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September 2021

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creating a sense of community

For the past six years, I have been living out a childhood dream. Well, notexactlybut close. Idreamedofbecoming the next Wendy Richter but instead I took a different path that eventually lead me to creating IGNITE Wrestling. I still wonder if I would have been a good wrestler but I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have the moveset that I see women doing now. They are legit in the ring. But the one thing that I have learned in my journey into the world of sports entertainment is that we all share a sense of community. Asinanysport, you have those iconic moments that every fan of that team knows by heart, like the incredible throw that bounced off a player to be caught and ran into the endzone by the Steelers. Wrestlingisjustlike that.…

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the mermaid is back! aspyn rose

She’s known by many monikers nowadays. She’s the Midnight Mermaid, Pro Wrestling’s Waifu, Taco Michinoku and your favorite anime character. Call her what you want, she’s back at IGNITE and she’s determined to reclaim her women’s title. Aspyn Rose was the first-ever women’s champion winning in a triple threat match in 2018. She eventually dropped the belt only to return in 2021 to IGNITE ready to reclaim the gold. In the interim, she’s been making a name for herself across the US with appearances at MV Young’s Poly Am Cult Party 3 and 4, as well as New South, Action Wrestling and several other promotions. The Surge Haired Siren has even made her presence felt as she joined the deathmatch wrestling scene at No Peace Underground. It appears that she’s easily swimming into…

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that high flying aron agony

Fans were in for a treat as we added the high flying Aron Agony to the roster at Fierce. Aron Agony has wrestled across the United States for organizations such as Dragon Gate USA, Evolve (professional wrestling), Florida Super Championship Wrestling, Uproar Pro Wrestling, Vintage Wrestling, Future of Wrestling, Coastal Championship Wrestling, and ICW. Aron is a former F.O.W. World Champion. He is actually best know for his work in Fantasy Cosplay and cosplay wrestling attire. He’s appeared as Robin (DC Comics) Link (Legend of Zelda) Speedy (DC Comics) The Trex Jurassic Park) Shocker (Marvel) Deadpool (Marvel) Junkrat (Overwatch) Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) Regardless of whether he is working as himself or cosplay, he bring high-flying action to the ring in every single match he is in.…

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the ichiban jaden newman

We dream of being wrestlers when we grow up but Jaden Newman is one of those rare wrestlers who began to chase his dream at the tender age of 15 while most of us were still just fans. The Tennessee native who is in his early twenties already has been a resume and made a name for himself before many grapplers have started training. He’s known best for his appearance in the Scenic City Invitational Tournament as well as showing for companies such as Old South, WrestleCade, Action, AML, GCW, TWE, New South, and more. From his singles action to tag team wrestling, he’s a jack of all trades having appeared previously with Sage Philips as Technically Numero Uno at IGNITE Wrestling. The duo made such an impression that fans have clamored…

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next chapter for task force

What’s next? IGNITE Wrestling fans popped hard when they saw an announcement that the dynamic team of Dante Marquis Carter and Mikey Spandex, who are better known as Task Force was finally making their IGNITE Wrestling debut. What can we say but they were incredibly entertaining from the moment they arrived. From their promo pics where they grabbed all the tag belts to toy with the fans watching to their interactions with fans preshow, they were a treat before they even entered the ring. The duo are just as interesting outside the ring. Carter served in the United States Army, advancing to the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6). U.S. Army veteran who was deployed once to Afghanistan and twice to Korea. He attended Daytona State College in Daytona, Florida where he studied…

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do you know ignite wrestling

EXCLUSIVE Merchandise If there is one thing that has totally set IGNITE Wrestling apart from the indy wrestling scene is our expansive and unusual line of merchandise. Notone to follow blindly along with trends, it was decided by IGNITE owner and industry disrupter Kim Artlip that our merchandise and presentation would be more than just the standard black shirt. Launching one of the few indy trading card lines in 2016, it became apparent that the IGNITE Wrestling marketing division was just getting started. Still the number product in sales volume, it has been recognized in multiple collectibles columns and websites due to its sheer size of sixty cards in the current version as well as variety of old and new faces in the business who have make their appearances at IGNITE. Building on that…