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meet the contributors

DR. IDA SALAMON I was born in Belgrade, I am living in Vienna and I am traveling often between the both cities and many other destinations. Due to the wide range of study programs available in the Humanities at the School of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, I decided to pursue a degree in Ethnology and Anthropology, where I completed my doctorate on the Serbian diaspora in Vienna. Before working as the Cultural and Educational Director of the Jewish Community of Belgrade, I was employed at the University as a research assistant. I authored an exhibition at the Ethnographical Museum in Belgrade entitled “Between Tradition and Fashion – Garments of Belgrade Jews at the End of XIX and the First Half of XX Century.“ Currently, I work in the marketing, sponsoring, and the event…

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an exclusive interview with antoine cordet

A keen observer, the French artist Antoine Cordet leads us to discover a world of his own, both hard and tender, warm and cold. Self-taught, it was first and foremost street art that made him take his first steps in art as a teenager, which naturally led him to painting on canvas and to make the decision, after a brief study in architecture, to become a full-time painter. He locked himself in his studio for two years and ended up being noticed by two galleries, one in Germany and the other in the United States, with whom he has been working since. The artist’s techniques evolve between the search for matter and light touches, revealing realistic subjects underlined by an abstraction that presents the portrait as a liberation. Allowing the neutrality of…

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edgar rafael

Edgar Rafael is a self-proclaimed punk. He was born in Russia in 1990 and immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1993. Rafael was arrested for graffiti tagging as a teenager, claiming that he just fell in love with the large-scale canvasses in the streets, also known as 'walls'. He began practicing street art at the age of 13 years old, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscapes of the city Ashdod, where he grew up. In 2011, Rafael joined an architecture school. There, he began incorporating geometrical structures in his work, portraying historical icons with his unique techniques. Just before his final exams, Rafael resigned from architecture school and to persuade a full-time career as an artist, working his magic on the streets of Tel Aviv. When he was only…

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adi nes - soldiers -

Adi Nes (born in 1966, Kiryat Gat, Israel) is one of Israel’s most celebrated photographers. A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (1992), his work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and throughout the world, achieving the highest recognition and success. Nes boasts a varied body of work, including five main series to date: Soldiers (1994-2000), Boys (2000), Prisoners (2003), Biblical Stories (2004-2007), and The Village (2007-2012). A photographer of great renowned, Nes has won many prestigious awards, including the Anglo-Israeli Photographic award (1993), the Education, Culture & Sports Minister’s Prize for Artists in the Visual Arts (1999), the Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2000), and the Constantiner Prize for Photography (2003), Culture Minister’s Prize for Artists in the Visual…

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amnon david ar

Amnon David Ar, Born in Herzelia, Israel in 1973, to a non-artistic family. However, Ar's creative talent was recognized at a very young age, and he started his formal art education at the age of 14. After military service in the IDF was cut short by a flare-up of Alopecia, Ar studied at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem. As he could not find the kind of artistic training he was after at that time, he left the Bezalel Academy at the end of the first year and began searching for his own style and artistic language. While he is considered to be mostly self-taught, Ar sought advice from the established painters Oswald Adler and Abraham Bykov. He first gained international acclaim when his work was praised by the…

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piet van den boog

“I have been experimenting with using metal as a canvas for my paintings for over fifteen years now. I began working with rough steel plates, making them worn out and combining this with portraiture. For the last 10 years, sheets of lead have been my preferred surface to work on. As a modern-day alchemist, experiments with patinas and chemicals grant me unexpected possibilities on the lead surf ace, which result in completely new textures and colors - an intensity of color and texture which I could never achieve with oil and acrylic alone. I combine these techniques with oil and acrylic, and at the same time, include abstract in figuration. My chemical techniques are unpredictable, a fact that gives me the freedom to work. I recently made a number of paintings that were completely…