hasn’t risen that much. But is this trend your key to weight loss? p. 26 ’ATTA GRILL! In 1952, George Stephen invented the Weber grill. He was working at Weber Brothers Metal Works when the idea hit him… a rounded grill with a lid to seal in flavor and protect the food. Raise a spatula in salute,…

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dear hungry girl,

——Salty Sister Hi Salty Sister, If you’ve been told that reducing your sodium means settling for a bland and boring diet, take that feedback with a grain of salt. (Pun intended!) It’s possible to lower your salt consumption without sacrificing flavor. Here are my top tips. CANNED GOODS: RINSE & REPEAT When it comes to vegetables, fresh ones are best, but that’s not always practical. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not likely to prepare beans from scratch anytime soon. Well, get this: Rinsing canned veggies and beans reduces their sodium by about 30%! And if you start with reduced-sodium options, you can really lower that salt intake. The no-salt-added kinds, while boasting excellent stats, might lack flavor. I much prefer the rinsing trick! DIY! SAUCES, SPICE MIXES & MORE Sauces, spice mixes, and…

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ice cream aisle heroes

BEST “EAT THE PINT” ICE CREAM Enlightened The Good-for-You Ice Cream ½ cup: 60–100 calories, 1.5–6g fat 1 pint: 240–400 calories, 6–24g fat This trend continues to dominate! But which super-low-calorie ice cream is the most impressive? Enlightened creams the competition! The texture is unbelievably smooth, and the taste is rich with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s packed with indulgent mix-ins like brownie bits, silky caramel, and cookie clusters. Plus, it’s loaded with protein and surprisingly low in sugar. For a treat on the go, check out the brand’s ice cream bars! ALL-TIME CLASSIC Edy’s/Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream ½ cup: 90–160 calories, 1.5–6g fat Nothing screams “scoop me!” like this timeless lineup. These ice creams have one-third of the calories and half the fat of regular ice cream, plus creamy homemade taste. (No need…

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what the hack?!

MAKE GRATING CHEESE EASIER AND LESS MESSY When you need to grate a soft cheese like mozzarella (our choice is part-skim), just pop it into the freezer for up to 30 minutes before you run it over your grater. No crumbly mess! FREEZE GRAPES FOR A FRUITY, FANCY SPIN ON ICE CUBES Keep your drink chilled without watering it down. Evenly place rinsed grapes on a parchment-lined plate, and freeze until solid. Bonus: These look beautiful in a party pitcher, and they double as a freezy-good stand-alone snack! PREHEAT YOUR BAKING SHEET FOR BETTER ROASTED VEGGIES When you turn on your oven, pop in an empty baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray. Once the oven is preheated, add your veggies to the sheet, and they’ll start browning immediately. Just be careful when you load up…

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6 “healthy” foods that aren’t

Hungry Girl’s freeze-dried fruit favorites: Crispy Green, Trader Joe’s, Crunchies, Sunkist, and Snack Factory. 1 DRIED FRUIT Did you know that dehydrated fruit packs in around four times more calories and sugar than fresh? It’s true! Fresh apricot halves contain a slim 75 calories per cup, but the same amount of dried apricots has a whopping 315 calories. To make things worse, dried fruit often contains added sugar. And since the water content is next to nothing, it’s less filling than fresh fruit. SMART SWAP! If you’re craving something snacky and similar to dried fruit, reach for freeze-dried fruit. Unlike traditional dried fruit, it isn’t shriveled down to a tiny serving; it’s simply zapped of moisture while retaining its size. How great is that? 2 GRANOLA Sure, oats and nuts are good for you, but…