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Advanced Photoshop No. 141

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Advanced Photoshop is the perfect magazine for honing already great Photoshop skills. Each issue is packed full of inspiring interviews and challenging tutorials, tailor-made for the more advanced digital artist. Whether you’re a Photoshop professional or simply aspiring to be one, Advanced Photoshop will help you perfect your art. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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trapped katarzyna babis

Originally from Lublin, Poland, Katarzyna Babis (beiibis.deviantart.com) started to draw professionally during her first year in college. Since then she has developed through working for small publishing houses, gaining recognition and more commissions along the way. Now a freelance illustrator and comic book author, the talented 22-year-old’s most recent project was called Maia The Moon Princess – a children’s picture book that she wrote and illustrated herself. Babis created Trapped during some spare time between projects. She admits that, “drawing mermaids [has been] kind of my guilty pleasure since I can remember. I think they are the very centre of my comfort zone.” Although Trapped started out as a random drawing, Babis decided to use it as an opportunity to improve her portfolio a little, thinking “It [needed] some detailed illustrations with…

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top tips to succeed in the industry

KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS! Recognise your strong points as a designer/artist. Are you a Swiss army knife, or rather a surgical instrument, created for a specific purpose? UTILISE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE Cherish your special skills, share your knowledge and learn from your colleagues. Everything you have done before can be harnessed to help you in your work. Your background may vary, but it’s all the better if you know something about graphic design, typography, traditional arts, gaming, popular culture and sports. GO THE EXTRA MILE When you have done your homework, you can trust your gut feeling and let it drive you. Let your passion shine through. Go the extra mile if you possibly can. It will be recognised. NOT ALL WORK MAKES IT Working for a game company you can’t afford to be egotistical regarding your work.…

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epson expression photo xp-950

www.epson.co.uk SPECIFICATIONS: • Mac, Windows, iOS £250$300 Printers are an essential piece of kit for many artists and designers and are useful for so much more than just printing final work out to display it. Having a top-of-the-range printer can enable you to refer back to your work as you’re tweaking; it’s useful to make copies when you’re working as a visual aid, or just so you know how the final piece is going to look on paper. The Epson Expression Photo XP-950 is the kind of printer that can become a useful companion during the design process as well as after it. It can print up to A3 sheets and though it’s not the absolute best quality that money can buy, it aims to be the best that you can buy for its reasonable…

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three products to use with the xp-950

EPSON CLARIA INK £51 The best choice of ink for the Expression series of printers, Epson’s Claria ink has been developed alongside these models to ensure that it’s tailor-made for your printing needs. It has the six channels required, and if you’re someone who gets through a lot of ink the XL size makes your creative process more cost-effective than ever before. GOLDEN DIGITAL GROUNDS £13 With Digital Grounds, artists can coat and print over materials such as paper, canvas, metal and acrylic paints, using an ink-jet printer such as the XP-950. You can get clear, glossy or matte finishes with these grounds: they’re useful for digital artists and can add a handmade look to digital projects. EPSON A3 FINE ART PAPER £56 If you’re looking to print only onto the very best quality paper available, Epson offer…

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engage interactive

ABOUT THE STUDIO ENGAGE INTERACTIVE engageinteractive.co.uk @engagetweet The Engage Interactive team are experts in delivering innovative, agile digital solutions to forward-thinking organisations. The team’s refreshing way of working has achieved results for some of the UK’s most successful brands. “Continually striving to exceed expectations in everything we do is a value that defines us and one we collectively take huge pride in” From humble beginnings, Engage Interactive has grown into a 25-strong team working out of a striking open-plan office in Leeds. It has built up somewhat of a niche expertise in the hospitality sector, with national high-street restaurant brands among its impressive client list. Engage was initially started in 2007 in Harrogate by Alex Wilcocks and Dave Wrightson, who are still running the company today. Some of the well-known clients that they picked up back…

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yorkshire tea, brewtime bingo

01 THE CONCEPT The challenge lay in creating a simple, accessible game based on the complexities of the cricket scoring system. No mean feat! After brainstorming a few ideas, we began to work up some quick scamps in Photoshop. At this point we share them with the client for some initial feedback. 02 PROTOTYPING As with most projects we undertake, fleshing out the structure and key user journeys meant working up several interactive wireframes. Here at Engage we favour using Axure for producing clickable wireframes, and Marvel for more hi-fidelity prototypes. We find it really helps everyone visualise projects at an early stage. 03 DESIGN Yorkshire Tea is a straight-talking, down-to-earth brand, and this is something we wanted to be reflected in the design of the game, with an uncomplicated UI that really benefits from…