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21 Degrees TRIP 1

It is a realistic magazine of travel experience and photography of various paradisiacal places in the world.

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notes of editor

Today we want to share with you the beginning of a different experience. We have created a travel magazine that will show, in each edition, four visited destinations where we will show what was lived through our eyes. The art of photography allows us to dream, fly with our imagination and create a subjective story that will allow the reader to visualize our experience in a different way. This is the first magazine in a series of eight magazines. We hope that this magazine finds it interesting and manages to get hooked on our stories. Enjoy it.…

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farallones forest reserve

I live in my hometown, I live the days between my work as an otolaryngologist, my life at home and my hobbies. On Tuesday and Thursday nights we do MTB routes around the city. Fortunately we are surrounded by mountain ranges that rise through beautiful landscapes, Los Farallones de Cali. Enjoying the mountain breeze, the night view of my city and the air that smells like grass are the motivation to repeat it every week. On weekends we leave at dawn heading for the mountains, discovering trails and incomplete paths that allow me to get involved with nature; riding a bike through thick forests, resting in natural viewpoints and meeting peasants who live in these forests, teach us that life is not routine, that there is another life worth living, that…

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white villages my experience…

Joan Manuel Serrat says in his song "hanging from a ravine my white people sleep …". That's right, that's how these beautiful villages were built around the Grazalema, a large natural park in central Spain. I traveled with my wife with the intention of getting to know as many "white towns" (they are twenty-one towns). Three of them discomfited our expectations: Setenil de las Bodegas. built under giant monoliths dating back to 1000 B.C. Its inhabitants were carving the bottom of the monoliths, creating caves that were later organized as houses; its pedestrian “streets” are roofed with the same monolith and next to it are only the white facades. Round. A town with history, an old bridge called Puente Nuevo. The town is beautiful, but it is dazzling to enjoy the…

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alsace and lorraine

A car trip with friends to from the Loire Valley to La Alsace, allowed me to realize the microclimates and micro cultures that exist within this beautiful France. Without a defined itinerary, we got to know its towns, its gastronomy and its intrinsic culture; Knowing the people who cross you in the alleys of these towns, allows you to leave engraved in your mind the most beautiful moments you experience on each trip. Where we wanted to sleep, we slept. Where we wanted to eat, we ate where we wanted to drink we drank wine. In the smallest towns in this region, its authentic history is preserved, the traces that its first settlers left almost 1000 years ago are preserved. Region protagonist in conflicts between empires, Alsace and Lorraine show how the…

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We arrived in a rented car but we had to store it in a parking lot on the outskirts of the city because this city is known by walking and also, parking lots are very expensive. Our apartment had a beautiful view and we used to enjoy its beautiful sunsets while having a bottle of cold white wine. It is not easy to walk its seven hills if you are not in more than average physical condition. We learned about the psychiatric history of Fernando Pessoa with his "Saudade" until we fell in love with his characters. They recommended us to enter the restaurants where they announce their dishes on a blackboard written in chalk, supposedly because they are the most authentic, the most relaxed in their attention and the most delicious…

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stories of the wall

THE ARCHS OF THE FRONTIER Walking through his skin, while I know each space of his being, in each corner I feel his subtle embrace and I feel accompanied, I feel loved. I would like to take drugs with something that would make the seconds become hours with the purpose of feeling in her every whisper, every gasp and listening in her silence to her desire not to get away from me. Suddenly their campaigns double and, although I am still embraced by their bows, they manage to break the bubble of my fantasies as if it were with a pin and take me to the border of reality. MY LIFE BETWEEN CONSTRASTS The radiant sun illuminated her skin, her face was happy and her heart was filled with energy. Whenever he felt this sensation…