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220 Triathlon April 2020

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220 Triathlon is the UK’s No.1 selling Triathlon magazine and brings together all the finest elements of the world’s fastest growing sport in a visually stunning and practical format.

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from the editor...

“Dry mud. Wet mud. Cow mud...” As descriptions of race courses go, this wasn’t the kind of environment usually experienced by us triathletes, but it’s the tagline gleefully embraced by the organisers of the Doynton Hard Half, which I found myself doing a couple of weeks ago. During the 13 miles of trail running, there were hills, mud (and slurry) up to the knees, rivers up to mid-thigh and a chap dressed as the Grim Reaper marshalling mile 10. Yikes. As we look forward to getting back to triathlon racing soon, I hope you’ve been having as much fun as me cross-training and trying something new, so that you enter your 2020 races stronger and fitter than ever. Let me know what’s worked for you and if you’ve found tri…

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the best triathlon kit reviews

We take gear testing seriously – you need to know that the kit you buy will help you reach your goals in all three disciplines and work as hard as you on race day. Our test team is made up of experienced triathletes, cyclists and runners who test each product that appears in 220 to the max during training and racing, rating it honestly for performance and value. JACK SEXTY A triathlete since blowing his student loan on a bike, sub-2hr Olympic athlete Jack moved to Ironman at Lanzarote in 2016. Favourite winter sun destination? “Without a doubt, Girona in north-eastern Spain. Plenty of hills and not a car for miles.” HELEN WEBSTER 220’s editor made the move from marathons to tri seven years ago. Happiest when in the open water, she also competes in swimrun. Favourite winter…

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pros buck up their game

“To survive beyond being a short-term flourish it needs to reach new audiences” ‘A race of superhumans’. That’s how the Professional Triathletes Organisation plans to market its rebirth, hoping that the outside world will finally sit up and take notice of its enduring superstars in a combative, live arena. Haven’t we heard this before? Fifty-eight 220 Triathlon issues previously to be precise, when this column addressed the launch of the PTO and its ambitious proposal for a team competition, the Collins Cup, playing on cross-Atlantic rivalries as triathlon’s answer to golf’s Ryder Cup, It was underpinned by a desire to give pro long-course athletes more control of their own sport, to force a sea-change in governance so they’d enjoy a larger share of the spoils and not continue feeding from the…

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reconsider ice baths for post-session recovery

Immersing in icy water’s been a common post-exercise recovery strategy for years, the idea being that it decreases tissue temperature and bloodflow and so reduces inflammation. However, a recent body of evidence suggests it can do more harm than good. Cue a recent study by a team including protein guru Luc van Loon of Maastricht University. Twelve healthy males performed a leg-resistance exercise before immersing both legs in water for 20mins. However, one leg slipped into 8°C waters while the other enjoyed 30°C. They then consumed a drink containing 45g carbs and 20g protein, so they could take muscle biopsies to examine muscle protein synthesis rates. What did they find? Muscle protein synthesis rates were much lower in the cold-water limb than the warm limb, and muscle conditioning was impaired…

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“invictus was a huge motivator”

“Swimming took my mind off the pain, it was a huge turnaround” Four years ago, I was out training on the bike, about 10 miles from home, and that’s when it happened. It felt like I was seeing blood. I started to feel a bit weird and there was sharp pain. I took my glasses and helmet off, thinking a stone had chipped me, but I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t get my helmet back on – I just couldn’t work out how to do it. Amazingly, I rode home one-handed, holding my helmet in the other hand. As soon as I got through the door I collapsed. About seven hours later someone found me. I have aphasia, which is to do with speech. I’ve got permanent vision loss in the top…

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winners announced

The year 2019 proved another phenomenal 12 months for our sport, with outstanding performances across all distances. October’s Ironman World Championships in Kona were full of excitement, with Jan Frodeno winning his third full Ironman world title in a record-breaking time, fellow German Anne Haug taking her first Hawaii win after a phenomenal marathon run and GB’s Ruth Purbrook scoring age-group honours. From Perranporth to the Celtman via London and Leeds, it was another mighty year for the British racing scene. The 2019 edition of Ironman Wales especially was another classic from Tenby, with the 1,876 finishers producing countless emotional stories in front of triathlon’s noisiest fans. While over with the brands, Cervélo once again led the way in two-wheeled innovation courtesy of their PX range of tri bikes. HOW YOU VOTED We asked…