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Asian Geographic JUNIOR

Asian Geographic JUNIOR Issue 5 - 2015

In ASIAN Geographic Junior's "Living Legends" we take you on a journey of exploration through Asia's incredible cultural legacies; from ancient lost civilisations that mysteriously disappeared to ground-breaking inventions that have shaped the world as we know it today. Find out how to become a black-belt master of Kung Fu, let your mind soar with dragons, or discover the Asian monks that have gained real-life superpowers. With a mix of fantastic stories, activities and of course, never ending fun - we're about to explore Asia's exciting and enduring heritage in a way that's never been done before.

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3 min.
arts of ages

Art stands as a lasting legacy to what has been and gone before. Some art forms have also stood the test of time and come to be recognised aroud the world as true legacies of Asia. JADE CARVINGS, CHINA A symbol for wealth, healing and good luck, a jade carving is more than just a hard stone ornament you might find on your grandmother’s shelf. Present in Chinese culture for over 5,000 years, jade is used widely from gravestones to even knives and jewellery. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in some regions of China, jade carvings are valued more than diamonds, and even gold! One reason for this is a belief that it brings good luck. FUN FACTS 1 The largest piece of jade ever found was a jade boulder…

1 min.
wiki junior

Abrasive A material used for grinding, polishing, or cleaning a hard surface Bastions A protected place, or something or someone that holds firm to an idea or principle Chok Means “Fight!” in Muay Thai Controversial Something that is likely to cause a disagreement Demise Death or decease Doryoko In karate it means to give your best effort Doshas In ayurvedic medicine, one of the energies that links the body and the mind and can define a type of person Expose Make something visible by uncovering it Folklore The traditional beliefs and legends of a group of people Hanshi For many of the Japanese arts it means “to master” Ideologies A system of ideas and ideals Impose To force something on someone Inquisitive Having or showing an interest in learning things Insomnia Difficulty in falling or staying asleep Legacy Something or someone that comes from the past that has influenced the present Painstakingly Taking or showing great care Resolution A firm decision to do…

4 min.
enter the dragon

WHAT IS A DRAGON? AND WHY DO THEY APPEAR IN ALMOST EVERY CULTURE AROUND THE WORLD? Legend paints dragons as large mythical reptiles that own the skies or the depths of the ocean, some can even bring good luck with just a flick of their tail. For centuries, Asian culture has been dominated by these large mythical reptiles, and just like Hiccup in How To Train Your Dragon, in this part of the world, they find the good in these creatures rather than the bad. Let’s explore this mythical animal, and discover if they are just creatures of legend, or if dragons really do exist… KOREAN DRAGON This four-clawed dragon dwells in caves and pools at the volcanic mountain springs of Korea. Standing grand in gold, the Yong dragon is an incredible three…

3 min.
learning from history

Being inquisitive historians means we can gain expert knowledge on the mistakes that went before, and this in turn can make us peak problem solvers for issues that occur around the world today, and in the future. Some of the most world-changing events on any historical timeline are wars. Wars are tragic episodes that society must learn from, but the trouble is, not everybody learns from past mistakes, and war is still a large part of the morning news headlines. KOREAN WAR (1950 – 1953) Still unstable to this day, the North South divide of Korea is a source of constant tension. After World II, North Korea was declared communist, and in a bid to make the whole of Korea a communist country, the North invaded the anti-communist South, which caused the US…

2 min.
what type of person are you?

Ever feel like your emotions are out of control? One moment you fancy some quiet alone time, the next you’re as hyper as a meerkat on bubble tea. The ancient method of Ayurveda might have some answers. A 5,000 year old method of healing, Ayurveda has its origins in India’s ancient Vedic culture. Based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit; trying to keep each part satisfied is like an act with spinning plates, if one drops, then your whole performance goes kaput. In Ayurveda there are three main types of person: Kapha, Pitta and Vata. In the traditional Hindu language of Sanskrit these three categories of people translate to earth, fire and wind (and by the last type, no, they…

4 min.
legendary inventions

You might think science is limited to people in white coats and labs full of bubbling potions and high-tech equipment, but you’d be wrong! Science is all around you! A lot of the things you might take for granted, from the food in your lunch box, to the paper in your textbooks, were invented and perfected by some very brainy (and sometimes just downright lucky) people. Some inventions have literally changed the world, and many of them started out right here in Asia. CITY OF GLASS We start our journey in 3,000 BC on a beach on the Syrian coast. Two Phoenician sailors are about to discover glass by accident – by lighting a fire with saltpeter on the sand, and sparking a chemical reaction. It’s a discovery that will be used to…