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220 Triathlon June 2017

220 Triathlon is the UK’s No.1 selling Triathlon magazine and brings together all the finest elements of the world’s fastest growing sport in a visually stunning and practical format.

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from the editor...

We’ve long promised to make you faster here at 220 – in fact our tagline ‘Swim. Bike. Run. Faster’ couldn’t be more clear. Sometimes though, it’s important to narrow the focus and look at the components of training that create that speed. So in this issue, we’re examining strength. Don’t worry though, I’m not about to make you start drinking tuna milkshakes... Instead we’ve got Ironman pros Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay to take you through how they build physical strength through their diet and training. Plus, we asked some of the greatest names in the sport to discuss how they train their brain to battle through tough sessions and unexpected race conditions. Prepare to be invincible! THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T MISS THIS MONTH POWER UP YOUR SWIM It might be the shortest part…

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the best triathlon kit reviews

We take gear testing seriously – you need to know that the kit you buy will help you reach your goals in all three disciplines and work as hard as you do on race day. Our test team is made up of experienced triathletes, cyclists and runners who test each product that appears in 220 to the max during training and racing, rating it honestly for performance and value. JAMIE WILKINS A handy time triallist and road racer, Jamie is the former deputy editor of Procycling and a fiercely analytical reviewer. June goals To qualify at the Tour of Cambridgeshire for Team GB at the UCI Masters Worlds. JACK SEXTY A serious triathlete since blowing his student loan on a bike, sub-2hr Olympic-distance athlete Jack moved up to Ironman last year at Lanzarote. June goals To…

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the big pic

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clock a pb by racing at a time your body prefers

Looking to break your personal best this summer? Recent research suggests a midweek event might raise your chances compared to a Sunday race. Shona Halson, head of recovery at the Australian Institute of Sport, examined the sleeping habits of 114 elite athletes from five sports, including tri, and showed that there was a link between high performance, timing of training/racing, and chronotype (essentially whether you’re a morning or evening person). This link ties in with your biological clock. In Halson’s study, the majority of triathletes, who tend to race in the morning, were morning people (or larks) and ‘naturally’ chose the sport because of their tendency to be ‘fresh’ in the morning. But, for other age-groupers, evening training might be the norm, which could tie in with their evening chronotype…

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a positive movement

“The success will hopefully see similar schemes rolled out across the country” TIM HEMING Cutting through the spin of tri to address the issues that matter, Tim is also a sports journalist for The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. The country has never been more divided… and we can’t blame it all on Brexit. A record 40,382 started the London Marathon last month and the Saturday before, 121,000 people took part in parkrun - the biggest turnout ever for the free 5km weekend run. Yet in the same week it was reported that one in 20 in the UK now suffers from diet-related Type 2 diabetes, one in six hospital beds is taken up by someone with the condition, and the cost to the NHS will soar to £15billion a year by…

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on running cloudflash

Launched by three-time world duathlon champion Olivier Bernhard, Swiss brand On Running caused a stir in 2010 with the release of their debut Cloudsurfer shoe, made distinctive by the now familiar set of hollow ‘clouds’ on the outer sole. The aim of the sole was to produce a cushioned landing to combat fatigue followed by a firm take off for energy transfer, and On have scooped plenty of awards and plaudits ever since, with Spain’s record five-time ITU world champion, Javier Gomez, the latest triathlete to sign up to race in On shoes. The new Cloudflash is an all-out racer for athletes ‘who go for gold’ say On, with an ultra-lean 220g per shoe weight and minimal 5mm heel-to-toe drop. Much of that weight-saving comes from the ultra-thin mesh in the upper and…