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220 Triathlon November 2019

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220 Triathlon is the UK’s No.1 selling Triathlon magazine and brings together all the finest elements of the world’s fastest growing sport in a visually stunning and practical format.

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from the editor...

As triathletes we’re often guilty of focussing on speed and Strava scores (hands up if you choose your races on their fast, flat, PB potential!), so it might seem odd that this issue we have a focus on getting off-road. Having fallen in love with the trails a couple of years ago after taking up swimrun though, I can promise that once you head into the forests you won’t look back. Trail running and MTBing work a whole new set of muscles giving you strength and endurance come race season, plus being out in nature exploring new routes helps the time fly and gives you a real mental boost in the autumn and winter. Turn to p28 for our guide, plus a list of 10 running and multisport races to…

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the best triathlon kit reviews

We take gear testing seriously – you need to know that the kit you buy will help you reach your goals in all three disciplines and work as hard as you on race day. Our test team is made up of experienced triathletes, cyclists and runners who test each product that appearsin 220 to the max during training and racing, rating it honestly for performance and value. JACK SEXTY A triathlete since blowing his student loan on a bike, sub-2hr Olympic athlete Jack moved to Ironman at Lanzarote in 2016. Ultimate recovery tips “Ease back into training. I once ran 25km the day after a bad 70.3 and spent three months out with injury!” HELEN WEBSTER 220’s editor made the move from marathons to tri six years ago. Happiest when in the open water, she also…

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want more?

VISIT 220TRIATHLON.COM KONA 2019 Head to 220tri.com for all the action from the 2019 Ironman World Champs. We’ll be in Hawaii for exclusive interviews, kit launches and the race itself as Charles-Barclay and Ryf, Lange and Frodeno, Brownlee and McNamee all vie for Kona glory. DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL EDITION ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE MAGAZINE ON YOUR TABLET Get all the great advice and expert reviews from the print version of your favourite tri magazine on our digital edition. FOLLOW 220 @220Triathlon /220Triathlon @220triathlon…

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the big pic

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a ticking time-bomb?

Last month’s column questioned whether triathlon is going soft and made the case that only when we turn up for long-distance races equipped with fundamental skills and requisite fitness levels will race directors be instilled with the confidence to let events proceed in testing conditions. The emphasis was on building the physical foundations of endurance that, a genetically gifted few notwithstanding, take time and dedication. But there is another area, more critical still, where we should be meticulous – making sure our heart is tickety-boo, not a ticking time bomb. That might be a blunt metaphor, but while we’re quick to look for remedy and rehab for a calf tear or hamstring strain, cardiac health is all too often shied away from and put on the back burner for a later…

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raceskin magna

RaceSkin was the winner of 2018’s 220 award for ‘Best Tri-Suit Brand’ and is well known for its custom tri-suit collections, but the company also sells and creates individual garments for triathletes. Included in the British brand’s range are its first wetsuits – the top-end Summa (£460) and this, the Magna. Key features of this £215 suit, which straddles the entry/mid-level price points, include a Yamamoto construction and SCS coating that aims to reduce friction with the water and increase swim speed. The neoprene thicknesses stretch from the maximum 5mm on the legs for added buoyancy, to an impressive (for the price) 1.5mm on the arms and shoulders for flexibility. Taped seams aim to extend the longevity of the suit, while the flatlock internal seams reduce chafing on the skin. The…