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220 Triathlon December 2017

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from the editor...

The will to compete in triathlon comes from lots of places. For many of my age though, ask them why they got started and you’ll often hear ‘because I remember watching it on Trans World Sport, as a kid’. Yep, those early-morning broadcasts (often seen in pyjamas, with a bowl of Frosties) inspired a generation. Ironman was a world of jaw-dropping wonder, populated by superhuman athletes in very small pants. So what’s changed, aside from the outfits? I’d argue not a lot. Anyone who saw the World Champs this year couldn’t fail to be moved by the pro and age-groupers’ performances - and if you’re feeling newly-motivated, then turn to p38 to find the right long-distance race for you. Ironman in 2018? Go for it!…

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the best triathlon kit reviews

We take gear testing seriously – you need to know that the kit you buy will help you reach your goals in all three disciplines and work as hard as you on race day. Our test team is made up of experienced triathletes, cyclists and runners who test each product that appears in 220 to the max during training and racing, rating it honestly for performance and value. ROB BANINO Former 220 dep ed Rob has been riding and racing bikes on and off-road for over 20 years. December goals To maintain some semblance of regular riding while not going overboard on the eggnog. JACK SEXTY A serious triathlete since blowing his student loan on a bike, sub-2hr Olympic athlete Jack moved to Ironman last year in Lanza. December goals To improve my bike-handling skills, doing…

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the big pic

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low body fat = better cold water recovery

Cold-water immersion is a common recovery tool, as it helps reduce inflammation and increases toxin clear-out. But, until now, there’s been very little research into the effect of cooling on body type. Australian recovery expert Dr Shona Halson and her team took 27 active males and separated them into three groups: low mass and low fat; high mass and low fat; and high mass and high fat. Measurements were taken pre- and post-trial, including core and skin temperature, followed by a 5min cycle warm-up. The subjects continued to pedal until skin temperature reached 38.5°C, and were then immersed in 15°C water for 15mins. The results showed that the subjects with lower body fat and relatively low surface area cooled faster, enjoying the physiological benefits of cold-water immersion, than those with greater muscle…

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time to crack the kona code

“It underlined the gloriously unpredictable nature of what makes an IM warrior” TIM HEMING Cutting through the spin of tri to address the issues that matter, Tim is also a sports journalist for The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. Watching nine hours straight of the Ironman World Champs in Kona, even on its improved new home of Red Bull TV, is quite a commitment – especially when a processional masterclass looked more likely than a competitive race. Both Daniela Ryf and Jan Frodeno had won the past two editions, and scanning the pre-race odds of 1-10 for the win abruptly curtailed any chance of a flutter on the reigning champions. But wind forward a few hours, and Cameron Wurf – a former Olympic rower who’d barely made a ripple in triathlon –…

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santini h way jacket

Top Italians Santini have always displayed bags of style and this continues in 2018 with their new H Way jacket range. The slim-fit Yellow Fluo seen here, like all of Santini’s range, is designed and handmade in Italy, and is aimed towards cold winter riding. The material is constructed with a Fuga Windstopper fabric that also offers a high degree of insulation and water resistance, with the multi-panel design and stretchiness designed to adapt to all body shapes for a superior fit. In terms of features, there’s a trio of rear pockets for nutrition, tools and stashing gloves, reflective piping and those yellow shoulders and arm for added visibility (something surprisingly lacking on many bike jackets), plus the addition of a Blizzard thermo fleece on the side panels and cuffs.…