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200 Scrapbooking Ideas

200 Scrapbooking Ideas

200 Scrapbooking Ideas

Scrapbooking is arguably the most customisable craft. Whether you like being messy or meticulously planned, and whether you go crazy with embellishment or like a clean design, you make your own rules. In 200 Scrapbooking Ideas, we give you the tools to get started with your own personal approach to scrapbooking, with basic techniques, detailed tutorials, and inspirational tips that will really get your hands itching to get scrapping! What’s more is that we’ve included the top scrapbooking themes, from Christmas to anniversaries, to help you preserve those most precious memories. Featuring: Basic skills - New to scrapbooking? Don’t worry, we cover all the basics you need to get started. Invaluable techniques - Discover the best ways to use your scrapbooking tools and make pages that will last through the years. Creative materials - Which materials create which effect, and what’s the deal with acid in paper? We uncover it all. Inspirational themes - Whether you want your wedding memories to last forever or celebrate your pet’s personality, find your inspiration here

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Scrapbooking is the most personal and customisable craft. Whether you like your pages messy or meticulously planned, whether you include 3D elements or prefer to keep things flat, and whether you love glitter or ribbon, choose neon or pastel, there are a million ways to get creative when you’re faced with a blank page. In 200 Scrapbooking Ideas, we give you the tools to start building that page. We start with the basics of scrapbooking, exploring materials, techniques and laying out your page. We also have a look at how to avoid clutter, how to get the kids involved, and how scrapbooking has been taken into the digital era. Then the real fun begins as we take you through the top scrapbooking themes to inspire you with creative tutorials and…

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making memories that last

Scrapbooking is so much more than just a hobby to pass away the time. It is the art of chronicling memories for future generations. These days our photos are often stored on our phones or pasted all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but even if they are printed out, they’re often kept hidden away in drawers. Making a scrapbook is not only fun and relaxing, it is a way of creating something beautiful either for yourself, as a gift, or to share with your children and grandchildren. Women have been scrapbooking since the 15th century when they would collect love letters, poems and recipes as keepsakes. In the 16th century, friendship albums became popular and after 1939, when photography became a commercial hobby, people started to keep scrapbooks containing photos and…

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tools of the trade

Stamps Ink stamps come in a wide selection of designs, from numbers to pictures. Stamps can be used to create borders or patterns, too. Storage boxes Stay organised by storing your tools well. Ruler Keep lines straight with a ruler. Paper Choosing the right paper is vital. Paper comes in many different colours and patterns and it sets the scene for your layout and theme. Be careful to buy acid and lignin-free paper so the paper does not age. Pens and pencils As well as for journalling, pens and pencils are used for stencilling, drawing templates and making outlines. Coloured pens, pencils and paints can be used to draw, colour and paint on the page. Embellishments You can buy embellishments, but items such as buttons and ribbon can be found at home. These are used to decorate and draw attention to…

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choose your tools

While you don’t have to spend a lot when making a scrapbook, you’ll want to choose your supplies wisely. If you’re only as good as your tools then you want to make sure you have glue that won’t seep through your paper and stamps that won’t smudge. You’re telling a story so you want to make sure you have the right elements to craft it with. Think carefully about what paper you buy, as your background sets the scene and the colours and embellishments you choose create the mood. If you’re framing your photos or adding a border with stencils or decorative scissors, this can put emphasis on certain parts of your page and may convey a different message. Do your research, but work with what feels right to you. After…

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scrap on a budget

When you need scrapbook supplies, the first thing you should do is set a budget and make a list of what you want. We all tend to overspend when shopping, but if you plan out your scrapbook and only get what you need, you won’t spend as much. If you don’t want to pay a fortune, try shopping for materials in the sales or check out your pound or dollar shop; there are always cheap options for what you need. But if you can’t resist and shopping is too much of a temptation, why not have your friends round for a scrapbooking party and have a material swap? They’re bound to have items that they’ve used countless times that you want and vice versa. BEAUTIFUL BARGAIN IDEAS It’s much easier than you…

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think green

Go green with your scrapbooking by re-using old items in your house instead of throwing them away when you’re finished with them. You’ll be surprised to see how many things that you consider junk can be transformed into beautiful embellishments. From using tea bags in the kitchen to create paper that looks old (see page 70), to making an old button in your bedroom into an embellishment, you’ll find something in every room that you can turn into scrapbooking art. Cut up old magazines to make your own stickers, use old playing cards to create stencils or put together a mosaic for your page using small scraps of leftover paper. Not only will this save you money as you won’t have to buy as many supplies, but by turning trash…