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from the editor...

Often it’s tempting to think there’s nothing we can learn from the pros in triathlon. After all, they don’t have to juggle training with real-world responsibilities like a day job, right? When one of our writers was invited to spend a week training with World Champ Flora Duffy (p38) though, it served as a bit of an eye-opener. Available time aside, how often are we all guilty of doing the same hamster-wheel sessions as they’re familiar and fit in well with our daily routines? When in fact, mixing it up by hitting the trails, varying our sessions, thinking about race strategy or even finding a buddy to train with (all things Flora recommends) don’t take more time, but will really push us and can reap big rewards come race day.…

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the best triathlon kit reviews

We take gear testing seriously – you need to know that the kit you buy will help you reach your goals in all three disciplines and work as hard as you on race day. Our test team is made up of experienced triathletes, cyclists and runners who test each product that appears in 220 to the max during training and racing, rating it honestly for performance and value. ROB BANINO Former 220 dep ed Rob has been riding and racing bikes on and off-road for over 20 years. April goals To fit in any riding I can in between bouts of watching the Northern Classics. JACK SEXTY A serious triathlete since blowing his student loan on a bike, sub-2hr Olympic athlete Jack moved to Ironman last year in Lanza. April goals To go sub-17mins for the 5km run…

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from the vault issue 146

“Stu Hayes is still training and racing hard today, 25 years after he first dipped his toes into tri” With the Commonwealth Games set to begin on Australia’s Gold Coast on 4 April, we thought it was high time to venture back to triathlon’s official Commonwealth Games debut in Salford, Manchester, in 2002. Pictured on the cover is triathlon stalwart Stuart Hayes, a surprise inclusion at the 2002 Games who’d go onto finish 11th in Salford in a race won by Canada’s 2000 Olympic champion and all-round 220 hero Simon Whitfield. Leanda Cave would scoop a silver for Wales behind another Canadian, Carol Montgomery in the women's event, with the results list reading like a who’s who of British female noughties greats, with Jodie Swallow, Michelle Dillon, Julie Dibens, Cat Morrison, Anneliese Heard and…

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the big pic

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tread softly for big gains in running performance

Failing to hear your surroundings is a persuasive argument to run without music. Not persuasive enough for many, of course, who feel naked without big beats to accompany every stride. According to recent research, however, silence could well result in something sexier than simply safer running – faster run times. Professor Xuan Phan and his team compared the biomechanics of 26 male subjects running as normal and when told to make a quieter sound on landing. The researchers showed that peak vertical ground reaction force and loading time was lower when encouraged to run quietly (softly) – high figures for both are precursors to injury – because, in an effort to make no sound, 75% of the subjects shifted from heel striking to midfoot or forefoot landing. The benefit? A…

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tri inspiration afoot

Ask a stranger what they know about triathlon, and even if they have little concept of the sport, it’s likely they’ll have some recollection of the final yards of that World Series Grand Final in 2016. The clip of Alistair Brownlee supporting younger brother Jonny to the line in Cozumel has been viewed millions of times across the globe, and – all health concerns aside - is perhaps the best example of drama only endurance sport can produce. While there are no guarantees of similar for 2018 (in fact, due to a rule change, Alistair’s efforts will now result in a disqualification), there are still reasons aplenty to tune in, and no triathlons will attract larger audiences than the Commonwealth Games (April 5 & 7) where they will attempt to repeat their…