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Architectural Digest India September 2018

From the most beautiful celebrity homes to the smallest living spaces, AD India presents the very best of international and Indian architecture and design, inspiring readers to create the homes they’ve always dreamt of. The magazine contains photo spreads of the best homes, stories on the latest trends and people in design, plus advise practical solutions for home improvement. Our pages help readers visualize, plan, adapt, and innovate houses to reflect the personalities of the people who live in them. As a showcase of the best of contemporary India design and key international trends, it is an essential resource for refined home-owners planning luxurious spaces.

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why you need the vogue wedding company!

The entire wedding planning and prepping process just got easier with the launch of Vogue India’s newest venture, the Vogue Wedding Company – a first-of-its-kind, personalised luxury wedding advisory service that helps brides, grooms and families choose and meet the best brands and service providers from a curated portfolio. Avail of personal shopping, destination planning, venue selection, décor specialists, photographers, caterers, while simultaneously have the support from our advisors to put together your designer wear, jewellery, trousseau, gifting, invitations and much more… Here’s what Vogue Wedding Company families are saying... “Signing up with the Vogue Wedding Company is one of the best investments we made as a couple. Our Wedding Advisors not only took it upon themselves to be an integral part of the bridal party, they also introduced us to the…

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j’adore september

September means style. It’s the month in magazines where we all, AD included, publish our annual fashion issues, showcasing the new season’s looks from the world’s greatest fashion talents. And it’s the month of fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. In France, they call the beginning of September la rentrée, which refers to a mood as much as it does to the time when everyone comes back from holiday. There’s a sense of change—this is when people quit their jobs and end relationships, having spent August in Patmos/Pantelleria/Tangier contemplating the state of their lives. It’s the time for a fresh start. The energy is palpable. And indeed, it does feel like a particularly exciting time in fashion. Even I—a devout disciple of navy John Smedley T-shirts that might…

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BJÖRN WALLANDER photographer New York-based photographer Björn Wallander contributes to some of the most widely read magazines in the world, including many Condé Nast titles. Wallander photographed Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s home in ‘The Real Sabya’ (pg 178). “I’ve always felt so inspired and happy every time I’ve worked in India, and I was so excited when Greg Foster asked me to come and do this cover story with Sabyasachi. I knew the house would be a treat to photograph. Sabyasachi and his friends made our stay in Kolkata so special.” NIKHIL KHANNA writer Nikhil Khanna is the executive chairman of Avian WE, an avid traveller and a consumer of political biographies. For ‘The Boy With The Pearl Earring’ (pg 208), the New Delhi-based professional wrote about jewellery designer Hanut Singh’s ancestral home in Mussoorie. “I’ve always…

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ceramic nation

Capitalizing on the resurgence of craft is the first edition of the Indian Ceramics Triennale, developed by the Contemporary Clay Foundation and Jawahar Kala Kendra; the latter, an arts centre in Jaipur, will also play host to the event. Conceived and driven by a six-member team of ceramic artists, the triennale is helmed by three custodians of Indian contemporary art: Peter Nagy, Ray Meeker and Pooja Sood. From 31 August to 18 November, the work of 35 Indian and 12 international artists—including Instrument of Perception (pictured above), a sculpture by New Delhi-based Dipalee Daroz—will form not just a comprehensive survey into the art form, but also broaden the boundaries of its expressions. Indian Ceramics Triennale; Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur; 31 August to 18 November 2018.…

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beirut-bombay fusion

The cultural heritage that marks the Levantine region, when not overshadowed by its restive political undercurrents, will often take you through a smorgasbord of delectable flavours—from the fresh punch of the herbs, to the velvety drizzle of olive oil and the succulence of chargrilled meat. “Then there’s the spirit of eating as a community, a concept that is so familiar to Indians,” says Arja Shridhar, one of the partners of Indianapoli Hospitality that is behind Mumbai’s popular haunt, Gustoso. Over a year ago, when Shridhar, along with partners Sam Malde and Jay Mehta, decided to bring an authentic Levantine dining experience to Mumbai, they did so by transporting not just the flavours (a blend of Middle Eastern essence and European sensibilities, concocted by Beirut-based chef Athanasios Kargatzidis), but also the…

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a case of the blues

I was keen to present Indian design to an international audience in a way that veered away from cliches that are often present in its representation,” says Priya Khanchandani, curator of the India Pavilion at the 2018 edition of the London Design Biennale. On from 4–23 September at Somerset House, the theme of this year’s Biennale is ‘Emotional States’, which the pavilion will explore through indigo—“a colour created from [species of the Indigofera genus], which...became synonymous with India’s identity as a nation”, according to Khanchandani. The India installation at the 2016 edition of the biennale was spearheaded by the India Design Forum; this year’s pavilion is supported by the Gujral Foundation, headed by Mohit and Feroze Gujral. Their daughter Alaiia is an assistant curator with the foundation, and the idea of…