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meet the contributors

DR. IDA SALAMON I was born in Belgrade, I am living in Vienna and I am traveling often between the both cities and many other destinations. Due to the wide range of study programs available in the Humanities at the School of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, I decided to pursue a degree in Ethnology and Anthropology, where I completed my doctorate on the Serbian diaspora in Vienna. Before working as the Cultural and Educational Director of the Jewish Community of Belgrade, I was employed at the University as a research assistant. I authored an exhibition at the Ethnographical Museum in Belgrade entitled “Between Tradition and Fashion – Garments of Belgrade Jews at the End of XIX and the First Half of XX Century.“ Currently, I work in the marketing, sponsoring, and…

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an exclusive interview with dr. gindi

Dr. Gindi is one of the most exciting catalysts of contemporary sculpture. Of German-Egyptian origin, she initially studied and practiced medicine before devoting herself to sculpture. Guided by her medical practice, she endeavors to explore the passage of time and space extension while illuminating the wickedness of human decay. Unveiled of almost everything except for canorous resonance, her mesmerizing works take the form of morphologically inspired structures eternalized in bronze. Dr. Gindi reminds us that a capacity for self-introspection and bravery is necessary to overcome the mere physical aspect of our personhood – she endeavors to model the infinity of our existence. Her work, 'The Fateful Choice,' will be exhibited at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona from October 2021 - January 2022. Dr. Gindi has shifted her life from…

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gabriel grün surpassing reality… with magical realism

Gabriel Grun, born in Argentina in 1978, works in a classical manner, constructing his oil paintings with the care and an inquiring curiosity for the master’s methods. He tries to acquire not only the technical know-how but also to learn and incorporate the pictorial syntax of the great painters he admires, and with this particular language, which he considers not spent, pertinent, and still useful, he tries to communicate personal and evidently contemporary messages. Grun began his career in Argentina and settled in Spain, represented by Dark Art Movement Gallery, and his works are scattered all around the globe, having aroused the interest of a diversified group of collectors. Grun believes in the capacity of an artist to connect with all of art history, and in the existence of certain holes in it…

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sasan nasernia stretched, and distorted

Born in Tehran, 1974, Sasan Nasernia began his career primarily as a calligrapher and typography artist. Exploring different avenues in Persian and Arabic classical and modern calligraphy, he has expanded his practice to include painting, print, digital work, and installation. Nasernia, who has a BFA from the Azad Art University of Tehran, explores various themes in his practice. He is broadly interested in playing with the tension between two opposing primordial elements of order and chaos. Sometimes borrowing from traditional Persian paintings and iconography, he immerses these elements in abstraction and ambiguity, infused with his letterforms. ‘I imagined the codes and information within ones’ brain, morphing and dancing around, and at the same time, a pool of ambiguous patterns, in another dimension, connecting to and transferring energy from the vibrations within…

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monica piloni "sexuality/repression"

Brazilian Sculpture and Photographer Monica Piloni (b. 1978) ex1hibits manipulation of bodies in total disarray for the most part. She is known internationally for her figurative sculptural works that explore issues ranging from "sexuality/repression" and "appearance/alienation." We are pleased to feature some of her latest sculptures. My artistic production is linked mainly to one or more of the following aspects: the triggering of some type of response, such as disturbing the sense of pleasure or beauty, inducing a state of fear (even if the presentation is some kind of order, pattern or aesthetic harmony); transmitting a sense of novelty and originality; really challenging tasks at the moment in history when it seems that everything has been done. Anguish is my source of inspiration. My individual relationship with my own body and consciousness…

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robyn ward

Artist Robyn Ward presents his new series 'Fucked at Birth,' an exploration of destruction, violence, and the systematic breakdown of society. The new paintings are a continuation of his acclaimed series 'Plastic Nation.' Robyn Ward’s new body of work tells a bold narrative that is both timely and provocative. 'Fucked at Birth' reflects on Ward’s own childhood, growing up during the back end of the conflict in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ward takes his own personal experience of destruction, governance, and society’s breakdown, relating them both to historical and modern-day global conflict. This allows him to examine how the world has been shaped by the past, from climate change and environmental destruction to socio-economic inequality. Reoccurring images are obscured and unveiled again in Ward’s multi-faceted canvases. Ward uses wet, loose brush strokes with…