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Art Market Magazine July 2021

Leading Art Magazine for Contemporary Fine Art. Art Market Magazine is known for its quality publications, bringing the readers a deeper focus on auctions, art fairs, and exhibitions worldwide. The magazine features articles and exclusive interviews with the most influential and emerging artists, including Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusama, Antony Micallef, Banksy, and many more; all of this, along with exclusive interviews with the leading figures in the art market field today.

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Dafna Navarro is a known figure in the international art world as the Founder, CEO & Editor-Chief of two leading international Art & Photography Magazines, Art Market Magazine and Lens Magazine. Navarro is an Israeli - Spanish citizen, born in Jerusalem and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her education started at Technion University, studying interior design followed by general design studies with the artist Ilana Goor. She later obtained a diploma in curatorial studies and art appraisals. Dafna has lectured at visual art and design academies with years of experience working in advertising and media. Navarro serves on the Jury Panel of International respectable Art & Photography competitions, Including The 'GOLD LIST' Special Edition, Featuring Top Contemporary Artists of Today, The international competition, a unique collaboration by Art Market Magazine, Lens Magazine, and…

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meet the contributors

DR. IDA SALAMON I was born in Belgrade, I am living in Vienna and I am traveling often between the both cities and many other destinations. Due to the wide range of study programs available in the Humanities at the School of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, I decided to pursue a degree in Ethnology and Anthropology, where I completed my doctorate on the Serbian diaspora in Vienna. Before working as the Cultural and Educational Director of the Jewish Community of Belgrade, I was employed at the University as a research assistant. I authored an exhibition at the Ethnographical Museum in Belgrade entitled “Between Tradition and Fashion – Garments of Belgrade Jews at the End of XIX and the First Half of XX Century.“ Currently, I work in the marketing, sponsoring, and the…

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the fragile world of lúcio carvalho

THE FRAGILE WORLD OF Lúcio Carvalho AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Lúcio Carvalho's art is inspired by scenography as well as Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance era. Carvalho has been drawn to art for his entire life; as a child, he would find refuge under a huge banquet table, where he would spend his time drawing and coloring, exhibiting his prized possession for his eyes only. For a very long time, Lúcio felt different, guilty, and confused as to why he had such a passion for expressing himself and creating. Paralyzed by the fear of not owning a living, he waited before deciding to follow his passion and make a living as an artist. With an incredibly emotional, high technique, and full of passion for art, Carvalho is the rising star of the contemporary art market. He is…

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"wood/light ii - tangle" (2020-2021)

"TANGLE" is a series of intertwined geometric forms that float off the wall. Each appears to be solid wood with 3D printed joints, yet unexpectedly illuminates from within. This series is part of an ongoing investigation of merging technology with natural materials, creating surprising juxtapositions of both form and behavior. The shapes start as hand-drawn sketches, then become 3D models randomized and mutated with a parametric process subject to both aesthetic and structural constraints. Those shapes are then selected and "cross-bred" while further tweaked by hand, in a back and forth exchange between artist and software. Each sculpture's geometry and light patterns in the "Tangle" series are intended to hover between organic and synthetic. The animated patterns are derived from natural systems, abstracted to create shifting glowing patterns within. The first edition,…

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eric forman co-evolution|person and machine

Eric Forman (1973) works in the intersections between art, design, and new technology. Forman develops his own software and tools to create sculptures and installations that dynamically respond to viewers and other physical phenomena. For nearly twenty years, his work has used playful interaction to reveal language, simulation, and perception issues. Underneath all is an investigation of the uncertain presence of human and technological co-evolution: the overlappings of natural and artificial, real and simulated, person and machine. Forman's work creates modes of interaction not often found in dominant forms of new media: subtle, slow, surprising. Sometimes delightful, sometimes unsettling, his work plays on our uneasy fascination with new technology without cynically denying its magical qualities. The technical complexity in this work is sometimes transparently revealed as itself worthy of reflection, while…

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"human hair knot" (2015)

Some of the Scale/Scape series pieces have dots so small that they do not rely on blurring panels for viewers to resolve the images. The weakness of human vision is sufficient, as, at an average viewing distance, we cannot consider the pattern as individual components. The dots are discretely visible, but our brains give us no choice but to experience the gestalt of recognition. This image is from the microscopic scale, a single strand of human hair tied in a knot, adapted from a scanning electron microscope photograph.…