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220 Triathlon

220 Triathlon February 2021

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220 Triathlon is the UK’s No.1 selling Triathlon magazine and brings together all the finest elements of the world’s fastest growing sport in a visually stunning and practical format.

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United Kingdom
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from the editor...

Welcome to 2021! After the year we’ve had, I think we’re all psyched for a better season of training and racing ahead. If one page from this issue struck a chord with me, it’s our regular column from comeback king Tim Don (p86) where, with his unique brand of enthusiasm, he talks about how we can all train smartly now to be ready to hit all our goals come the summer. So what will your goals be? After a winter of cold-water swimming and muddy trail-running challenges, I’m looking forward to a bit of sunshine, pulling on a tri-suit again and just basking in the race environment. People, cheering and the smell of Deep Heat... Bring it on! Your aim may be more PB-focused, or you might be doing your…

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diy tri special stay inspired to tri!

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wahoo elemnt rival gps

Wahoo, the American crew behind the KickR turbo trainer, has entered the multisport watch market with its Elemnt Rival GPS watch. It’s heavily aimed at triathletes thanks to Wahoo’s Touchless Transition technology, which can seamlessly switch from swim to ride to run without the athlete having to touch their watch. The Elemnt Rival calculates factors like your body position to determine the triathlon leg you’re on. Rather niftily – albeit it’s an extra outlay – this data can also sync to Wahoo’s Elemnt bike computer for easier viewing on two wheels. We’ve received one for review next issue and it looks smart, the ceramic bezel and backlight providing a stylish aesthetic. It uses five buttons rather than touchscreen, which is fine in our books, especially for freezing winter rides. But it’s too…

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3 of the best tri jackets

UNDER £100 ZONE3 HYBRID PUFFA QUILTED £85 The Zone3 Puffa can be used for everyday warmth and training use due to breathable side panels. There’s a windproof shell material on the front and back, and a toasty hood. Three pockets add to the chilly race morning appeal. zone3. UNDER £150 HUUB WINTER PUFFER £129.99 Huub target this at spectating, travel and transition prep, with the synthetic lining providing warmth. There are plenty of pockets for essentials, and there’s an adjustable hood for extra weather protection. huubdesign.com UNDER £250 CDC AMELIE £206 Many packable jackets can feel insubstantial: not so with Café du Cycliste’s Amélie. Designed for pre- or post-race warmth and colder adventure days, it stuffs away into a zippy pocket, yet unpacks to cocoon you in a warm, cosy and water-resistant jacket. cafeducycliste.com…

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from the vault

ON SALE NOV 2003 After a season like no other for triathlon, the cover of issue 162 of 220shows that some things just don’t change in multisport. Winter training essentials, waterproof jackets and bike technique tips are ticked off, as is a profile of British ITU superstar, Simon Lessing, who’s targeting Ironman glory. Here’s hoping Ali Brownlee gets his shot at the Kona title in 2021. ALSO IN 2003... The 25th anniversary edition of the Ironman World Champs took place in Kona, Hawaii, with Canadians Peter Reid and Lori Bowden taking the top spots. Given the pair’s marriage had ended a week before, the organisers had to hastily re-arrange the awards ceremony to keep them apart.…

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starky case leaves questions

With Andrew Starykowicz we’ve seen the brio. The brash, entertaining, staunch anti-doping advocate, with enough strength in his quads to power a small town in Texas. Now we have the Breo, a prescription medicine typically used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, that a year and several thousand dollars later, even he might admit was a mistake. The short take is ‘Starky’ failed a drugs test and is banned until the end of 2020. The wider perspective is that this case asks as many questions as it answers, and portrays either a flawed (Starykowicz says “broken”) system or a hypocritical man. “While others were resting in lockdown, Starykowicz was fighting his corner” The story can be picked up with Starykowicz giving an interview at the Ironman Worlds in Kona last year where…