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December 2020

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the end of the worst year yet

Seriously, I totally understand that pro wrestling has changed forever with months of lockdowns, social distancing and losing dear friends and family members to COVID 19. We here at IGNITE Wrestling mourn the loss of friends and have worked hard to adjust to a new normal in sports entertainment, streaming and expanding on ways to entertain our fans worldwide in the safest manner possible. This is exactly why we worked hard with our venue at Walking Tree Brewery to follow the Florida rules and guidelines set out by the Florida Brewery Guild. That being said, we chose not to run our shows this past year in May and September out of an abundance of caution and fear for the safety of our workers, our fans and the staff at the amazing…

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top podcasts for 2021

We love a good podcast and we listen daily to some of the funniest and most outlandish podcasts in wrestling. Here are a few of our favorite guilty pleasures in our earbuds that we think everyone should be listening to today. 1. DUKE LOVES RASSLIN Pro Wrestling Analysis without Dirtsheet Cheapheat. Welcome to the Official Facebook page of the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast! New episodes of the show are uploaded every Thursday 11PM EST to Youtube, Itunes etc! Find them at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/duke-loves-rasslin/id1139455210 2. THE INDYKAST For over 7 years, the go to podcast for independent wrestling, pop culture, and other ridiculousness. The most consistently awesome podcast on pop culture and indy wrestling hosted by Chad, Zac, and Luna! Find them at https://soundcloud.com/wnrn 3. DDT DIVAS From the minds of Black women who love pro-wrestling. DDTDivas.com features…

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the color commentary

2019-2020 bought about several major structural and creative changes with IGNITE Wrestling shows as we have adapted to a more global audience as we stream our show on seven platforms into 100+ countries. Among the branding and other changes, the one that has fans the most excited was the addition of our new commentary team - The Young Professor and Stix. The duo has been making a name for themselves in the Florida/GAindy scene most notably at Go Wrestle where they got their start as a commmentary team. But do you really know much about the man behind the mic and his journey in the sport? We took time to reach to Stix and learn a bit more about his radio background and the man behind the color commentary. As many of…

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gym nasty boys

That title collecting tag team is back at IGNITE Wrestling in January 2021 as they join us to get the party started as only the Gym Nasty Boys can do! The iconic duo has been busy despite the restricitions of COVID 19 as they worked limited shows and turned their focus on their fitness and stamina. Fans are in for a treat as this reenergized team returns after a nearly two year absense to wrestle in tag action. During this time they have been collecting titles and currently are the reigning Resistance Tag Champions, ISW Tag Team Champions, AML Tag Team Champions, and Fest Tag Team Champions. They have also held titles at VPW and IWA Mid South. In addition, both were ranked in the 2020 Pro Wrestling (PWI 500) Rankings with #328…

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do you know ignite wrestling

EXCLUSIVE Merchandise If there is one thing that has totally set IGNITE Wrestling apart from the indy wrestling scene is our expansive and unusual line of merchandise. Not one to follow blindly along with trends, it was decided by IGNITE owner and industry disrupter Kim Artlip that our merchandise and presentation would be more than just the standard black shirt. Launching one of the few indy trading card lines in 2016, it became apparent that the IGNITE Wrestling marketing division was just getting started. Still the number product in sales volume, it has been recognizedin multiple collectibles columns and websites due to its sheer size of sixty cards in the current verwion as well as variety of old and new faces in the business who have make their appearances at IGNITE. Building on…

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the rise of santana

The Women’s Revolution in professional wrestling has been opening doors for up and coming female athletes in earnest for nearly two years now, and the level of competition has risen to meet that need. Gone are the days of women simply being relegated to T&A, and eye candy alone. Some of the best matches have been had by women in the business during this time as well. The future not only holds greater opportunities for them but promises to continue to deliver to us, the fans, a better product as well. Santana Garrett has seen that transition firsthand, having competed across the country for the last decade. She also has the knowledge of being a second-generation wrestler behind her. Her father was a wrestler around the St. Louis area in the…