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220 Triathlon Spring 2021

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220 Triathlon is the UK’s No.1 selling Triathlon magazine and brings together all the finest elements of the world’s fastest growing sport in a visually stunning and practical format.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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from the editor...

We’ve been a bit short on excitement over the last few months, let’s be honest. So, when we heard the news that GB’s Alistair Brownlee and Lucy Charles-Barclay, along with Kristian Blummenfelt and Nicola Spirig, would be part of a challenge to try and achieve an iron-distance finish in under seven or eight hours respectively, we couldn’t find out more fast enough. So, in this issue (p33) we examine the science that could lead Ali Brownlee to achieve the seemingly impossible. The fact that he can use non-race-legal kit only adds to the speculation. Will we see pacers? 10mm wetsuits? This challenge could reignite our sport in ways we can’t even yet predict. Add to that the fact that signs are looking positive for race season, and there’s a lot…

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dream bike argon 8 e-119 tri+ disc

ARGON 18 E-119 TRI+ DISC £5,199 (frameset only) No stranger to innovation, Argon 18 was the first to launch a bike with integrated cockpit in 2008, now further developing their ‘oneness’ cockpit set-up for the Tri+ Disc; the primary focus resting on fit to integrate rider and bike in a personalised aero format. The use of the first-ever integrated disc brakes will completely hide calipers, hydraulic cables and reservoirs into the frameset. Thanks to this frame optimisation and superior aero components,including an integrated toolkit within a widened basebar, the E-119 Tri+ Disc claims a 10 watt advantage over past incarnations. And unlike previous aggressive sprint and TT fits, the Tri+ Disc is aimed squarely at long-course racing with a more adjustable cockpit, forward-facing geometry and 40% more nutritional capacity. Electronic shifting is also…

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does warp speed equal warped sport?

When an electric bike first cruised past my weaving frame and heaving lungs on a slight incline, I still summoned the energy to call foul. When Zwift recruited an avatar army via computer simulation, I swore ‘not while there’s fresh air and sun on my back.’ And now? Well, e-bikes are a triumph of mobile inclusivity, and e-gaming on the indoor trainer is an escape hatch to a pandemic-free world. Perhaps change doesn’t suck so much after all. Hearing of the Sub-7/Sub-8 iron-distance project, the latest tri concoction from two-time Ironman world champion and Super League co-founder, Chris McCormack, and funded by billionaire Polish Sebastian Kulczyk through his Pho3nix Foundation, my gut reaction was to wince at another subversion of our sport. “This is tri’s gender-equal answer to the Breaking2-turned-INEOS 1:59 projects” German…

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rha trueconnect 2

Released as earbuds for everyday and active use, the TrueConnect 2s boast a host of improvements over their predecessor. Aimed at endurance athletes, the new model claims a longer 44hr battery life, improved durability, and more microphones for noise isolation and call clarity. Touted as ‘Scottish-weather proof’ (an IP55 sweat- and splash-proof rating should make them functional for outdoor training sessions at any temperature down to -20°c) Glasgow-based audio company RHA says the TC2s focus is on sound clarity and fit, creating ‘technology that connects’. The TC2s also include simple track and volume touch controls, seven different ear tip sizes, and each bud is said to weigh just 6g apiece. The buds are built with Bluetooth 5 technology, which RHA say provide reliable connectivity and clear, immersive audio with a focus on quality. We’ll…

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3 of the best calf compression

UNDER £35 2XU VECTR CUSHION FULL LENGTH SOCK £30 Designed not only to compress for recovery, these also come with X-LOCK technology for plantar fascia and shin protection during your run. Zonal mesh and cushioning securely hold the foot in place. 2xu.com UNDER £45 CEP RUN COMPRESSION SOCKS 3.0 £44.95 Primed to stimulate active recovery during or after running, these long compression socks from CEP have a structured geometry to optimise blood supply and comfort. cepsports.co.uk UNDER £130 RIIXO CALF CUFF £128.99 The innovative Riixo cuffs work to compress your calves while further reducing inflammation and tightness. No need to plug into an energy source, the cuffs function by either heating or freezing before use. riixo.com…

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how to run safely in the dark

1 Key for remaining visible and being able to see your run path is a powerful headtorch. One with a long 50hr battery life and a mighty 500 lumens is the secure-fit HR5 CORE Ledlenser (£79.95). ledlenser.co.uk 2 If you don’t like wearing lights on your head, this comfy and adjustable Gato chest strap (£40) is ideal for hands-free movement. gatosports.com 3 Protect yourself from cold, wet and windy weather in a visible and durable run jacket. We loved the quality of this Proviz Hi-Vis jacket (£84.99) provizsports.com 4 Carrying extra hydration and nutrition is essential for those harder, long runs. We liked the ease of the UP Airaforce 2 belt (£25.99). ultimate performance.com 5 Be prepared with a compact first aid kit, such as the waterproof Lifesystems Nano (£13.99), ideal for off-piste adventures.…